Female Vocalist Yolandi Visser!! Learn About Her Childhood, Career, Relationship, And Much More

Yolandi Visser

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Anri du Toit who is better known by her stage name Yolani Visser is the female vocalist in the South African rap-rave group Die Antwoord. Later on, in 2008, she formed the band with her then partner Ninja and producer DJ Hi-Tek. Alongside with the band, she released four studio albums two EPs and one mixtape.

More of that there are more details about Yolani Visser and her life. Get to know about the childhood, career, relationship, and many more things about Yolani Visser.

Birth, age, Childhood and education of Yolani Visser 

Yolandi Visser whose birth name is Anri du Toit was born on 1st December 1984, in Port Alfred which is a small town on the East coast of South Africa. When she was a little baby, an Afrikaans family adopted her. She has never met her birth parents.

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She grew up with her father who was a priest and mother was a homemaker. As she lived in a conservative Afrikaans society, she was very rebellious and often got into the fistfight during her childhood. At the age of sixteen, she went to the boarding school for her studies.

Later on, after finishing her schooling she moved to Cape Town where she met Ninja. Ninja was the person who helped her to set the goals for her life.

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Career and relationships of Yolani Visser 

Yolani Visser always had the interest in the music since she was a child though she hardly understood the rap at that time. Despite the interest, she never thought about her career in the music.

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When she attended her school in the city of  Pretoria, she met Markus who was the musician. He was very good at making electronic music on fruity loops. At that time, he used to often record her voice to mix the sound into his tracks.

Afterward, she also started showing her interest in the music. Afterward, when he moved to Cape Town, she met Watkin Tudor Jones, a.k.a. Ninja. Visser shared her songs which she made with Markus. After listening to the songs, he invited her to join his rap group.

Later on, they made and released many songs together. After meeting Ninja, he encouraged and also taught her about rap. After entering the industry, she broke almost all the popular protocols and made her way to the success.

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Alongside with Ninja, she also made the genre Zef rap-rave, an Afrikaans style hip-hop music drawing strongly from the UK rave and grime culture popular. Back in 2009, she asked Ninja to cut off the sides of her hair and then bleached her hair and eyebrows white to show her inner feelings.

Just after a year, she overturned the Lolita archetype with her cyberpunk schoolgirl look in “Enter the Ninja” music video. The song went viral and brought the group to the forefront.

Talking about her relationship, Visser got romantically involved with Ninja back then. The duo also has a daughter Sixteen Jones. They never tied a knot and later on parted their ways. Though their romantic relationship ended, they still are close. She later adopted a street-kid named Tokkie.

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