Geraldine Chaplin’s Spouse Wiki: Cinematographer, Net Worth & Facts About Patricio Castilla

Patricio Castilla is the spouse of Geraldine Chaplin. Read about the net worth and other facts about the Spanish cinematographer.

A brief about Geraldine Chaplin

Geraldine Leigh Chaplin was born on July 31, 1944. She is a talented actress who has done several French, English and Spanish language films. Chaplin is the fourth child of Charlie Chaplin with his fourth wife, Oona O’Neill. She initially tried her career in dancing and modelling and then soon shifted her focus to acting. Chaplin made her American acting debut with her portrayal of Tonya in David Lean’s Doctor Zhivago. She debuted into Broadway acting in Lillian Hellman’s ‘The Little Foxes’ in the year 1967. She got her second Golden Globe nomination for the movie, ‘Nashville’ released in 1975. She also appeared in his other movies, including ‘Buffalo Bill and the Indians’, ‘Sitting Bull’s History Lesson’ in 1976, and ‘A Wedding’ in 1978. Chaplin received a BAFTA nomination for her portrayal in ‘Welcome to L.A.’ released in 1976. She appeared in movies like Roseland (1977) and Remember My Name (1978). She also played the role of her grandmother Hannah Chaplin in the biopic, Chaplin (1992) for which she got her third Golden Globe nomination. Later, Chaplin featured in other movies like ‘The Age of Innocence’ in 1993, ‘Jane Eyre’ in 1996, ‘Mother Teresa: In the Name of God’s Poor’ in 1997, and a decade later, in the movie, ‘The Wolfman’ in 2010. Chaplin has also appeared in a diverse movies of critically acclaimed Spanish and French films. She enjoyed her greatest success when she collaborated with Carlos Saura, featuring in several notable films by the director, including Ana and the Wolves (1973) and many such others. She was honored for her contribution to the Spanish cinema by a Gold medal by the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences in 2006. Chaplin was in a long term relationship with Spanish film director Carlos Saura. They had a son, Shane Saura, in 1976. She later got into a subsequent long-term relationship with Chilean cinematographer Patricio Castilla and got married to him 2006. Their daughter, Oona, was born in 1986.

Her spouse Patricio Castilla

Patricio Castilla is a Spanish cinematographer. He was born in Chile and his current spouse is Geraldine Chalpin whom he married in 2006. They have a daughter named Oona Chaplin. He is the sibling of Sergio M. Castilla and Adrian Castilla is Patricio Castilla’s nephew. Patricio Castilla was the cinematographer of famous movies like Street Name ‘Pirate’ and Nombre De Guerra: Miguel Enriquez. Street Name ‘Pirate’ was a short documentary directed by Castialla. His film, ‘Nombre De Guerra: Miguel Enriquez’ which was shot in Cuba in 1975, is mostly a historical document. Movies: Nombre De Guerra: Miguel Enríquez, Street Name, ‘Pirate’
Children: Oona Chaplin
Siblings: Sergio M. Castilla
Nephew: Adrián Castilla

Patricio Castilla is not too active on social media and hence we could not find many of his photos. The internet is flooding with his daughter Oona’s photos and his wife Geraldine Chaplin.