Emma Roberts Wiki: Everything To Know About Evan Peters’s Girlfriend

Get to know more about Emma Roberts, who is an actress and the girlfriend of Evan Peters. Below are facts about her and her net worth.

Emma Roberts: Actress and Evan Peters’ girlfriend

Emma Roberts trends from everything to anything. She trends when she breaks the law when she fights her boyfriend when she smokes and even when she dyes her hair. The actress is so popular that she has to hide in some occasions. Emma Roberts is the girlfriend Evan Peters and PDA is the motto of their relationship. They love showing off their romance and they kiss on the freeway, on the train, before the paparazzi, and anywhere else you think people could be seeing them. Evan Peters and his girlfriend, actress Emma Roberts are different in terms of career success as Emma Roberts seems to have achieved more than Evan Peters. Roberts is not only an actress but also a singer. Her debut role was in a crime movie, “Blow” which was released in 2001. But it would be her lead role as Addie Singer on “Unfabulous” which was on Nickelodeon that would put Roberts on the map. The 27-year-old Emma Roberts, who is Evan Peters’ girlfriend, was born in Rhinebeck, New York. Her mother is known as Kelly Cunningham. Roberts’ father is known as Eric Roberts, and he happens to be an actor – the father from a family of entertainers. Emma Roberts’ parents separated when she was just a baby. He got married again and from his second wife she has a stepfamily which includes her stepmother, Eliza Roberts, and she is the stepdaughter of David Rayfiel and Lila Garrett. On her mother’s side, who also got married again to a Musician known as Kelly Nickels, the actress has a half-sister, Grace, from her mother’s side. Her paternal grandmother was Betty Lou Bredemus who made her last bow in 2015. Her aunts, Julia Roberts and Lisa Roberts Gillan, are all actresses. While growing up, Emma Roberts spent time on her aunt, Julia Roberts’ sets. Those experiences encouraged Evan Peter’s girlfriend to follow the footsteps of her father and aunts in the lucrative film industry. Her mother’s plan was for Roberts to have a normal childhood.

Emma Roberts: Rise to stardom

Emma Roberts first got into acting in 2001 when she was just nine. She got a role in Ted Demme’s film, “Blow” and it was the first time she auditioned for a film. In the movie, Roberts portrayed the daughter of Johnny Depp’s character George Jung, a cocaine smuggler. The actress got multiple roles afterward and in 2004, he got a role in Nickelodeon series, “Unfabulous” which debuted that same year in September. Her role as Addie Singer in the TV show earned her Teen Choice Award nomination a couple of Young Artist Award nominations. The series focused on Addie who was a seventh grader and her two best friends. The actress has built a net worth by starring on movies and TV shows including “Nerve”, “American Horror Story”, “We’re the Millers”, “Wild Child”, and “Scream Queens.”

Evan Peters’ girlfriend Emma Roberts rocks in pink hair

By the look of things, Emma Roberts is ready for spring and the typically blonde actress was seen on the Barcelona set of her latest thriller, “Paradise Hills” with her tresses showing a different shade. Evan Peters’ girlfriend plays the role of Uma in the new flick and she was rocking an all-white outfit which was a skirt, turtlenecks and tights. On her way to the set, Roberts was accompanied by a female companion and held tightly a notebook and her cellphone. Her dyed locks were first shown to the world through her Instagram page. From the time Roberts rose to fame, this was the first time her hair had undergone a massive transformation. The other time, Roberts had died her hair red before turning them dark brown. The change didn’t last long though and she was back to blonde sooner than she thought she would. Emma Roberts was really excited about her next project, “American Horror Story” and she went to her Instagram to share a photo of “Paradise Hills” script. According to Deadline magazine, the film is directed by Alice Waddington and it is set in the near future and narrates the story of Roberts’ character after she wakes up and finds herself at a high-class treatment facility on an isolated island, a place well-off families take their daughters to be reformed. The actress will star alongside Milla Jovovich, Awkwafina, Eiza Gonzalez, Alfie Allen and Danielle Macdonald. Eiza shared a photo of themselves with Roberts included and said that she loved her co-stars already. Emma Roberts will be very busy whole of this year as she won’t be working on “Paradise Hills” alone but also “Little Italy”, “Billionaire Boys Club”, and “In A Relationship.” All the four films will be hitting the theater in this year.

