Halle Berry Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Movies & Facts To Know

An Oscar-winning actress and a mom of two kids, Halle Berry is not only known as a Cat Woman. She is a wonder-woman in real life too!

Halle Berry – early age and net worth

One of the most beautiful actresses of today, Halle Berry, is not just an ordinary beauty. This actress, age 51, has proved that she can interpret many roles and that her power of transformation is enormous. And this is confirmed in 2001 when she won the Oscars, and to this day, this beauty remains the only black woman who had this honor. After the divorce of her parents, when she was only 4, Halle Berry grew up with her mother. She confessed that she had a good childhood, although her father left her and her mother. Halle was a good student, and from a very young age, seemed to be very versatile. She was very popular at school; she was engaged in numerous school projects and chosen for prom queen, because of her exotic beauty. As well as many young actors, Halle Berry decided to try out in New York. But it was not easy for her. In her autobiography, she discovered that in New York she quickly left without money, and she was forced to sleep in parks and shelters, as a homeless person. It took time until she got her first role in the TV series “Living Dolls.” Her talent was soon spotted, and it resulted in numerous engagements. Nowadays, Halle Berry is one of the most sought-after and best-paid actresses in Hollywood. Her current net worth is estimated at more than $70 million. Halle Berry is very active on the social network. You can check her Instagram account for more pictures and interesting facts about this beautiful actress.

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Halle Berry took part in beauty contests

Before she became an adult, Halle Berry has already participated in several competitions for Miss. She took the title of the most beautiful in the Ohio district, and she qualified for the state election for Miss. One year before, Halle Berry won the title of Miss Teen of the United States. In the Miss USA 1986 competition, she was the second-placed, and as such, she went to the Miss World the same year. She ended the contest as a fifth, but she charmed the judges with her answers and already it was seen that she was born for a big screen. A couple of months after the competition, she decided to try her luck as an actress. She moved to New York and the rest is history.

She prefers starring in thrillers and action movies

Her career began her roles in comedies such as “Boomerang” with Edi Murphy and “Strictly Bussiness.” She played a very memorable role in the hit movie “The Flinstones,” where she interpreted the character of a secretary Sharon Stone who was trying to seduce Fred Flintstone. Later, Halle Berry discovered that she was attracted to more demanding characters and turned to thrillers and action films. For the role in the “The Monster Ball,” where she had very captivating scenes of nudity, she won Oscars in 2001. The movie was marked by many controversies, and her sex scenes with Billy Bob Thorton were just one part. Nevertheless, after that, her career is moving upward rapidly. The Oscars brought her many other performances, like in “Die Another Day,” “Gothika,” Cat Woman” and a few sequels of” X-Men.” Interesting is the fact that Halle Berry plays most of her scenes, without a stuntman. Because of that, it happened several times that she was seriously injured. On shooting the movie “Gothika,” a colleague from the set, Robert Downey Jr., accidentally broke her arm. The shooting was postponed in a few weeks, but this did not affect the film, which that was a blockbuster of the year. Also, Halle Berry starred in the soundtrack video for the song “Behind Blue Eyes” performed by Limp Bizkit.

She was Bond girl in “Die Another Day”

At the height of popularity and after winning the Oscars, it was kind of logical that a beautiful actress was the first choice for the role of Bond’s girlfriend. She played Jinx, and James Bond was Pierce Brosnan, for the last time. The scene in which Halle Berry comes out of the water in an orange bikini, with a gun around her belt is one of the most impressive movie scenes ever. When premiered, the film was condemned by South Korea for the bad image that this country had in the movie. However, this scandal did not affect the popularity of the film, which was a success at the box office all over the world. The critics were not unanimous in evaluating her acting, but this is one of the films where Halle Berry acted without a stuntman. So it happened that when shooting a scene in a helicopter, the bomb debris fell into her eye. The shooting was interrupted until the actress was on surgical removal intervention.

