Elizabeth Olsen Wiki: Everything To Know About The ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Actress

Elizabeth Olsen is an American actress who has acted in various movies. Read on to find out interesting facts about her including her net worth.

Everything to Know About the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Actress Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen is an American actress who is best known for her role in movies like Martha Marcy May Marlene, Godzilla, Wind River, Captain America: Civil War, and soon to be in Avengers: Infinity War and the Untitled Avengers film. All these have made her become recognized and they have contributed to her net worth. She is the younger sister of fashion designers and former actresses Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen. Olsen was born on February 16, 1989. She started acting when she was very young. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

Elizabeth Olsen’s Early Life and Education

Elizabeth Olsen was born on 16 February 1989 in Sherman Oaks, California. Her birth name is Elizabeth Chase Olsen and she goes by the nickname Lizzie. Her parents are David Olsen and Jarnette. Her mother is a former dancer and a personal manager while her father is a mortgage banker and real estate developer in Los Angeles. She is the younger sister of Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen who are twins and she has an older brother called Trent Olsen. The twins became famous at a very young age when they appeared on Full House. Olsen’s parents divorced in 1995 and her father later remarried a woman called McKenzie. She has two half-siblings from her father’s second marriage. She has a younger half-brother called Jake Olsen and a half-sister called Courtney Taylor Olsen. Elizabeth Olsen went for ballet and singing lessons when she was young. She became an actress at a very young age. She made appearances at her twin sisters’ movies. When she was 11 years old, she had small roles at the straight to video series called ‘The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley’ and in ‘How the West Was Fun’. The small roles gave her some experience in acting and gave her the courage to audition for other films like Spy Kids when she was in fourth grade. Olsen studied at Campbell Hall School in Hollywood, California from kindergarten up to grade 12. Her favorite sport was volleyball. She used a different name when she was in high school so that she could be differentiated from her twin sisters. She used the name Elizabeth Chase throughout high school. After she graduated from high school, she registered at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. In 2009, Olsen traveled to Moscow, Russia where she registered for a semester at the Moscow Art Theatre School. She also attended Eugene O’Neill Theatre Centre where she studied MATS program. In March 2013, she graduated after six years of taking breaks in between her studies.

Elizabeth Olsen’s Career as an Actress and Net Worth

Elizabeth Olsen’s career as an actress started when she was four years old. She acted in six episodes of her twin sisters’ series productions. She also auditioned for movies like Spy Kids but she never got the part, which was a huge relief for her since she did not want to be a child actress. In 2004, she almost gave up her career as an actress because of the social media turmoil concerning Mary-Kate’s eating disorder. She did not like how the media reacted towards her elder sister’s eating condition. In 2011, Olsen landed her first major act in the film Martha Marcy May Marlene. She got a lot of criticism because of her performance, which made her win some critics’ awards. In Martha Marcy May Marlene, she had a leading role where she acted as a girl who had escaped from a cult that was abusive and went back to her family. However, the girl was paranoid and hallucinated because of her previous ordeal. Olsen’s next appearance was in a movie called Silent House, which was a psychological horror movie. The movie got many mixed reactions but the actress’s performance was commended. She also took part in a music video by Carlotta called The Queen. The actress’s next appearance was in the movies Red Lights, which was directed by Rodrigo Cortes and Liberal Arts that was directed by Josh Radnor. The two movies premiered in the theatres in 2012. In 2013, the actress appeared in a movie called Very Good Girls. She acted together with Dakota Fanning, who is a famous actor. In the same year, she acted in the movie Old Boy, which was a Korean movie being remade into an American film. Later that year, she appeared in Kill Your Darlings, which was a movie based on a novel by Edie Parker. In 2014, Olsen appeared in the movie Godzilla. She acted alongside Aaron Taylor Johnson, Bryan Cranston, and Juliette Binoche. Godzilla was a huge hit and Gareth Edwards directed it. Godzilla is an action, adventure, and sci-fi movie. Godzilla received 31 nominations and 6 awards. In 2015, the actress appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is a follow-up of The Avengers movie. In the movie, she plays the role of the Scarlet Witch. In 2016, she appeared in Captain America: Civil War where she also acted as the Scarlet Witch. She acted alongside Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd, Marisa Tomei, and Robert Downey Jr. Anthony Russo and Joe Russo directed Captain America: Civil War. Captain America: Civil War is an action, adventure, and sci-fi movie. Captain America: Civil War got 65 nominations and 16 awards. In 2017, Elizabeth Olsen acted in Wind River. She acted alongside Julia Jones, Kelsey Asbille, Jeremy Renner, and Teo Briones. Taylor Sheridan is the director of Wind River. Wind River is a crime, drama and mystery movie. Wind River received 17 nominations and 8 awards. The actress is set to appear in Avengers: Infinity War and the Untitled Avengers movie as the Scarlett Witch. She has posted on the social media photos of her with bruises after shooting Avengers: Infinity War. She has also posted on social media how she cannot wait to start filming the Untitled Avengers film. The Untitled Avengers film has not yet been given a name but it will start to be filmed soon. Avengers: Infinity War will be released in 2018 while the Untitled Avengers film will be released in 2019. Avengers: Infinity War and the Untitled Avengers film are action, adventure, and fantasy movies. Olsen’s appearance in all these movies has contributed to her net worth. Elizabeth Olsen is going to be an executive producer and actress of a Facebook series that is yet to be produced. Facebook has given a series order that the Facebook series be ten episodes. Showtime had begun producing the Facebook series based on a script written by Kit Steinkellner. Lizzy Weiss will be the showrunner of the Facebook series. The person who will direct the pilot will direct any additional episodes, and executive producer of the Facebook series is James Ponsoldt. Details about the Facebook series are yet to be released. However, it is assumed that Elizabeth Olsen will act like a widow who is suffering from grief and trying to reconnect with people from her past. More concerning the Facebook series will be revealed in the months to come.

