Emma Thompson’s Husband Wiki: Actor, Net Worth, ‘Sense and Sensibility’ And Facts About Greg Wise

Greg Wise is the husband of the actress Emma Thompson but he is also an actor in his own right. Read more to learn about his career, his overall net worth, and more.

Greg Wise

Greg wise is most famous for being a period piece actor, and for being married to the actress, Emma Thompson. Keep reading to learn more about his career, relationship, and net worth.

Career as an Actor

Greg Wise began his acting career in the early 1990’s. When he first began his career as an actor, he worked in television, but he soon moved on to working primarily in films. Greg Wise is best known for the acting that he does in period pieces– films that take place in a specific time period. Some of his most famous films to date are ‘Sense and Sensibility,’ ‘Effie Gray,’ and ‘Walking on Sunshine.’


Greg Wise’s professional acting career began in 1992 when he took on the role of Henry of Gault in ‘Covington Cross.’ He only appeared in one episode of this television show, but it was just what he needed to get his career as an actor started. His next project was a made-for-television movie called ‘A Masculine Ending,’ which also came out in 1992. After this, Wise returned to working on television roles for the most part. He even had a recurring role as Guy Thwaite on the television mini-series, ‘The Buccaneers,’ in 1995. One of Wise’s most famous movie roles took place in 1995 when he played the character John Willoughby in the film ‘Sense and Sensibility.’ This role would set him up for becoming a household name, and a leading actor for many other period pieces. Throughout the rest of the 1990’s, Wise went back in forth between acting in movies and in television. Some of his other popular shows and movies from his decade were ‘Judas Kiss,’ and ‘Wonderful You.’


In the 2000’s, Wise stepped away from working in television, and instead focused on his career as a film actor. One of his first films of this decade was ‘The Discovery of Heaven,’ which was released in 2001. In 2003, he acted in something that was nothing like his other popular works– ‘Johnny English.’ This movie was a hilarious spy-like film starring Rowan Atkins, who is best known for his role as Mr. Bean. ‘Johnny English’ would go on to be one of Wise’s strangest films. In 2005, Wise returned to television. This time he appeared in eight episodes of the show ‘According to Bex.’ This television appearance encouraged him to keep working on television. Before the end of the decade, he also had recurring roles in the shows ‘Cranford,’ and ‘Place of Execution.’ While working on television shows, he also continued to work in films. Some of his popular films from the early 2000’s are ‘Five Moons Plaza,’ ‘The Disappeared,’ and ‘Morris: A Life with Bells On.’

2010 – present

As of the 2010’s, Wise seems to be most focused on working in television, but also acting in the occasional movie. In 2012, he earned his first recurring role of the decade in the show ‘Homefront,’ as the character Major Peter Bartham. He played this character throughout the entirety of the mini-series. He also has a small recurring role in the show ‘The Outcast,’ as Gilbert Aldridge in 2015. Other than this, he has mainly appeared in one-episode roles. One of Wise’s most popular recent roles is as Loud Mountbatten in ‘The Crown,’ which tells the story of the early life of Queen Elizabeth II. He has only acted in nine episodes of ‘The Crown,’ but he has already made an impact. The most recent show he has acted in is ‘Modus,’ as the character Warren Schifford. He acted in this show during 2017.

While Wise wasn’t working on television shows, he managed to find time to work on movies. His first big budget movie of the decade was ‘Three Days in Havana,’ which was produced in 2013. Some of Wise’s most popular movies of the decade were both released in 2014. These movies are ‘Walking on Sunshine’ and ‘Effie Gray.’ Since 2015, he has only appeared in one other movie, ‘Beautiful Devils.’ He is also working on the movies ‘After Louise’ and ‘Carmilla,’ which are expected to be released in the next couple of years.

Life as the Husband of Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson has been married twice. Her previous marriage was to the actor Kenneth Branagh. However, the couple divorced after Thompson found out that Branagh was cheating on her. Emma Thompson and Greg Wise began dating in 1999. The couple had a child together, Gaia Romilly Wise, who was born shortly before the couple married in 2003. After the couple married, they adopted a son, Tindyebwa Agaba Wise. The couple has now been married for 15 years, and they seem as happy as can be. There are currently no rumors about the couple breaking up or having affairs, so we can assume that they are doing well.

Net Worth

As of 2018, it is estimated that Greg Wise’s personal net worth is about $1.3 million dollars. His wife, Emma Thompson, is estimated to be worth $8 million dollars. We expect that this couple shares much of each other’s assets, making the couple’s combined net worth about $10 million. With all of the couple’s new projects, we expect that both their individual and combined net worth will grow in the future.

We wish Greg Wise all of the best in his relationship with his wife, and his career. We hope to see him win an award someday as well and to become even more famous than he is now!