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Age and Bio: Who is Kenny Chesney

How does the world know Kenny Chesney?


Kenny Chesney is a world-renowned American country musician. He is not just a singer and performer, he also writes his own songs and produces music. He is prolific in his field and has produced 20 albums in total at present. 14 of his albums have garnered at least a gold award from the Recording Industry Association of America. Such a prestigious recognition is only given to artists who have sold at least 500,000 copies of their album.  

Early Life and Childhood

Before becoming a musician, Kenny Chesney was an athlete in high school.


Kenny Chesney, or by his full name – Kenneth Arnold Chesney, was born on March 26, 1968 in Knoxville, Tennessee. This makes this famous country singer 51 years old at present. He was born to David Chesney and Karen Chandler at St. Mary’s Medical Center.
His father formerly served as an elementary school teacher while his mother worked as a hair stylist. He has a younger sister named Jennifer Chandley. He finished high school in Gibbs High School where he was a member of the football and basketball team. 

Kenny Chesney’s first guitar was “The Terminor.”


Kenny Chesney’s love for music began with his first guitar which he named “The Terminor”. The guitar was a gift he received for Christmas and he soon began learning how to play music using this instrument. When he was 21 years old, he managed to record and release his first demo album at the Classic Recording Studio in Virginia which sold 1,000 copies at local clubs in Johnson City. 
Being a resourceful young man, Chesney used his earnings from his first studio album to buy himself another guitar. This was the start of his musical career as he headed to Nashville where he became a regular performer at several local clubs. This was after he won a yodeling competition in Switzerland when he was only 14 years old and graduated with a degree in Advertising from East Tennesse State University in 1990. 

Chesney’s career through the years

Kenny Chesney’s career officially began in 1992 when he managed to get an audition and perform for Troy Tomlinson, a producer from Opryland Music Group. He had gotten the audition when he was recommended by a writer from Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), Clay Bradley. 
Bradley boasted to Tomlinson how Chesney was not only a superb musician but also someone who possessed an amiable and friendly personality. Tomlinson was very much impressed when he met Chesney and he was able to confirm Clay Bradley’s testimony. In an interview with Hit Quarters he said of Chesney: “I thought that he sang very well too, but more than anything there was a kind of this ‘I-will-do-it’ look in his eyes. I was really drawn in by the fact that he was so set on being successful in this business.”

Kenny Chesney was determined to make it in the music world.


After the kickstart opportunity that he had with Tomlinson, Kenny Chesney was able to produce popular and critically acclaimed albums and singles. In the span of his 27 year-long career, he was able to produce more than a dozen albums and some of them were platinum records which sold over one million copies. 
Aside from the five gold awarded albums that he has,he also has dozens of no. 1 hit singles that placed sometimes for weeks in the Billboard lists for country music. But all of these accomplishments is nothing compared to the thousands of fans that attend his albums even at present. Some of them has even bear witness to how his music evolved throughout his career. 

Awards and philanthropy

Tours starring Kenny Chesney almost always guaranteed a sold-out stadium.


Aside from being a musician who has sold 30 million copies of his albums worldwide, Kenny Chesney has also been a director and producer for ESPN in the film The Boys of the Fall. He has won several Academy of Music Awards, such as being hailed as the Entertainer of the Year Awards for 4 years in a row from 2005 to 2008. 
Has also won six awards given by the Country Music Association. In addition to the millions of album sales that Chesney has had, he has also a record for selling out venues and being popular everywhere that he heads on to perform. An example would be his 2007 Flip-Flop Summer Tour which was hailed as the highest grossing musical road trip of the year for country music. 

Kenny Chesney cares for his fans and other people in need.


Besides being a prolific country musician, Kenny Chesney is also beloved because of his work in philanthropy. In 2017, he helped aid the victims of Hurricane Irma who was being assisted by the United States and the British Virgin Islands. He has set up a charity for the storm’s victims and called it Love for Love City. Even more recently, all the proceeds of his 2019 tour Songs for the Saints is planned to be donated.

