Is Erika Costell Dating The Famous YouTuber Jake Paul? Find The Details Of Her Affair, Career And Life Journey

Erika Costell

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There are many people out there who are overwhelmed by the blue eyes of the gorgeous YouTuber and model Erika Costell. People mostly know for as a member of Team 10 house. Currently, many people out there are shipping her relationship with the famous YouTuber Jake Paul saying ‘Jerika’. After the duo tied the knot in Las Vegas, there are many things going on about the couple.

There are many people who adore their relationship while other say they married just for views and is fake. So, let’s take a small sneak peak in their relationship and find out is ‘Jerika’ real or not.

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Is ‘Jerika’ Real? Details about their relationship

As Erika has achieved business administration degree, she first met Jake for the job purpose. She served in TeamDom, where Jake is the CEO of the company. Later on, when Jake, Erika, and other Team 10 members went to Vidcon on Las Vegas, Jake proposed to Erika asking her for marriage. The duo tied the knot in Las Vegas together with their friend Chance and Tessa (Chessa).

he’s alright I guess ❤️🐐 @jakepaul

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After their wedding, people started saying they are doing all the Jerika stuff for views as they came from zero to the 100 at just a blink of an eye. Just after their wedding in Las Vegas, Jake took Erika to the surprise honeymoon to Hawaii. They together made a song called ‘Jerika’ at Hawaii beaches.

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Jake himself confirmed that they never kissed or anything else before their nuptials in Las Vegas. And now they are still together making videos, sharing the same house and same room. Eventually, with time, we can really see the growing chemistry between the duo.

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Jerika? @jakepaul ❤️

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Erika has also made videos with Jake’s parents and brother Logan Paul. Recently, at the Teen Choice Awards, the couple stepped the function together and even shared a kiss on a stage.

Career and life journey of Erika Costell

Erika Costell was born on November 12, 1993, in  Bedford, Michigan. She grew up with her younger sister. Erika has a degree in Business Administration from Middle Tennessee State University or MTSU in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Erika has now already established herself as a renowned model.

such a dream come true…💕

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It seems like she always knew that she would one day become a model and rock the ramp. From a very young age, she would look at the pictures of different models and pretend to be one of them.

After being a cheerleader for 11 years, she began her career in the industry at the age of 16. Her old manager, Larry Murdock, took her to a photo shoot that marked her step into the field of modeling. Erika is inspired by supermodel Gigi Hadid.

She also started her YouTube channel where she has more than 2 million subscribers. Erika post videos with her beau Jake Paul, her best friend Tessa Brooks, and also other Team 10 members.

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Jake Paul attempts to cheat on Erika

In September 2018, Uk Model Selina Christoforou disclosed a collection of direct messages between Jake and herself.

The messages unfolded Jake’s plans to fly to Miami to meet her and have a spontaneous event.

Selina uploaded the screenshot of their conversation with the caption “@jakepaul tried to get into my pants 🤦‍♀️ @ericacostell u good?”, tagging both jake and Erica.

Jake then blocked Selina on social media.

But there is a controversy surrounding this issue! After Selina deleted the post, many accused her of lying to get attention.

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