Fanny Smith Wiki: Everything To Know AboutThe 2018 Olympics Bronze Medalist Skier

Fanny Smith is a skier whose faced many physical adversities throughout her career. Here are some fun facts about the Fanny Smith and her net worth.

Fanny Smith Quick Facts about the Skier

Full Name: Fanny Smith
Birth Date: May 20, 1992
Nationality: Swiss
Career Type: Skier (Freestyle Skiing)
Olympic Games: 2018 Olympic Winter Games
Metals: One (1) Bronze Metal

Fanny Smith: Freestyle Skiing

Fanny Smith was born in Villars, Switzerland and she just so happens to comes from a family of skiers. She began her career at the age of 14, but began skiing at the age of two. She represented Switzerland in the 2010, 2014 Winter Olympics, and the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. For her participation in the 2010 Winter Games, Smith received the Olympic diploma. After participating in the 2010, 2014 Winter Olympics, and receiving the Olympic diploma, Fanny Smith suffered and recovered from several injuries while participating in ski cross. Throughout her career, she won many medals, but her first Olympic medal came during the 2018 Winter Olympic Games where she won a bronze medal. For Fanny Smith, participating and winning the bronze metal in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games seemed impossible Fanny Smith is an ambassador for the Right to Play charity, which aims to empower and educate disadvantaged children around the world.

Fanny Smith Fun Facts And Net Worth

1. In 2009, though Switzerland did not have a junior cross ski program, Fanny Smith was able to create one with the help of sponsors and her parents. 2. Fanny Smith secured her first world cup podium at the age of 17 years old. 3. Fanny Smith raced in her first ski cross at the age of 12 years old. 4. Fanny Smith’s catch phrase is “Skiing is my thing”. 5. Fanny Smith secured a Red Bull endorsement which displays a photo of her skiing. 6. Fanny Smith’s mother is British and her father is American. 7. In 2011, Fanny Smith suffered several injuries including a broken MCL (medial collateral ligament), LCL (lateral collateral ligament), two meniscus in the front of the knee. 8. Fanny Smith works to help young skiers fulfill their dreams as she has in her lifetime. 9. Fanny Smith has no Instagram page, but photos of her are on display via fan pages. 10. There are no public financial net worth on Fanny Smith as of yet.

Fanny Smith Website

Fanny Smith: The Future is Gold

As Fanny Smith continues to enjoy her winnings, she has dedicated her website to helping young skiers attain the same level of success (if not higher) as she’s attained. The future Olympic games proves to be exciting as Fanny Smith continues to build her career and bring more success to her country. Fans continue to congratulate her via her Facebook page and Instagram fan pages of Fanny Smith continue to be created as time passes. She has done something that is most notable as an athlete and that is overcoming many injuries to later go on and win big at the Olympics.