Evan Peters’ girlfriend bought a house last month

Emma Roberts teamed with her father Eric Roberts and her Oscar-winner aunt Julia Roberts teamed up to contribute $4 million and buy a 1920s Mediterranean house located in a swanky and gated celeb favored Laughlin Park. The park is enclaved in L.A.’s Los Feliz location. The three-story building sits in a lush, tropical garden and has three bedrooms and two full bathrooms as well two half ones. The house covers over 3,800 square feet. Roberts’ house has main-floor living spaces with walnut-wood floors and custom mahogany built-ins. The entrance has a skylight-topped gallery and the living room has a carved-stone fireplace. You would be amazed to see the French doors in the building as well the awning-covered terrace. Roberts’ kitchen is fitted with granite countertops and some mahogany cabinets. There are also some high-quality designer appliances. The house also has some other amenities like a wet bar, verdant grounds, a swimming pool with a circular spa at the edge and outdoor kitchen and terraced gardens with stone pathways. Other high profile stars who own homes like the one Roberts bought are Ellen Pompeo, Natalie Portman, Kristen Stewart, Angelina Jolie, and Mary Parent. It wasn’t a surprise that “Nerve”, “American Horror Story”, “We’re the Millers”, “Wild Child”, and “Scream Queens” actress, Roberts wanted a new home. In 2016, the actress sold her house which is close to 2,200 square feet in L.A.’s Laurel Canyon to her co-star, Sarah Paulson for $1.65 million.

If you want to be Emma Roberts’ friend, be loyal

TV never looked so good until women like Gina Rodriguez, Taraji P. Henson and Emma Roberts stepped on the scene. Speaking to Glamour magazine, Evan Peters’ girlfriend, Emma Roberts revealed that her mother didn’t want her to become an actress and she told her mother that she wasn’t supporting her dreams. At that point, she decided to allow her to go for auditions because she expected Roberts would be rejected. She got the role and it was her very first audition. The actress has an autographed photo from Johnny Depp that says Emma is one of the most beautiful the actor ever met. When she was nine, Emma Roberts never knew who Depp was, but at 16, she realized that she had a good time with a Hollywood idol. The actress’s transition from a child actor to an adult happened naturally and according to her, Roberts never took off her clothes and said that she was an adult. Instead, she picks roles according to how they amaze her and what she loves. The actress doesn’t pick roles while thinking about proving people that she is older or one that pays her more and increases her net worth. Roberts also said that despite Ryan Murphy’s fierce character, she had managed to prove herself to him and he never made her feel like she owed him anything. Murphy is the director of “American Horror Story: Coven” and “Nerve”, “American Horror Story”, “We’re the Millers”, “Wild Child”, and “Scream Queens” actress assumed the character of Madison Montgomery. Her character was a bitch, but she tried to be articulate. Her mentor has been her costar, Lea Michele who played Rachel Berry on Glee and she taught her much about being a leading on a TV show. “Nerve”, “American Horror Story”, “We’re the Millers”, “Wild Child”, and “Scream Queens” actress, Emma Roberts mentioned that the way Lea carried Glee was unbelievable and when they were filming episode five of “Scream Queens,” she felt so tired and nervous and thought that she wouldn’t do it in the right manner. After asking her how she did it, Lea told her just to do it and she would become great. The actress has been her main source of hope when things are hard for her while filming.

Evan Peters, his girlfriend, Emma Roberts at Vanity Fair

Emma Roberts is by right the niece of former Oscar winner, Julia Roberts and she takes after her in many ways, including dressing to kill. Roberts looks showed the face of old-school glamor when she featured on the Vanity Fair Oscars Party which was happening at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills. With her was her beau, Evan Peters. The actress rocked a lime sequin gown and also a dramatic feather boa as the couple displayed their magic on the red carpet. Her short blonde locks rested in loose waves and her fringe was styled to one side in a way that framed her petite face. Roberts’ make-up was done by the guru, Charlotte. She used an array of her own products on the starlet including the Hollywood Flawless Filter, which helped Roberts get a perfect glow on the red carpet. Speaking about what inspired the look, Charlotte said that she adores having Emma Roberts in her chair and she was so beautiful. She praised the actress sating that she looked good in literally every style and she had the most fun getting her ready. Her boyfriend, Evan Peters, sported her usual tousled locks and looked beaming as he stood next to his girlfriend.