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Kenny Chesney Wife Name: Is he dating or married?

With Kenny Chesney’s amazing musical career in country and in his work to help the victims of Hurricane Irma, one cannot deny that he is a very likeable and admirable person. Many of his fans, including you, might be wondering about his current relationship status. 

Past Relationships

Kenny Chesney has had two known ex-girlfriends.


Kenny Chesney has had two ex-girlfriends. The first is Amy Colley, crowned Miss Tennessee in 2005, who was also a native of the state like Chesney. The two of them met through mutual friends and immediately started a romantic relationship. After two years of dating, the couple split up officially in the wake of Chesney’ cheating rumors with another woman. 
The rumored woman whom he was allegedly having an affair with was ESPN reporter, Jenn Brown. He was seen having an enjoyable and intimate time with Brown on a beach in Cancun, Mexico. The pair never seemed to make their relationship official since the scandal of the Cancun beach scene endangered Brown’s job and reputation. 

Brief Marriage with Renee Zellweger

Kenny Chesney married actress Renee Zellweger on 2005.


Kenny Chesney met renowned actress Renee Zellweger, star of Jerry Maguire and the Bridget Jones film series, in a tsunami relief event in January 2005. After several months, the two married in May 9, 2005 in St. John island. 
However, the whirlwind romance was not to last as just after four months of marriage, Chesney and Zellweger officially filed for an annulment. Even though his former wife stated fraud in the legal papers pertaining to the marriage, she clarified that it does not refer to Chesney’s character as a person. He, on the other hand, explained the failure of their marriage to him panicking and feeling that he was not ready for the role of a husband. 

Current Girlfriend

Kenny Chesney attended the CMA awards several times.


At present., Kenny Chesney is happily in a relationship with his girlfriend, Mary Nolan who he has been together with since 2012. Nolan has been seen attending award shows with Chesney such as the CMA Awards and the Country Countdown Awards. She is also speculated to be the lovely lady friend he talks of taking a special trip to Italy with. 
Fans and critics have been following Chesney’s personal life, especially his relationship with his girlfriend whom they describe as a mysterious, beautiful woman who went with him in important events. She was seen to have kissed Kenny Chesney on the cheeks after he has received the Pinnacle Award. Things seem to be going steady and seriou for the couple as rumors also abound of an engagement between the two happening in the near future. 

Kenny Chesney Net Worth

Kenny Chesney has a a $37 million dollar networth.


Based from the information given to you above about how prolific Kenny Chesney is a singer, performer, songwriter, and producer, you perhaps cannot help but speculate that his career has given him certain stability financially. Stability is, in fact, an understatement as through his music Chesney has become one of America’s millionaires. According to Forbes’ 2018 List of Top 100 Celebrity Earnings, Kenny Chesney ranks number 87 with a net worth of $37 million.

Kenny Chesney at present

Songs for the Saints tour by Kenny Chesney.


For this year, Kenny Chesney is gearing up for his Songs for the Saints Tour which will be held all over the country starting in Louisville, Kentucky to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The tour will start soon on April 4, 2019 and end on May 25, 2019. As previously mentioned, all the proceeds of his tour will be donated to his charity, Love for Love City. 
When talking about his concert, Chesney says: “Last year, No Shoes Nation took it to a whole other level and they blew all of us away. It was the kind of energy you don’t take for granted. So when we started thinking about next year, they made me wanna come to them. Rather than the massive two-day set-up, make everyone come to a stadium away from their homes, I wanted to go to where the fans live, strip things back a bit, and make it a little more intimate. I’m fired up for 2019.”


Kenny Chesney continues to be a well-beloved musician.


Kenny Chesney’s music continues to inspire and make a lot of people happy. His work and passion for country music comes through in his two-decades long career and there is no signs of him wavering. Chesney can be said to be a person that is truly worthy of admiration for having a beautiful voice and a beautiful heart. 

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