Ezekiel Elliott New Worth: Just How Rich Is ‘Dallas Cowboys’ Running Back?

A brief biography on Ezekiel Elliott, the Dallas Cowboys player. From his college years, becoming the star of the Dallas Cowboys to his age and net worth.

Ezekiel Elliott: The Early Years

Ezekiel Elijah Elliott was born in Alton, Illinois on July 22, 1995. Elliott was born to a mother and father who were both college athletes. His mother, Dawn, was a high school state champion in three sports before running track while a student at the University of Missouri. His father, Stacy, played defense for the Missouri football team and his grandfather played basketball for Drake University. It’s easy to understand how Elliott has done so well at every level of American football. Elliott was a star in many different sports in high school, playing football, basketball, track, and baseball. At the age of 22, Elliott’s net worth of $12 million is extremely impressive and just a hint of things to come. With the kind of success that Elliott has enjoyed up to this point, at such a young age, he has handled it well, although that is not to say that there haven’t been a few setbacks in his career.

Ezekiel Elliott: The College Superstar

Ezekiel Elliott decided to become an Ohio State Buckeye after heavy recruiting from numerous schools, including his parents’ alma mater, the University Of Missouri. The stats, awards, jersey number, amazing fantasy numbers, and apparel were all as noteworthy and spectacular in college as expected. They have transformed his life on a professional level. He accumulated many awards by stacking incredible stats and was part of the National Champion Team at the age of 19. Elliott was a frontrunner for the 2015 Heisman Trophy and won MVP Awards for the 2015 Sugar Bowl and the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship Game. Even the way that Elliott wears his jersey has created several memes. Many fans who buy his jersey wear it the same way.

Ezekiel Elliott: The Dallas Cowboy Superstar & Net Worth

Ezekiel Elliott, or Zeke The Freak, was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys 4th in the 2016 NFL Draft. It was the earliest that a running back was drafted since Adrian Peterson and immediately, Jerry Jones and any fan of the NFL or Dallas Cowboys knew that they had made the right decision. After many disappointing years for Dallas, Elliott helped the team get to a 12-4 record last year and most of their success can be attributed to Elliott’s stunning performances, week after week. Elliott signed a four-year rookie contract reportedly worth $24.9 million dollars with a $16.3 million dollar signing bonus. His net worth is $12 million dollars and after his rookie contract is up, it would not be shocking to see Elliott receive the largest contract ever for a running back, which will earn him well over $100 million dollars.

Ezekiel Elliott: The Fantasy Football Star

Fantasy Football players and analysts knew that Elliott was a 1st Round pick this year, considering he led the league in rushing last year. This was very good not only for his jersey and apparel sales, but also for his stats that could end up leading him to the Hall Of Fame one day. This has been hard for Fantasy Football experts who drafted Elliott, believing that they would have him for the end of the Fantasy Season. This has led to memes of Elliott, but he has many more supporters than detractors and Dallas has lost all 3 games since Elliott was suspended. Elliott seems to have learned his lesson and knows what is at risk. At the age of 22, he is still very young and as long as he learns from his mistakes, he should be just fine. His net worth will probably be closer to $100 million dollars in just a few short years. Elliott has fans from all over the world. His hard work on and off the field has translated well to not only his net worth but also inspires kids from all over the globe to dream big and put in all of the hard work needed to become everything that you can be in life.

Zeke: The Suspension & His Future

But with great power comes great responsibility. With his young age and net worth already in the tens of millions, Elliott was told that he would have to serve a 6 game suspension stemming from accusations of domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend on five different occasions in early 2016. Although never criminally charged, Elliott ended up having to serve a suspension that was finally put into place on November 9, 2017. This has not lost him many of his supporters, including Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, who has gone out of his way to try and appeal the suspension. Elliott ended up getting to play the first 9 games of the season and after a rough start to this year, he got back to being the old Zeke Elliott, putting together 100+ yard games with multiple touchdowns in multiple weeks. Zeke The Freak is an all-around back; he is great at everything that he does and at this rate, barring any other suspensions or legal trouble, he is well on his way to the NFL Hall Of Fame.