Gianni Versace Wiki: Net worth, Fashion Designer, Versace & Facts To Know

Fashion designer Gianni Versace lived a life like no other, leaving behind a business legacy and a personal net worth amounting to millions.

The Legendary Gianni Versace

Born on December 2, 1946, Giovanni Maria Versace was born to his parents of which his mother worked as a dressmaker in Reggio Calabria, Italy. Giovanni Maria Versace would later be known as Gianni Versace the creator of the Versace brand and empire. Gianni Versace had three siblings, Santo Versace, Tina Versace (who died unfortunately at the age of 12) and Donatella Versace who later took over his empire following his death. Being of Italian descent, Gianni Versace has always held a high interest in Greek history. This passion for Greek history led to the design decisions of his fashion empire.

Versace: Fashion Designer

Gianni Versace began his career back in 1973 when he worked as fashion designer for the ready to wear line Genny designing for the line “Byblos” and “Complice”. In 1978, fashion designer Gianni Versace would introduce the world to his fashion line during the Fall fashion season and later opened a boutique in Milan. The little boutique that was opened in Milan would later become an empire and within a couple generations have a high impact presence on social media platforms like Instagram.

Versace: Luxury Brand

The luxury brand of Versace began as a ready to wear line with leather accessories and later became one of the most expensive fashion collections including many subdivision fashion lines, fragrances, and accessories. Gianni Versace having a passion for Greek mythology made the decision to have the Medusa head as his brand’s logo. According to Gianni Versace, Medusa had the power to make people fall in love with her by staring into her eyes and once they did, there was no turning back. Gianni Versace hoped his fashion line would have the same affect on his customers and little did Gianni Versace know he was actually predicting the future success of Versace. The Versace fashion brand would become the most sought after line to wear by celebrities, public figures, and the every woman alike. As the company grew in the 1980s, more lines were added by Donatella Versace. The Versace brand became a household name in 1994 when the “Black Versace dress of Elizabeth Hurley” was displayed on the red carpet. After the death of Gianni Versace in 1997, Donatella Versace took over the fashion brand and continued in her brother’s legacy. Versace has remained the empire in the fashion industry and one of the most respected luxury fashion lines to ever be created. From the designer Versace shirts that became popular in the 2000s with its popularity among Hip Hop artists; to the singer Jennifer Lopez’s display of the famous “green Versace dress” at the Grammy Awards, every celebrity has wanted to wear the famous fashion designers clothing. Following the growth of Versace, more product lines were added to the brand to include a home collection line, children’s clothing, a youth line, and other products sold around the world. Of all the products sold by Versace, the most affordable and desired for working women is the Versace fragrance line. The Versace fragrance line is like no other, though the fragrances give off the scent of luxury, they are priced for everyday customers. Of all the Versace fragrances, Versace Eros for Men and Versace Eros for Women are the most popular. Currently, Versace holds a net worth of $1.2B and has collaborated with many other luxury lines such as the automobile line Lamborghini and luxury homes and condominiums known as “Versace Residences”.

Some of Versace products from their Instagram page:

Gianni Versace: Personal Life, Net Worth, and More

At the height of his career, Gianni Versace lived in South Beach, Miami in the famous Versace Mansion. Gianni Versace had purchased The Villa Casa Casuarina (also known as The Villa) in 1992 and made it his home. The Villa was originally built in 1930 by Alden Freeman who was an architect, author, philanthropist who was also the heir to the Standard Oil fortune. For five years, Gianni Versace lived in the mansion and had a typical routine. Gianni Versace would take a walk on Ocean Drive and later have coffee at his favorite local coffee shop before returning home to his mansion. Gianni Versace lived in his mansion with his life partner Antonio D’Amico.

Lover and Partner, Antonio D’Amico

Gianni Versace held a long-term monogamous relationship with his life partner Antonio D’Amico from 1982 until the day of his murder of July 15, 1997. Antonio D’Amico also worked as head designer for the Versace brand. Following the death of Gianni Versace, Antonio D’Amico was willed a life pension of 50 million lire equating to $13M US dollars. Gianni Versace also willed Antonio D’Amico his homes in Italy and homes in the US.

The Assassination

The assassination of Gianni Versace was received with much grieve and shock felt around the world. For the 20th anniversary of his death, FX channel gifted fans of Gianni Versace with an indepth behind the scenes crime anthology of his last day and life prior to his passing. The television series “The Assassination of Gianni Versace” is the second season of the FX true crime anthology and covers the story of Gianni Versace in nine episodes. Viewers tuned in on January 17, 2018 to witness the murder felt throughout the world and though it had been over 20 years, viewers still felt a sense of grief when the scene of Gianni Versace’s assassination was broadcast across their television screens. It’s no shock that Gianni Versace lived a marvelous life, but it was a life that he worked hard for and created for himself. Gianni Versace’s death was evident that no matter how high one reaches, there are always unforeseen misfortunes that creep around the corner of one’s life and takes away everything in the blink of an eye. Critics gave “The Assassination of Gianni Versace” strong positive reviews and fans can’t get enough of the show.

There Will Be No Other

The Versace fashion line can be seen on Instagram by fans. The Instagram page for Versace has a total of 11M followers and the number continues to grow daily. Gianni Versace left a legacy for his family to continue working on and for fans to continue to enjoy. Gianni Versace was not only talented, but held a vision of expertise when it came to how a luxury brand should be packaged and presented to the public. To date, Gianni Versace continues to grow a net worth of $800M from the success of his talent and vision. For generations to come, fans will always remember Gianni Versace and will always adore their bodies with the timeless pieces of the Versace fashion brand.