The ex-wife of Michael Douglas, Diandra Luker and her personal and professional life!

Diandra Luker

Facts of Diandra Luker

Full Name: Diandra Luker
Age: 0 years 0 months
Birth Date: August 19, 2019
Horoscope: Leo
Marital Status: Divorce
Gender: female
Profession: film producer
Education: Georgetown’s Edmund A. Walsh School
Ethnicity: Swiss, American, Anglo, French
Nationality: American
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: blue
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Diandra Luker is a film producer and daughter of a Swiss-American diplomat. She is also the ex-wife of Michael Douglas. Her divorce from Michael was the most publicized one and was the most costly settlement. Michael paid her $ 45 million and lots of properties were transferred to her name.

She had gained a lot of disrepute due to this but she slammed the haters stating that she had only taken from Michael Douglas what was due for her.

Source: NYDN (Diandra Luker and Michael)

Diandra Luker birth, age, father, education and developing years

Diandra Luker was born in the year 1956 though her exact date of birth remains elusive. Her current age is 62. She grew up on a small island in Majorca. Her father was a Swiss-American diplomat and her mother was Anglo-French who split her time between Washington DC and Paris.

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Source: E! Mundo (Diandra Luker)

Diandra Luker completed her middle school but due to his migratory job, he decided after that to send little Diandra to a boarding school. Diandra was first at a boarding school in Switzerland before she went on to complete her studies in the US.

She was at the Georgetown’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service when she got met Michael Douglas and got married.

Diandra Luker relationship, marriage to Michael Douglas

Diandra was 19 years old when she first met Michael Douglas. They liked each other and began dating. Their courtship period was brief since within 2 weeks of dating her, Michael proposed to her. She said yes and the two were married. The marriage was held in the month of March in 1977.

Source: Daily Mail (Diandra Luker and Michael in 1985)

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Diandra Luker and Michael Douglas son, and son’s prison sentence

The first 10 years of their married life was awesome. They were in heavenly bliss and enjoyed every moment of it. They had a child a son named Cameron who was born in 1978. Cameron was arrested by the law for his involvement in drug and heroin trafficking and has served 7 years in prison for it.

Diandra Luker and Michael Douglas fight, separation, and divorce

After a decade of their marriage,fights started to erupt in this Paradise. The exact reasons for it have not been disclosed but in 1995 the couple officially separated. They filed for divorce but were not able to finalize on the terms and conditions. The bitter fight went on for nearly 5 years and was completed only in 2000.

Source: Kiwireport (Diandra Luker and Michael divorce)

It was said that Diandra got $ 45 million as compensation and also lots of properties in her name. Michael agreed to part with all this wealth since he was eager to get married to Catherine Zeta-Jones who had by then entered his life.

In November 2018, Michael was accused of sexual misconduct.

Diandra was heavily criticized for her behavior with her ex-husband Michael and had received a huge number of hate mails at that time. But she justified her stand and lashed back at the haters claiming that what she had asked was legitimate and it was what she deserved.

Diandra Luker’s second relationship, twin sons, and adoption

Diandra Luker was later in a relationship with Zach Hampton Bacon III and in 2004 welcomed twin boys Hudson and Hawk by surrogacy. She also went on to adopt a daughter named Imira from Kazakhstan. She also was the grandmother of the late Johnson and Johnson heiress Casey Johnson.

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After being together for some years, the couple separated in 2004. Bacon wanted the twins to move to New York but Diandra wants them to stay with her in California, where they were born.

Diandra Luker has also accused Bacon of domestic violence, however, Bacon has denied these claims. A week after, a judge granted Diandra a temporary restraining order against Bacon.

She had said:

”I would never say a disparaging word about the father of our children, because I have the best interests of the children at heart. I don’t think it fair to the children to drag through the press” 

Source: Hmm life (Diandra Luker and Michael)

Diandra Luker career

Career- wise Diandra was involved with a lot of charity work and was particular with Red Cross. She was on board of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and was later hired by them to produce documentaries for their Office of Film and Television.

Source: Popsugar (Diandra Luker and Michael)

Diandra Luker was also signed with Ford Models and worked as a model. She also debuted in films and was the executive producer for the film Broken Lines.

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