Elizabeth Olsen’s Major Works and Net Worth as an Actress

Olsen’s appearance in the movie Martha Marcy May Marlene received a lot of appreciation because of how she was able to portray the lead character in the movie. This made her win numerous awards. The movies she appeared in Godzilla and Avengers: Age of Ultron were huge international hits and they made a lot of money at the box office. Avengers: Age of Ultron got about $1.4 billion after being released at the box office. The money obtained from the movie hits have contributed to her net worth.

Olsen’s Achievements, Net Worth and Awards as an Actress

In 2011, Olsen received nominations for 19 different awards because of her acting in the movie Martha Marcy May Marlene. Out of the 19 nominations, she won five of the awards. The five awards are namely: Ghent International Film Festival’s Special Mention Award, Vancouver Film Critics Circle’s Best Actress Award, Florida Film Critics Circle’s Pauline Kael Breakout Award, Chicago Film Critics Association’s Most Promising Performer, Vancouver Film Critics Circles Best Actress Award, and Los Angeles Film Critics Association’s New Generation Award. In 2013, she received a nomination for BAFTA Rising Star Award. In the same year, she won an award for Fangoria Chainsaw Best Leading Actress Award for the movie Silent House. In 2015, Olsen won an award for the Deauville American Film Festival’s Hollywood Rising Star Award for the movie I Saw the Light.

Elizabeth Olsen’s Personal Life

When Olsen was studying in Russia, she was in a relationship with a fellow drama student who was Russian. However, the two broke up after seven months of dating. The break up happened because Olsen had gone back to the United States and the two could not stand the thought of having a long distance relationship. In September 2012, she started dating a fellow co-star Boyd Holbrook. They later got engaged in March 2014. However, the engagement did not last for long and they ended up splitting in January 2015. Boyd and Olsen’s relationship lasted for 3 years. Sources close to them disclose that the two were happily dating but had to end the relationship due to unknown reasons. Olsen is currently dating Robbie Arnett who is a musical artist.

Olsen’s Body Measurements

Elizabeth Olsen has green eyes and her hair is light blonde. The actress’s height is 5 feet and 7 inches and she has a weight of 58 kilograms. Her shoe and dress size is eight US and her figure stats are 34-25-35 inches.

Olsen’s Rumors

In 2015, there were rumors that Elizabeth Olsen was in a relationship with Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston. There was even huge news about her love life with the two. There were more rumors that in 2014, she was in a relationship with Alexander Skarsgard. However, she later put a stop to all these rumors when she denied the relationships in an interview.

The Actress’s Social Media Profile

Just like her twin sisters, Olsen is a late bloomer when it comes to social media. She joined Instagram on 2017 after filming the movie Ingrid Goes West. The movie talks about the negative effects of social media and the Instagram Industry. The movie motivated her to get an Instagram account. She has about 799k fans. The funny thing about her is that she does not have a Twitter account.

