Ethan Klein-his family, career and his lovely but shy wife! Know about this internet entertainer’s life here!

Ethan Klein

American internet personality Ethan Klein has amassed more than 4 million subscribers for his YouTube channel. His ‘h3h3Productions’ channel was able to get more than 697 million views. This internet comedian lives a very interesting life. Let’s find out about it!

Ethan Klein’s birth, age, family. early life and childhood

Ethan Klein was born into an Ashkenazi Jewish ethnic family on 25th June 1985. His parents are Gary and Donna Klein. He is the grandson of famed TV and film producer Leonard Katzman. Ethan was raised in California and studied at Buena High School. He possibly has one brother called Nathan Klein who sometimes appears in his videos.

Source: YouTube (Ethan’s parents)

It is said that Sean was adopted by Ethan’s parents when he was 7 years old. He is five years older to Ethan. Ethan did his degree in English literature from the University of California. He completed his BA in creative writing.

Ethan started work as a marketing executive in Israel. He met his present wife Hila when he was in Jerusalem for his Birthright Israel trip.

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Ethan Klein debuts the internet career

It was in Israel itself that Ethan Klein embarked on his Internet-related videos. Ethan and Hila released their first video of the poem ‘Girls who read’ in November 2013. The early videos were part of Hila’s project at her college. At Israel, the couple resided at Florentin neighborhood in the capital city of Tel Aviv.

According to Ethan, they lived in a tiny apartment which was infested with cockroaches and other insects. Ethan and Hila both operate the channel and their videos are mainly reaction videos and sketch comedies.

Source: Twitter (Ethan Klein and his video)

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The couple started another channel called ‘Ethan and Hila’. In April 2017, they started a third channel called as ‘H3 Podcast’. They feature other YouTubers as guests on this site. Ethan is friends with the other YouTubers. In a 2016 Reddit poll, their main channel was voted as the YouTube Channel of the year.

Ethan Klein and Hila- The controversies

The channel no doubt is popular but it is known for criticizing certain internet trends. The couple also has spoken against some of the policies of YouTube itself. They have also raised their voice against those YouTubers who try to attract young minds by hosting gambling on their websites. The main channel of the couple is a member of the Omnia Media Network.

Source: YouTube (Bold Guy vs Ethan)

YouTuber ‘Bold Guy’ had filed a legal action against the couple and their channel for copyright infringement. He accused of using his material on their video which they did not remove in spite of a polite request from Bold Guy.

The case is ongoing and sub-Judice. Ethan Klein supported fellow YouTuber PewDiePie when the latter was embroiled in the 2017 controversy over Nazi jokes. Ethan Klein does not like Israel and though a Jew, he is not in favor of Zionism.

Source: (Ethan’s controversy)

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Ethan Klein’s wife Hila, relationship, and marriage

Many of the subscribers have initially mistaken that the two; Ethan and Hila are siblings. Hila and Ethan married in 2012. Hila Klein belongs to Israel. She was born there and completed her schooling and graduation from Israel. She is co-host of h3h3Productions channel.

Besides, being the wife of the internet entertainer Ethan, Hila herself follows creative pursuits. She is an artist and a painter. She sells her art online. Many of her artworks are visible in the background when they make their videos for their channel.

The maiden name of Hila was Hakmon. She has a brother called Moses. She works as the camerawoman for the videos. She is camera-shy and prefers to be behind the camera.

Source: (Ethan and Hila)

The couple shares a very cordial relation with both helping and supporting each other. Hila Klein is smart, creative, talented, cool and loyal. Ethan appreciates these qualities in his wife. She is the winner of 2016 cinematographer of the year award.

Their relationship was so strong that Hila Klein was ready to live her birthplace Israel for good to be beside her husband much against the wishes of her parents. Ethan has a mild form of Tourette’s syndrome with some tics (habit spasms). But Hila Klein has accepted him with all his problems and loves him.

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Ethan Klein and Hila- to be parents

In a recent podcast, Hila and Ethan had some exciting news to share. They were pregnant and expecting a baby! They also revealed that Hila had gotten pregnant naturally after 2 years of trying.

Hila shared that she could not believe that she was pregnant. She said:

“When I did the test, I felt like there was no way.” 

She also added:

“The last two months, we didn’t really try. We were like fuck this shit, whatever. If it happens, it happens, and we’re just not going to pay attention – and, of course, that’s when it happens. It’s so funny.”

Ethan said:

“I don’t know how to feel about it. I’m scared… We’re just so used to not getting pregnant.”

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