Frederic Thiebaud Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Shania Twain’s Husband

You are about to know more about Frederic Thiebaud, who is the husband of Shania Twain. Below are facts you should know about him.

Frederic Thiebaud: Singer Shania Twain’s husband

We all love Shania Twain and we have been hearing her for ages. She was seen with Nicki Minaj in her Instagram account and fans thought that it was time for them to collaborate. Both stars were attending the Coachella festival which the main performer was Beyonce. They also linked up with many popular stars including French Montana. Most people have been wondering who Shania Twain is married to. The singer still looks young and youthful despite being 52 years of age. She was initially married to Robert John Lange and they got divorced later on. Her husband is Frederic Thiebaud who is a Swiss businessman. Thiebaud is not so popular, but there is a little information we have about him and his occupation. Thiebaud’s age is not clear, but he is in his fifties. He was born in Switzerland and he is Caucasian, ethnically. He is Swiss and was raised in a middle-class family. From the time Thiebaud was young, he was fascinated by singers of that time and dreamt of becoming one in future. He is not the kind of person who makes public appearances and much about Shania Twain’s husband, Frederic Thiebaud is not so well known. According to some sources, his occupation is an executive at Nestle company. Shania Twain is Thiebaud’s second wife after he divorced his other wife.

Their love story

Shania Twain and her husband, Frederic Thiebaud, have an interesting story. To start it off, the couple got together after they divorced their spouses. Twain divorced Robert Lange while Thiebaud divorced Marie-Anne Thiebaud who allegedly had an affair together. What made it, even more, worse was the fact that Marie-Anne was Shania Twain’s best friend, but she went ahead to sleep with her now ex-husband. Speaking to the PEOPLE, Twain said that she didn’t feel like falling in love again and she felt betrayed. Love blossomed between Twain and Thiebaud as they worked together to heal their aching hearts and the shake of two families. She had rejected Thiebaud before, but she couldn’t do it anymore because she loved him as well. Frederic Thiebaud has a daughter known as Johanna and she is a year older that Eja, Twain’s son, who is at the age of 16. Fortunately, Shania’s second husband is well doing in the music industry. Twain and her husband Thiebaud got married in an intimate ceremony back in 2011 and the photos of them on a great day look really beautiful. The wedding was held at Rincon, Puerto Rico, weeks after they announced their engagement to the world in December 2010. Shania Twain recalled telling her husband Thiebaud that they were two people who had been shoved off the edge if a high cliff. Luckily, they managed to hold on each other while in mid-air and broke each other’s fall. She said that since their hearts were broken, they found love more towards each other than any emotion they ever felt before. Twain described herself as the happiest woman on earth because she had her husband, Thiebaud to share the rest of her life with. Twain’s fans were excited that she found true love and healing with Thiebaud, her husband. Seeing their photos together is a clear indication that there is always a second chance in love.

But her greatest heartbreak fueled her wife’s new album

Some people’s love lives could be a subject of art, be it a novel, a poem, or a song. But the heartbreaking and inspiring story of Shania Twain divorce and marriage for the second time made her an entire album. Judging by the songs which were released before September 29 last year, Twain had nothing else to talk about except her love life. Some of those songs are “Poor Me”, “Swinging With My Eyes Closed,” and “Life’s About to Get Good” hint at the rough journey Twain went through and the happy place she is in today, of course in her husband’s arms, one Mr. Frederic Theibaud. Twain signed with a record label in 1991 and made her first album after making Shania her official name. Her debut album attracted the interest of Robert “Mutt Lange, a music producer. Lange and Twain produced her second album which was titled “The Woman in Me,” and it sold over 7.6 million copies and had four hit singles. The two fell for each other and after some romance, Twain married Lange in 1993. Twain continued to grow and her biggest hit to date is “You’re Still The One” and which won her a Grammy. She fell back from the spotlight in 2004 and went to her family’s estate in Switzerland. At the time, Twain and her husband’s assistant, Marie-Anne became friends and according to Twain, they had an affair behind her back. Twain felt devastated and she told Daily Mail in 2011 that she approached Marie-Anne to ask her what was up but things didn’t go well. She just told Anne that she wasn’t a good person and left her.

Frederic Thiebaud’s net worth

Shania Twain’s husband has a decent net worth which he has made from his executive job. His net worth is not known though.

Frederic Thiebaud is a good man and she has been very supportive of Shania Twain since they got married. He is what Twain didn’t find earlier in her life.