Freddie Highmore: 10 Best Instagram Pics You Must See

Freddie Highmore is currently starring in the brand new ABC series “The Good Doctor”. Here are the ten best Instagram pics of the young actor.

Meet Freddie Highmore

Former child star-turned-adult success, Freddie Highmore is one of this generation’s most promising talents. Already nominated for a Golden Globe for his work on “The Good Doctor” this twenty-five-year-old actor is talented well beyond his years. Highmore is most known for his work as a child actor in “Finding Neverland”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “August Rush”, but he’s proved he’s more than simply a child star over the last few years. His work in the A&E drama “Bates Motel”, where he played Norman Bates, was critically acclaimed, and he’s matured into an amazing actor.

Ten Best Instagram Pics You Have to See

Highmore is no stranger to the camera, having been in the business since the young age of seven, and it shows. He’s a natural when it comes to taking pics, and here are the top ten Instagram pics that prove it.

With his incredibly infectious smile, it’s impossible to look at this pic of Highmore without grinning yourself.

Highmore embraces his “nerdy cute” status by throwing on a pair of dark rimmed glasses.

The fun-loving Highmore shows that his serious side is only for the rolling cameras, as he has a laugh in between shooting scenes for his drama series.

Highmore has no issue showing how colorful he can be in this Instagram pic. With a striped sweater and paint stained windows, Highmore shows off a bright grin in this art studio.

Even in a still for the Golden Globe nominated series “The Good Doctor” Highmore looks fantastic.

Pictured here with his on-screen mother from “Bates Motel”, Highmore and Vera Farmiga show that their tense relationship is all just acting.

Talk about a throwback! Here’s a young Freddie Highmore with his “August Rush” co-star, the iconic Robin Williams.

No young celebrity can resist a good old fashioned selfie. Here’s Highmore behind the scenes with the creator of “Bates Motel”.

It doesn’t matter what show Highmore is doing press for, no matter what he’s always showing his shining personality. One of the easiest actors to talk to, this screenshot was the perfect pic for Instagram.

A pic worth swooning over! One of Highmore’s best pics of all-time, this head shot shows off his gorgeous blue eyes and the perfect amount of light stubble.

The Future For Freddie Highmore

He’s come a long way since “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Finding Neverland” and his career only seems to grow. Highmore has a bright future ahead of him. He’s already receiving rave reviews for his performance in “The Good Doctor” and is patiently waiting to see if he wins that Golden Globe for his work. All of Highmore’s time is dedicated to his medical drama at the moment, as he’s not only the star, but a producer as well. Considering the series was picked up for a full season after only two episodes aired, it’s safe to say Highmore has a hit on his hands and he’ll be very busy in the coming years.