Heather Menzies Wiki: Everything To Know About The ‘Sound Of Music’ Actress

The ‘Sound Of Music’ actress Heather Menzies passed away after a long struggle with brain cancer. Find out about her net worth and other facts .

Actress Heather Menzies

The sunny, blonde and beautiful actress Heather Menzies was born in 1949, in Toronto, Canada. Her family moved to the United States when she was just 11. She attended the Hollywood High School and then attended the Falcon Studio’s University of the Arts in Hollywood. She famous actress was best known for her character Louisa Von Trapp, one of the seven Von Trapp Children in ‘Sound Of Music’. The actress dies in Frankfurt, Ontario last December, 2017 after a long battle from brain cancer. She was 68. Menzies-Urich is survived by her son Ryan Urich and two more sons. He told the press about his mother’s death. “She was an actress, a ballerina and loved living her life to the fullest. She was not in any pain but, nearly four weeks after her diagnosis of terminal brain cancer, she had enough and took her last breath on this earth at 7: 22 p.m.,” Urich said. Heather Menzies was born in Toronto in 1949 to Scottish parents. She was a Canadian-American actress and model who shot to fame after her appearance as Louisa Von Trapp in the 1965 film, ‘Sound Of Music’. Menzies had also played the part of Jessica 6 in the famous TV Show ‘Logan’s Run’. Menzies created quite a stir at the age of 23, when she posted nude for the Playboy magazine under the title of ‘The Tender Trapp’. Menzies-Urich got married to Robert Urich in 1975. She had three children with Robert – Ryan Urich, Allison Grady Urich and Emily Urich. Robert Urich passed away in 2002 and she founded the Robert Urich Foundation to raise funds for cancer research. She was married to John Cluett prior to Urich. Following her death, she was paid tribute by many friends. Kym Karath who co-starred with her in ‘Sound Of Music’ said, “I am filled with infinite sadness tonight. My precious friend and SOM sister Heather Menzies passed away this evening. Devastated,” she wrote on Twitter. The ‘Sound of Music’, on their official Twitter website, too offered their condolences to the late actress.

Heather Menzies’s net worth

According to Net Worth Post, Menzies-Urich’s net worth is $18 million.

Heather Menzies career

Heather Menzies’ debut film was the musical drama, ‘Sound Of Music’. The film was directed by Robert Wise and also had Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. The movie made $285 million at the box office. It also received 5 Academy Award nominations. Menzies also starred in the horror flick, ‘Piranha’ in 1978. ‘Piranha’ had actor Bradford Dillman starring opposite Menzies. She later appeared in the film ‘Sssssss’ in 1973. Her film ‘Hail Hero!’ in 1969 was a major hit and was released in 1969. ‘Hail Hero!’ was about a pacifist who tells his parents that he has dropped out of college to go to Vietnam but not to fight. Her other films include ‘Hawaii’ in 1966, ‘How Sweet It is’ in 1968 and ‘The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes’ in 1969. Heather Menzies made her small screen debut in 1969s TV Show, ‘My Three Sons’, ‘The Farmer’s Daughter’, ‘Dragnet’ and ‘Marcus Welby, M.D.’ The short lived CBS series ‘Logan’s Run’ was aired from 1977 to 1978 and she starred as Jessica in the series. The series was adapted from Michael Anderson’s 1978 film with the same name. She had a recurring role in ‘The Love Boat’ as ‘Cybill Hartman’ and as ‘Charlotte Henderson’ in ‘Vegas$’. Menzies also starred in TV films ‘James Dean’ in 1976 and ‘Captain America’ in 1979. Her other TV Shows include, ‘Bonanza’, ‘Barnaby Jones’, ‘S.W.A.T’ and ‘T.J. Hooker’. Heather Menzies has also done some stage shows like ‘Love Letters’, ‘The Christmans Carol’, ‘Barefoot in the Park’ and ‘The Hasty Heart’.

Other interesting facts

There are some interesting facts about the late actress: 1. Heather Menzies lived in California with her three children in 2002.
2. She later moved to Los Angeles to live with her youngest daughter, Allison in 2005.
3. She is the aunt of Justin Urich.
4. She had a production company with the ‘Sound Of Music’ co-star Angela Cartwright.
5. She had two grandchildren Michelle born in 2004 and Lana born in 2005. 6. She met her late husband Robert Urich when they came together in Libby’s Corned Beef Hash commercial.
7. She was the godmother of the son of Kym Karath, who was her co-star in ‘Sound of Music’. They later became best of friends.
8. She is the sister-in-law of Tom Urich.
9. She was an Ovarian Cancer survivor.
10. She is the distant cousin of her SOM co-star Charmian Karr. Both are descendants of English Menzies from their father’s sides. 11. Heather attended the Erindale Secondary High School. Heather later attended the Burroughs High School in Burbank, CA during her 10th & 11th grades, from the years 1964-1966. She was also a member of the Burroughs Speech Club and has acted in various Drama Department productions.
12. Heather Menzies is survived by three children and eight grandchildren.