Elizabeth Chambers: Top Facts About Armie Hammer’s Wife

Find out everything there is to know about Elizabeth Chambers and her life as an actress, and about her life as the wife of actor Armie Hammer!

Who is Elizabeth Chambers?

Elisabeth chambers is an American actress born in San Antonio, Texas in August of 1982. As a child, Chambers was a Girl Scout with an impressive record. Chambers credits her dad with securing the state record in Colorado for selling the most Girl Scout cookies when she was in second grade which is impressive for such a young age. Chambers says that her dad taught her everything about sales and used his time as a volunteer Girl Scout cookie mom to teach Chambers his sales tactics. Chambers took the quota that her dad set to heart and sold Girl Scout cookies in the rain, sleet and snow. Because her dad was in the wine business, Chambers also set up shop in front of local liquor stores to sell her cookies even at her young age. An entrepreneurial spirit emerged and a life of baking and hard work for was set in motion for Chambers.

Wife of Actor Armie Hammer

In May of 2010 Elizabeth Chambers married her then boyfriend Armie Hammer. Armie, short for Armand, is an actor himself. Armie Hammer is known for his role in several movies, including The Social Network and the beloved Prince Charming from the movie Mirror, Mirror. Armie Hammer also starred as the title character in The Lone Ranger and in 2016’s Mine. Not only is Chambers’ husband an actor, he also made his voice acting debut in 2017’s Cars 3, a film produced by Disney-Pixar. Additionally, Armie Hammer’s role in The Social Network as the Winklevoss twins was produced so well that viewers actually thought there were two Armie Hammer’s in the world, when in fact there’s only Armie Hammer playing the role of both twins with lots of creative producing and animation.

When Armie Hammer decided that Elisabeth Chambers was the woman he wanted to marry, he told his wife-to-be that he didn’t want to wait. In the August 2013 issue of Town & Country, Chambers told the magazine that Armie Hammer said to her, “Look, we don’t have to do this. We could just go our own ways, and then one day you’ll be 40 and divorced and we’ll run into each other, and we’ll laugh and go out to dinner and have this same connection, and we’ll wonder why we wasted all of that time. Or we could just do it now and enjoy the ride.” Chambers decided to believe Armie Hammer and become his wife sooner rather than later. The two had a beautiful wedding with friends and family and have recently celebrated their seventh year wedding anniversary. Armie Hammer notoriously says that sex with his wife is different after they exchanged vows due to his respect and love for her. Armie Hammer is a romantic in real life, not just on the silver screen!

Motherhood hasn’t been a cake walk for the Food Network star. Chambers has suffered from a host of pregnancy ailments, including Placenta Previa. Chambers reported that her first pregnancy with daughter Harper was a “dream” where morning sickness and fatigue didn’t exist and Chambers was able to work up until the day she gave birth. Chambers even walked seven miles the day she went into labor with her daughter. Although the pregnancy went 16 days past its due date, Chambers said “I don’t know if it’s because I’m taking more supplements and more focused on nutrition (drinking green smoothies and protein shakes in place of red wine!), but I have to say, I feel best when I’m pregnant.” Chambers opted for a natural hypno-birth and labored for 18 hours. Doting father Armie Hammer was right by his wife’s side the entire time. Once she accepted her doctor’s recommendation of a walking epidural, she relaxed and gave birth to her daughter within a few hours.

As rewarding and amazing as her first birth was, Chambers says that her second pregnancy was a complete 180. While her husband Armie Hammer was always supportive, she needed his assistance and support even more during the pregnancy with their son. Even though Placenta Previa plagued the pregnancy, Armie Hammer and Chambers still welcomed a healthy baby boy.

Career and Entrepreneurship

Before meeting Armie Hammer and later becoming his wife, Chambers was a television personality with a promising career of her own. Chambers played a few roles in several movies, including The Game Plan and Rolling Kansas. Since her marriage to Armie Hammer, Chambers has also served as a judge on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars in addition to Sugar Showdown. Chambers gets to cut her cake and eat it too.

Elizabeth Chambers isn’t just an ordinary wife to Armie Hammer and mother to their two children, Harper and Ford Douglas Armand Hammer. Chambers is also co-owner of their family bakery, BIRD Bakery located in San Antonio with her husband Armie Hammer. Clearly Chambers is putting her years as a Girl Scout selling cookies in front of liquor stores to good use.

Armie Hammer encouraged his wife to take her passion for cooking and turn it into something that could be shared with the world. In 2012, the couple opened BIRD Bakery in the glamorous Highland Park Village area. At Bird Bakery you can find pecan pie and other delicious treats. Armie Hammer and his wife also opened a second location in Dallas soon after. Even though Chambers credits her own mother with cooking every meal and being a real life example of a super mom, Chambers admits that both she and Armie Hammer have to work diligently to keep family time focused on the family.

Being the owner of two businesses, the wife of an actor and the mother of two beautiful children isn’t easy, but Elisabeth Chambers makes it look like a cake walk…or a pan of brownies.