Eva Mendes Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Ryan Gosling’s Wife

Eva Mendes, the wife of Ryan Gosling, is an American model, businesswoman, and actress who has earned lots of fame in the industry. Read on to find out more.

Who Eva Mendes is as a person

An actress who started small but gained fame. She rectified her weaknesses and turned them into success. She has exploited her skill sets from comedy to drama, from building a family, to establishing an organization. These five facts about her life reflect all the efforts Mendes has put in to become a recognizable face.

1. The childhood of Eva Mendes

Eva de la Caridad Méndez a.k.a. Eva Mendes was born on March 5, 1974, to a Cuban couple, Eva Pérez Suarez and Juan Carlos Méndez. Her birthplace is Miami, Florida. Though later, she moved to Los Angeles with her mother after the divorce of her parents. She was raised there as a Roman Catholic. In fact, she had considered becoming a nun in her early years. Mendes was brought up by her mother after the separation. She worked at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre (then Mann’s Chinese Theatre), a very famous movie palace on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California, and her father runs a business in meat distribution. Janet and Carlos Mendez Juan are the siblings of Mendes. She also had another brother, Carlos Mendez Jr. who died recently in 2016 because of throat cancer. Mendes attended Hoover High School in Glendale. She later continued her education in marketing at California University in Northridge. However, her interests were more inclined towards the entertainment industry. So, she left her college to converge all her hard work and time into studying acting under Ivana Chubbuck, an acting coach.

2. Her acting career

The now 43-year-old actress started her career almost 19 years ago. Mendes captured the attention of a talent manager through a friend’s portfolio. Little did she know, this would mark the beginning of her success. She first appeared in a 1998 horror film, Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror. Unsatisfied with her work, Mendes opted for an acting coach, and this turned out to be fruitful for her. She worked in several films after this like Urban Legends: Final Cut, Exit Wounds, A Night at the Roxbury, and My Brother the Pig. Although her work in these movies was recognized, the quantum leap for Mendes was her role in the crime thriller, Training Day. This brought her enough popularity to fetch more work in many hit films like All About the Benjamins, Out of Time, Stuck On You, and most interestingly 2 Fast 2 Furious and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. In 2005, the 2 Fast 2 Furious star broke the norms by being one of the first minority actors to play a lead role in a movie. This was because of her commendable performance in the romantic comedy, Hitch, starring opposite Will Smith. Along with it, Trust the Man, Ghost Rider, Guilty Hearts, The Wendell Baker Story, We Own the Night, and Live! were some of her other major works until 2007. From the period of 2008 to 2014, she maintained the peaks of her career by appearing in movies like The Spirit, Fast Five, The Place Beyond the Pines, Girl in Progress, Clear History, Holy Motors, and Lost River being the most recent.

3. Modeling Career

Mendes has flourished as a model in the industry simultaneously. Listing her significant roles as a model – • 1996 – That’s the Way Life Is, the music video by Pet Shop Body.
• 1997 – Hole in My Soul, music video by Aerosmith.
• 1998 – Will Smith’s music video, Miami.
• 2004 – The End Has No End for The Strokes.
• 2008 – Spokesmodel for Campari calendar. Apart from this, Mendes has been an international face and spokesperson for many campaigns and brand organizations like Morgan and Revlon, Magnum, Pantene, Reebok, Cocio, and Calvin Klein.

4 Other endeavours and net worth

Mendes runs a home décor, bed linen, and dinnerware line in collaboration with her ex-partner, George Augusto. All of these products are sold at Macy’s. Apart from this, she has explored her singing talent by performing on Pimps Don’t Cry with CeeLo Green. She also recorded a version of The Windmills of your mind. The inherited potential in acting and business is reflected in the ventures of Mendes. Though her extravagant style has contributed in giving her a unique personality of her own. She is also the creative producer of the makeup brand CIRCA Beauty. She designs the fashion collection for New York & Company as well. Mendes promotes not only her businesses but also her ideas regarding many social topics on her Instagram account. This contributes to the net worth of the celebrity and the brand to a great extent. From her movies, modeling, and assets, Mendes holds a net worth of about $16.5 million as of 2017. Her Hollywood villa itself is worth $1.3 million including all the luxurious assets she has owned while being in a relationship with George Augusto. What else affects her net worth is the acknowledgment she has received in previous years. Mendes has been voted number four and number one in Top 99 Most Desirable Women List by AskMen.com in 2008 and 2009 respectively. In 2007, she was also ranked number seven in the list of Hot 100 by Maxim magazine.

5. Ryan Gosling’s wife

Eva Mendes is wife to Ryan Gosling. He is a Canadian actor and musician. He started working as a child star with Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club, and today his roles in movies like The Notebook have brought him a great amount of success. Today, he holds a net worth of more than $60 million. He also supports an awareness group, Invisible Children Inc. Gosling has dated his co-star Sandra Bullock and Rachel McAdams in the previous years. But after working in The Place Beyond the Pines, Mendes has been his partner. Gosling and Mendes have been companions since 2011 and live happily today. They have two young children now, Esmeralda Amada Gosling and Amada Lee Gosling. The affection and happiness they feel to have two children in their life can be seen clearly in the Instagram posts by both Mendes and Gosling. Gosling has expressed how grateful he is to be with Mendes and the different ways she has supported him through the ups and downs. Mendes is an actress that has been determined to whatever she has done. That is the kind of personality and nature she holds.

Her role in the movie Ghost Rider has been the most appreciated by the audience though, there is much more she has achieved. She not only plays varied roles in movies but has also been versatile and kind-hearted in her personal life. A great mother, a faithful wife, and an equally talented actress, model, and businesswoman.