“Cat Woman” as her trademark

This film marked Halle Berry’s career. Although nominated for the worst actress for the role, and the film itself got bad ratings, it was still a great success at the box office around the world. Interestingly, the character Cat Woman appeared long before the movie, along with Betmen, and was interpreted by various actresses. Before choosing Halle Berry, the director’s choice was Mishel Phiepfer and Ashley Judd, but both were busy with other projects. When the election for Cat Woman finally fell to Halle Berry, she took it very seriously. She began her daily training to bring the body in the best possible shape. In one of the interviews after the premiere of the film, the actress admitted that divorce from singer Eric Bennett had had a lot of influence on her and that training was a way to get rid of stress and not to think about the problems. No matter what the cause, the critics are unanimous that this is one of her worst roles. Halle Berry showed up on Razzies Awards as a nominee for The Worst Actress. And in her “winning” speech, she confessed that the “Cat Woman” was a huge mistake and that it should happen in her career, to get her on the ground after winning the Oscars. Although “Cat Woman” was one of her worst movies, it didn’t affect her net worth. She remained one of the best-paid actresses in Hollywood. And on the shooting of this movie, Halle Berry was injured. Again. Luckily, the injuries were minor, only a small scratches, but the impression is, that a beautiful actress doesn’t have luck with some scenes she played without a stuntman. And the list doesn’t end here.

“X-Men” film series as her biggest commercial success

Before she was “celebrated” by playing Marvel’s comic hero Cat Woman, Halle Berry interpreted another character from it. In “X-Men” movies, she played Storm, the superhero whose main power is wheater control. Comic book lovers are familiar with her role, so they probably know that Storm and Wolverine, starring Hugh Jackman, were lovers, which Halle Berry subsequently discovered. This film series is considered one of the most successful in the movie industry. Each sequel is a bigger hit than the previous one, and Halle Berry played in four films about this Super Hero team, which joint forces are trying to maintain the peace on the planet. Every sequel she played, brought her a huge commercial success, so her net worth is constantly growing. Halle Berry was in the fourth month of pregnancy, carrying her baby boy when the film was finished in 2013. The viewers could not spot it because the Storm costume was redesigned so the actress’s stomach cannot be seen. This project is one of the rare films where the dangerous scenes performed a stuntman, not Halle. It was understandable, because of her condition.

Halle Berry’s turbulent love and family life

The beautiful actress had a turbulent love life. While she enjoys in love with her new boyfriend, producer Alex Da Kid, who is 16 years younger than her, and in the success of her movies, we will remind you that it was not the case before. The actress married three times, and from these marriages, she has two kids, daughter Nahla and son Maceo Robert Martinez. Halle Berry didn’t have luck with her partners. She divorced her first husband, baseball player David Justice, after 4 years of marriage. She took that very hard, admitting that she even thought about suicide in that period. Her next divorce happened when she found out that her former husband, singer Eric Benet cheated on her. He even admitted that he was a sex addict and he agreed to go to rehab. They divorced in 2003, after less than two years of being married.

Halle Berry became mom in age of 42

After two unsuccessful marriages, the actress became the mother for the first time at the age of 42. In 2008, she got daughter from a relationship with the model Gabriel Aubry. After they separated in 2010, the two of them started a battle for custody that was very media-tracked. As she fought for her daughter, Olivier Martinez, a French actor whom she married in 2013, was her biggest support during these hard times. In 2014, they got a son, Maceo Robert Martinez. At the same time, Halle Berry’s custody trial still took place. There were all kinds of verdicts and allegations, and the final judgment was announced in 2014. Next year, Halle Berry decided to divorce Olivier Martinez. She filled in the divorce papers and joint custody of Maceo Robert Martinez. The pair stayed in friendly relations, and several times they were together on holiday with the kids. The actress rarely gives statements about her private life, but a lot of things could be found out on her Instagram profile. Her son Maceo Robert Martinez has turned four, and the lovely actress was the happiest guest at the party. However, on her Instagram profile are rare images of her kids, and in that way, she tries to keep them away from public life as much as possible. She is really a super mom!