It looks like Emma Roberts is ready to be a mom

You never know what she’s thinking of, but Emma Roberts seems to be ready to take a big step in her life and have a family. There was a time the actress was photographed holding a friend’s baby after she visited the AKID Brand’s third annual party in Los Angeles. The actress has been engaged to Evan Peters off and on for a couple of times and even though she is still his girlfriend, nobody knows if they are ready to take it to the next level. The lovebirds first got engaged in late 2013 only to call off their engagement in June 2015. The duo reunited two months later and split up in May the next year. They made up once again in late 2016 and then Roberts wore her engagement ring again. The Easter-themed event attracted a lot of celebrity moms. One was Jaime King and her son James Knight who were seeing grabbing some candy before posing for selfies with Selma. Also present was January Jones, Cat Deeley and Louise Roe with her daughter Honor. The party also attracted celebrities who were not celebrities yet. Shay Mitchell who just turned 30 looked amazing in a simple black sweater, jeans and dark boots. Emma Roberts rocked a pastel yellow dress and a denim shirt button down. She displayed her motherly skill by holding a young baby close.

Know about Evan Peters’ girlfriend & net worth

She has an online book club

Roberts stared an online book club just recently and for years, she talked about the intense book collection she has and the authors that inspire her. She decided to start an online book club to get people excited just like her. The actress announced the release of the book club on Instagram where she said that she was very excited to share her books that she loves to read and she would constantly be posting what she is reading. She explained that she needed to start a book club so that she could share and discuss with her fans in one place.

It was believed that she was dating Christopher Hines

In June 2016, it was discovered and confirmed that Roberts and Hines were in a relationship. At the time, Roberts had just split with her current boyfriend, Evan Peters. They were first spotted by a paparazzi walking in the streets of London arm to arm. ET broke the news that Hines and Roberts were dating and also had a source confirm that that was the truth that the “Nerve”, “American Horror Story”, “We’re the Millers”, “Wild Child”, and “Scream Queens” actress and the Hines were indeed dating. US Magazine talked to the source as well and quoted them saying that Chris was one of the most understanding and laid back guys she had ever dated, and they were together for almost a month. But they broke up later on and Roberts went back to where she belonged.

Her dating life has been hot

There’s normally a saying that goes like this, “Beautiful people attract same beautiful people” and that applies to Roberts. That’s why she has been attracting many good-looking men towards her. Alex Pettyfer was the first star who got attracted to the actress. He met Roberts on the set of “Wild Child.” The relationship lasted for a year, but he got her initials tattooed on his fingers. He is probably regretting right now! Her next date was the pro skater, Ryan Sheckler but that relationship didn’t last long as well. There were rumors that the actress was dating Max Theriot and Chace Crawford, but there was no evidence found. Chord Overstreet from “Glee” also went for her heart and seemed to win it for a year before they finally broke up. All those guys were perhaps preparing the way for Evan, her current boyfriend who she has been through a lot with.

Emma Roberts is a decent singer

Before signing for a role in “Unfabulous,” no one thought that she possessed an amazing singing talent. However, she proved all of us wrong with time and she managed to win a spot on the Billboard charts with the songs she sang on the show. One of the songs that made it on the billboard was “Granted” which reached position 47. Even though it was a short-lived music career, it was great to know that the actress was also a super talented singer. Ironically, the show showed us that. Her fans would probably buy her album after she released one. Despite the fact that she loves music, Roberts’ heart is in fashion and acting, and she’s killing it there.

Her net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Emma Roberts has a net worth of $15 million. The actress has built her net worth from her roles in “Nerve”, “American Horror Story”, “We’re the Millers”, “Wild Child”, and “Scream Queens.”

Every girl would love to be famous just like Emma Roberts, but everyone plays on their lanes. The actress is actually trying to run away from all the publicity, but sometimes she doesn’t manage to. This year you will be seeing much of her.