Francesca Eastwood Wiki: Net Worth, Movie & Facts To Know

Francesca Eastwood is the ex-wife of the late Jordan Feldstein. Here are some interesting facts about her that you need to know.

Francesca Eastwood: Clint Eastwood’s daughter

You probably followed “Mrs. Eastwood & Company” reality series in 2012 and if you had a chance, you would watch it again. If you were attentive enough and never missed any single episode, you might have got used to Francesca Eastwood. Well, Francesca Eastwood is very popular. She is an actress, model, TV personality and a socialite. Eastwood and the rest of her family starred in their reality show which aired on E! Francesca Eastwood is 24 years old right now and will turn 25 on August next year. She was born in Redding. Eastwood’s father Clint Eastwood is an actor and film director who has directed a couple of popular movies. Eastwood’s mother Frances Fisher Eastwood is an actress. They are the one who inspired her daughter Francesca Eastwood to join showbiz. Through her father Clint Eastwood, Francesca Eastwood has six half-siblings. She has two brothers, Kyle and Scott Eastwood and sisters, Alison, Tunis, Reeves, and Morgan. Eastwood has a mixture of roots. Her father is a descendant of English, Irish, Dutch and Scottish families, while Eastwood’s mother comes from a family with Norwegian, Russian-Jewish, Hungarian Jewish roots. Eastwood was a student in Stevenson School which is located in Pebble Beach, California. She was married to the late Jordan Feldstein in 2013 but annulled the marriage almost a week later.

She stars in True Crime

Francesca Eastwood stars in “True Crime,” a 1999 movie alongside her father, Clint Eastwood. Clint Eastwood also directed “True Crime.” The movie is based on a same-titled novel by Andrew Klavan. Eastwood plays the role of Steve Everett, a journalist covering the execution of an inmate who is on death row, but discovers that the convict may be innocent. Francesca plays Kate Everett, the daughter of the journalist. Everett (Eastwood) is allowed to do an investigation before the inmate is executed to prove that he is innocent. The movie ends with Everett meeting Frank, who was the convicted inmate, in a store, after he proved that he was innocent. The movie received mixed reactions from critics. Nevertheless, “True Crime” did well at the box office. It’s one of the best Eastwood’s movies.

Eastwood in the family’s reality show

Eastwood wasn’t active for 23 years. Her next appearance was in “Mrs. Eastwood & Company,” an American reality documentary that first aired on May 2012. The show covered the lives of Dina Eastwood, the then spouse of Francesca’s father, Clint Eastwood, Francesca Eastwood herself and Morgan Eastwood. In the show, Mrs. Eastwood is the manager of a cappella group called Overtone, which lives with Eastwood family in their mansion. Francesca Eastwood features in the show as the stepdaughter of Mrs. Eastwood aged 20 and leaves with her boyfriend in L.A. Overtone is a South African band which Mrs. Eastwood discovered while she was shooting Mr. Eastwood’s movie, “Invictus.” She is doing everything to help them sign a recording contract.

The waiter in Jersey Boys

Francesca Eastwood landed a minor role in the 2014 movie “Jersey Boys.” The movie is a musical crime drama film directed and produced by Eastwood’s father, Clint Eastwood. “Jersey Boys” is based on a jukebox musical that won a Tony Award. The film narrated the story of the musical group known as The Four Seasons. Eastwood played the role of a waitress, and at one scene she talks to the members of the group. “Jersey Boys” received some mixed reviews but grossed higher than its budget, meaning it didn’t do that bad.

Francesca stars in “Outlaws and Angels” with her mother

Ms. Eastwood plays a supporting role in “Outlaws and Angels.” The movie was directed by JT Mollner. One would have thought Eastwood doesn’t land roles if her father is not the director. “Outlaws and Angels” also stars Michael Murray, Teri Polo, Frances Fisher(Eastwood’s mother), and Luke Wilson. In the movies, a bounty hunter follows a gang of robbers who are fleeing to Mexico while holding a family hostage. Francesca Eastwood plays Florence Tildon. It was one of the best movies of that nature in 2016 according to Variety.

Eastwood is Feldstein’s ex-wife

Four years ago, Eastwood got married to Jordan Feldstein but was his wife for only a week. Feldstein had not revealed that he was in a relationship and it got them by surprise. When TMZ met Eastwood, they congratulated her for being Feldstein’s wife, but she laughed it off. Apparently, Feldstein did everything to have the posts about him and his ex-wife removed from sites before marrying her. Feldstein was a musical manager of Robin Thicke and Maroon 5. He was also the brother of the Jonah Hill.

Jordan Feldstein died of a heart attack

Two days to Christmas, news broke out that Jordan Feldstein has passed on. According to Feldstein’s family, the cause of Feldstein’s death was a heart attack. Feldstein was the founder and manager of Career Artist Management. Feldstein and Adam Lavigne were friends since childhood and he was the one managing the band until his demise. He also managed Miguel, Robin Thicke, and Elle King. May his soul rest in peace!

Her net worth

According to the Richest, Francesca Eastwood has a net worth of $5 million. Feldstein’s ex-wife got her net worth mostly from her acting roles, though she is not active these days. She was photographed burning a $100,000 Birkin purse and it sparked an outcry. Eastwood even received death threats.

From burning expensive bags and appearing in her father’s movies, it seems that Eastwood is lucky to be born in a family doing so well on TV. However, being the ex-wife of the late Feldstein, condolences should go to her too.