Ed Sheeran’s Fiance Wiki: Instagram, Net Worth, Hockey & Facts About Cherry Seaborn

Get to know more about Cherry Seaborn, the fiancé of Ed Sheeran. Here are the facts about the lady, including her net worth.

Cherry Seaborn: Ed Sheeran’s fiancé

Ed Sheeran proposed to his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn on 20th and posted on Instagram the happy news, and the world went crazy trying to find out who Cherry Seaborn was. To people’s disappointment, Seaborn didn’t love the fame, and so much of her details had been not revealed. But don’t worry, we got you covered. Well, Cherry Seaborn has been dating Sheeran since 2015 but managed to stay away from the spotlight. Seaborn and Sheeran met in high school, and even though Ed Sheeran dated other girls, he was just meant to be Cherry Seaborn. The singer, Ed Sheeran opened up about their unending romance revealing that the song, “Perfect” was dedicated to Cherry Seaborn. You all know Ed Sheeran and his heartwarming songs that can make you fall in love even when you don’t intend to. You probably sing “Perfect” while in the shower. Seaborn feels way better than any Sheeran’s fan because the song was his. She is 25 years old and was born on May 6, 1992, in the UK. Seaborn moved to the US to attend college.

Interesting facts about her

Cherry Seaborn met Sheeran in high school

Both Seaborn and the popular singer, Ed Sheeran studied at Thomas Mills High School in Suffolk, Britain. Sheeran revealed that he had a crush on Seaborn, but felt that he was older than her and he didn’t make a move. Another school friend of theirs revealed that there was always something between them like a pulling force but at the time, Seaborn had a boyfriend. No one knew that they would end up together. Sheeran and Seaborn used to communicate after they graduated from high school. However, rumors about their relationship started making way on the internet in 2015 after they were seen together watching a baseball game in New York City. Sheeran was living in Britain while Seaborn was in New York working for Deloitte and their relationship was a long distance thing.

She plays hockey

Seaborn is a keen hockey player and if she continues playing actively, she might end on the national team. According to the Daily Mail, Seaborn studied at Durham University in her home country, England. Sheeran’s fiancé graduated with a degree in molecular biology. She then traveled to the US and joined Duke University to study management as well as pursue her passion for hockey and even joined the prestigious Blue Devils team which belonged to Duke University. Seaborn became the captain of the team and led it to British University Championships in 2012 and 2013. She still plays hockey for the Chelmsford Hockey Club in England. Her fiancé, Ed Sheeran attends the games frequently and posts the photos on her Instagram.

Seaborn inspired her fiancé’s “Divide” album

Ed Sheeran has not been saying what has been inspiring his songs, especially the ones in his latest album. We still don’t know the exact thing that is behind the songs, but we can guess who inspires them. By hearing the songs “Perfect,” “Heart Don’t Break Around Here,” and “Shape of You,” you will notice that Sheeran sings about someone he loves, and who else? At least he admitted “Perfect” was for her. Also from his lyrics, he says that he sings that they talk for hours…how her family is doing okay, that’s a clear indication that Sheeran knows the girl’s family, and apparently Sheeran has been knowing Seaborn since he was 11. Seaborn is a lucky woman if all hit love songs in Sheeran’s album are directed to her.

She worked as an advisory consultant

When she was in New York, Seaborn worked for Deloitte and Touche LLP as an Advisory Consultant. Deloitte is an organization that has spread its roots all over the world and provides audit, tax, legal, risk, financial advisory, enterprise, as well as consulting services. The company has employed almost a quarter a million people across the globe. Seaborn quit her position to go back to London and work on her relationship with her fiancé, Ed Sheeran. However, Deloitte called her and asked if she could fill a position in their London branch. Seaborn agreed, and she has been the senior advisory consultant of the company since 2016. She still does the same jobs she did in New York.

She comes from a creative family

Seaborn’s father is a professional architect who has designed several buildings in the UK. Seaborn has a brother who is known as Charlie. He works in showbiz just like Ed Sheeran and has specified in composing films and theatre plays.

She took care of Sheeran after he had a bicycle accident

Last year, Ed Sheeran had a bicycle accident and he broke his wrist, elbow, and rib. It was Seaborn who was nursing him. Sheeran said that she even brushed his teeth. Most people thought that Sheeran’s public appearances were limited. Yes, they were, and he was also healing from his injuries as well as focusing on his relationship.

Her net worth

Seaborn’s net worth is unclear, but her fiancé, Ed Sheeran, has a bet worth of $35 million. Seaborn’s probably has a decent net worth as well since she holds a high office in Deloitte.

Seaborn is perhaps the happiest woman right now. Hers is a beautiful love story, better told through the songs of her fiancé.