Drew Bledsoe’s Wife Wiki: Everything To Know About Maura Bledsoe

Maura Bledsoe and Drew Bledsoe are one happy couple who have been the pillar of support for each other throughout their marriage. His wife helps him in his winery business. Here are a few facts you should know about this strong, beautiful woman.

Maura Bledsoe – Multi-Talented Wife of Drew Bledsoe

There are people who draw comparisons between Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe, but wife, Maura Bledsoe doesn’t seem to be quite impressed by that. The couple got hitched in 1996 and since been enjoying their time together ever since. They have four lovely children, three sons, John, Stuart, Henry, and daughter Healy. Maura Bledsoe is present on Twitter and Instagram and she is quite active in both the social media platform. On Instagram, your sure to come across her happy family photos every now and then on her Twitter handle, @Maurabledsoe. Maura Bledsoe is an amazing wife who helps her husband in every aspect of their life together. Maura helps to manage the family winery along with his husband and family friend Chris Figgins. Together the three own Doubleback Winery and all are quite proud of the wine that they produce together.Wine from Doubleback Winery has been ranked 53rd in the ‘Top 100 Wines’ of Wine Spectator.

Transition from Star Wife

Just after retiring from football, Drew Bledsoe made a smooth transition into the business through the winery and his wife was right there with him in his journey. The winery business began in 2007 and after 10 years the entire Bledsoe family is very proud of where their wine ranks at the moment.

Net Worth of Bledsoe

Drew Bledsoe has a net worth of $48 million. He played quarterback for 14 seasons with the NFL (National Football League). The net worth of Maura and Drew Bledsoe came from selling their home in Oregon and also from signing bonus. Now their winery business contributes to their overall net worth.

OtherFfacets of the Bledsoe family

Maura Bledsoe is part of the Family Access Network that organizes food and shelter for poor families ensuring they get the basic amenities that are a must for living a healthy life. The couple dated each other for a few years before taking the getting married and they are one of a few couples that have been faithful to one another throughout their entire marriage. They set a perfect example as a couple for their children and the world by staying married and faithful to one another. Maura Bledsoe is a an excellent mother to their four children and an amazing wife to her husband. Drew, in turn dons a helmet as an amazing dad to their children and a wonderful husband to his wife.