Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather-The famed boxer boasts about his bloated bank balance, career, seven girlfriends, and disloyalty! Read about his extravagant birthday celebrations!

Floyd’s clarifies about his money and bank balance

American famous professional boxer Floyd Mayweather was rumored to be broke when he did a comeback and was going to fight Conor McGregor. There were some reports in the media which said that Floyd was having some financial issues. Some said that he needed to take up this fight with Conor because he had got cheated of a lot of money. There were others that said that Floyd owed a lot of money to the IRS and hence he was having trouble with them.

Source: ProBible (Floyd with the cash bundles)

In a recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Floyd claimed that he was in a good spot as regards the money in his life. He did admit to some issues with IRS but said that his bank balance is extremely good and he is in no way suffering any financial crunch. Floyd said:

“Listen, I’ll tell the world this, so the world will know: Get used to me. For 21 years, I’ve been here. Get used to me. I’m not going nowhere. I told them this 21 years ago. So 20 years from now, I’ll still be able to buy the same things every month—a nice house, nice car. And everybody knows, I got any kind of car you can name. I been to any country you can possibly name. And 30 years from now, I’ll still have probably a newer jet, still have top-flight cars, and my kids will just be running all my different businesses.”

He said that he has a lot of investments which yield him a 7-figure amount per month. Hence it is impossible for him to go bankrupt anytime. He said that with these investments, his family can eat for many more years to come.

His girlfriends and cars

Floyd was on the YouTube channel Awkward Puppets on 12/9/2017. The interview was held in front of his strip club in Las Vegas called as Girl Collection. He spoke to the puppet Diego and boasted that he has 7 girlfriends and 25 cars. His fleet of cars included red Bugatti and a yellow Ferrari. Floyd also disclosed that he is not a man who is loyal to one woman. He said:

“How many women I have? Probably about seven deep. Lucky seven.” 

Source: YouTube (Floyd on Awkward Puppets)

Floyd added:

“We go out to eat, some of us travel together. Having one is too close to having none.”

He revealed that he had several bank accounts and has more than $ 200-300 million. He also said that the August fight with Conor McGregor which Floyd won gave him $ 100 million money. The win was his career’s 50th victory.

Floyd’s February’s extravagant birthday celebrations

His great wealth might be one of the reasons that he had given an extravagant birthday party on his 40th birthday on 24 February 2017. The bash was held at a ballroom downtown in LA. The invitees were great names in the celebrity world such as Justin Bieber, Bobby Brown, Mariah Carey and others. The room was decorated with disco balls and crystal chandeliers. Floyd looked dapper in a black sequin blazer, black pants, black shirt, and dark aviators. A source said:

“He was smiling and enjoying all the attention,” 

Source: TMZ (Floyd’s 40th birthday bash)

Floyd’s face was seen all over the place. There were more than 1300 attendees though the room was meant to accommodate only 300. There was an open bar, and hamburger sliders and mini BBQ chicken sandwiches. Floyd had kept cages inside the room which had Bengal tigers in them. The middle of the room had a golden throne with bodyguards for Floyd. There were several performances. Justin Bieber also performed. He also said about Floyd:

“I love this guy…I look up to him. Give it up for Floyd Mayweather, the champ.”

The party was complete with a wonderful 6-layered cake to top it all. It had more than 100 pictures of Floyd on it. It was made by Bree’s Cakes and required 72 hours to make and had to be transported in 2 pieces.