Emma Portner Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Ellen Page’s Wife

Canadian actress Ellen Page and Emma Portner welcomed the new year as newlyweds. Here are some facts to know about Ellen Page’s wife.

Who Is Emma Portner? Get to Know Ellen Page’s Wife

Emma Portner is a renowned dancer who was born in Ottawa in 1994. The famous dancer moves with such grace that transfixes everyone who watches her. She began her dance journey at the tender age of 3. Portner polished her skills at the prestigious National Ballet School of Canada. Portner studied dance at the Ailey School in New York City at the age of 16. Within a few years, Portner built her career in the world of dance. Portner has starred and even choreographed in Justin Bieber’s music video for ‘Life Is Worth Living’ and was also a part of Bieber’s sold-out Purpose World Tour. Portner also conceptualized a music video for indie artist Blood Orange. Emma Portner, the graceful dancer, also owns her own Dance Company called ‘Flock’d.’ Flock’d is a New York based company which was later renamed as ‘Emma Portner and Artists.’ Portner teaches dance in New York, Canada, and Los Angeles. Page’s wife also happens to be the youngest woman to ever choreograph a musical, ‘A Bat Out Of Hell.’ This musical was shown in Toronto and London’s West End. Portner has worked quite hard to reach where she is today in the dancing field. Portner posted a YouTube video of her dance which garnered 50 million views and ultimately got her a casting in Justin Bieber’s video. Page’s wife considers social media as her best friend. She practices daily to keep her moves fresh and also posts some videos of her rigorous practice sessions on Instagram. She has very eye-catching moves. Many artists, directors and choreographers approach her through her Instagram account. All her videos are without any filters which enables all the viewers to see the backstage work and to see the process without any filters. Page’s wife has a huge fan following of 91.7k followers. According to Parris Goebel, her style was “a striking flavor of highly technical contemporary expressed through intricate, gut-wrenching jerks and undulations” which was perfect for Bieber’s video.

About Ellen Page

Ellen Page, born in 1987 in Nova Scotia, became interested in acting at a very early age. Page attended the Neptune Theater School. She began her acting career at the age of 10 on the television series ‘Pit Pony’ in 1999. Page received the Gemini nomination and a Young Artist Award nomination for her work. Page was later seen in 2002, in ‘Marion Bridge’ which got her first Award for Best Canadian First Feature at the Toronto international Film Festival. Page also appeared in ‘ReGenesis’ and in ‘Mrs. Ashboro’s Cat.’ Page also appeared in the cult hit TV series ‘Trailer Park Boys’ in 2001. Page got the lead role in ‘Hard Candy’ in 2005 and she garnered a lot of praise for her performance as a 14-year-old girl who meets a photographer on the Internet and then tries to expose him as a pedophile. Page was also seen in ‘The Tracey Fragments’ in 2007 and in ‘American Crime’ in 2007. In 2010, she was seen in ‘Super’ and ‘Inception.’ In 2014, Page had come out as gay at the Human Rights Campaign even and gave a rousing speech that got her a standing ovation. The actress mentioned in her speech that she hopes that her experience would pave the way for other people struggling with their sexuality. Portner and Page began dating and revealed their relationship to the public in June 2017. They were spotted kissing in LA. Their marriage was a secret affair. They eventually broke the news of their new status to the world through a series of shared Instagram photos. In one particular photo, both of them are seen wearing their wedding rings. Emma Portner described her better half as an ‘incredible woman’ and Page responded by calling her wife an ‘extraordinary woman.’ Page started posting photos with Portner on social media last summer. Page has even posted numerous interpretive dance videos with Portner and the duo have also shared cover songs together. Prior to her relationship and marriage with Portner, Ellen Page dated artist Samantha Thomas.

5. Interesting Facts About Emma Portner

1. Emma Portner and Artists

Portner currently manages and runs her New York based company called ‘Emma Portner and Artists’. She also teaches dance at the Broadway Dance Center.

2. Portner went viral

Portner’s video went viral. Portner and her friend Matt Luck posted a video of their dancing on YouTube which went viral. Their short dance film ‘Dancing in the Dark’ in 2012 garnered 7,500,000 views and made them overnight stars.

3. She makes music videos with Ellen Page

She and Page sometimes make music together. They collaborate artistically and a couple of those videos have gone viral too.

4. Net Worth

The net worth of Emma Portner is still under review. The net worth of Ellen Page is $14 million dollars.

5. Both of them are Canadians

Portner and Page are both from Canada. Page got in touch with Portner through Instagram after getting mesmerized by her art. Page saw her dance video for the band ‘Sylvan Esso’ and was completed captivated by her skills. Page later messaged Portner, praising her performance and the rest, as they say, is history.