1. Olsen’s guilty pleasure is watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She confessed this in an interview by Vanity Fair when she was asked what favorite show she likes to watch. 2. When she was young, she was embarrassed of becoming an actress. In an interview by Interview Magazine, she said that she was always of ashamed of admitting that she wanted to be an actress like her elder twin sisters. She always thought that she would get a scholarship to an Ivy League school because she loved playing volleyball. 3. Olsen loves to cook. She is a foodie and loves cooking and going to restaurants. She started doing dinner parties when she was 17 years old and she loves making pasta with raw zucchini. 4. Olsen is actually very tall. She is taller than her twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. She finds this is a huge disadvantage because she cannot borrow clothes from her fashionista sisters. 5. Olsen wants to finish her degree. When she was at New York University, she was cast in the movie Martha Marcy May Marlene and she was never able to finish her degree. She hopes to get some time off and finish it. 6. Olsen thinks that her brother Trevor Olsen is the most talented in the family. In an interview, she said that her brother always made her read, watch and listen to everything he thought was awesome when she was young. She thinks that he thought he could be able to mold her brain. 7. Elizabeth Olsen is comfortable with nudity. She studied feminism when she was at New York University and she is not afraid to talk about it. She believes that actors should be comfortable of their bodies and not be afraid to show it off. 8. Olsen’s dream is to one-day play Ophelia in one of Shakespeare’s play called Hamlet. She is a huge fan of the classics. 9. When Olsen was young, her idol was Michelle Pfeiffer. She would cut out pictures of her idol and put them up in frames. Michelle is the person who inspired her to become an actress. 10. Olsen loves the whole process of auditioning. She loves how frustrating it can get at times when one is not sure if he or she is going to get the part. 11. Olsen hates it when someone is late for a lunch date with her. She finds it very disrespectful. 12. When she was seven years old, she started taking acting lessons. She credits that to the far it has made her get. 13. Olsen does not think that she has a voice to sing. Therefore, she does not think that she will ever be in any musical. 14. In 2004, Olsen inherited a Range Rover from her older sister Mary-Kate. She has it up to now. 15. Olsen’s twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley have a clothing line that they have named after her and their brother Trevor. 16. Olsen’s favorite dessert is vanilla frozen yogurt with almonds and cinnamon. 17. Elizabeth Olsen’s best friend is Aaron Carter’s twin sister Angel Carter. 18. In 2008, Olsen got a New York State real estate license. 19. Olsen got her own agent all by herself. She did not use her twin sister’s associations to get into the Hollywood life. 20. Olsen lives in Los Angeles but she has a residence in New York City’s West Village. Her apartment is 300 square foot with only one bedroom. 21. Olsen’s dream to meet her idol Michelle came true when she met her on the set of I Sam. 22. Elizabeth Olsen acted in Kill Your Darlings and got the chance to act as Jack Kerouac’s wife Edie Parker. 23. Olsen is very close friends with Dakota Fanning who is also a former co-star of hers. 24. Olsen never liked being in front of a camera. Cameras made her very nervous and that is why when she was young she focused more on theatre. 25. One of Olsen’s favorite movies when she was growing up was Tremors, which came out in 1990. 26. Olsen has Norwegian ancestry from her father’s side and English ancestry from her mother’s side. 27. Elizabeth Olsen claims that she is atheist. 28. Olsen’s net worth is estimated to be $7 million. 29. Olsen’s family considers her the most talented in the family because of her vast skills in sports, acting, and everything else. 30. Olsen admires her older twin sisters and the way they have managed to handle fame since they were very small.

Olsen’s Net Worth

Olsen’s net worth is estimated to be $7 million. She has acted in many movies that have been Hollywood hits like Godzilla, Captain America: Civil War, Wind River, and Avengers: Age of Ultron, all of which have contributed to her net worth. Avengers: Infinity War and the Untitled Avengers film will be hits when they are released and will contribute to her net worth. She will soon be appearing in a Facebook series that is going to add more to her net worth. Olsen has an apartment, which may be small, but it contributes to her net worth. She uses a used Range Rover that she got from her older sister. Therefore, she does not have any other cars to contribute to her net worth. Elizabeth Olsen is a firecracker whose acting career as an actress is flourishing and still has a long way to go. Hollywood has treated her well and she is on her way to becoming the most successful and famous actress of her time.