Drake’s Ex Girlfriends Wiki: Jennifer Lopez, Ravie Loso, Zoë Kravitz & Facts To Know

From Jennifer Lopez to Blac Chyna, Drake has an astounding list of ex girlfriends. Follow me as we explore what relationships he had with these lovely ladies.

What we know about Drake himself.

Born Aubrey Drake Graham, this Canadian rapper first blessed our screens in the early 2000’s when he played Jimmy Brooks. To hear about his songs today you’d have never imagined a guy like him would have gotten his start as a teen actor. It wasn’t until 2010 when Drake debuted his first album. Nowadays he’s up to his 70th top 40 hit. Not bad, huh?

Drake’s ex girlfriends list, Part 1

When first exploring this, I had absolutely no idea just how many women Drake has either been with or was rumored to be with. So many questions came to mind. Is there something wrong with this guy that he can’t keep a girlfriend and hold a real relationship? How does he have the time to jump through this many women with a career like his? Those questions we may never have answers to but let’s go back to why we are here, to take a look at the women Drake has dated starting with Blac Chyna.

Blac Chyna & Drake

Back before Blac Chyna was dating Rob Kardashian, she was tangled up with a couple of rappers, Drake included. Lots of speculation came up about these two dating because in Drakes song “Miss Me” he gave a special shout out to Blac Chyna. So naturally, that rumor mill started turning. At one point Drake did find himself mixed up with a social media fight with Kylie Jenner’s ex Tyga and Blac Chyna. Given Chyna has a son with Tyga, that’s definitely a touchy situation. Maybe thats why Drake kept moving?

Zoe Kravitz & Drake

Zoe Kravitz, daughter of American singer Lenny Kravitz also found herself amoung the women Drake has dated and or “hung out with” flirtatiously. Although these two were never confirmed a couple, they were spotted canoodling at the Golden Globes not long ago. Zoe Kravitz even said herself they were just really good friends.

Amber Rose & Drake

Amber Rose is an American actress and model who also has a son with Wiz Khalifa. Lots of photos popped up in January of 2016 of Amber Rose and Drake out and about together. However no public display of affection was shown. I’d say with these two its safe to say that, if it was a relationship, it was kept very secret for a reason!

Ravie Loso & Drake

Ravie Loso is a Instagram model who was known to become famous after going on a date with our subject here, Drake. When Kendall Jenner had her 20th birthday fling, Drake was spotted with Ravie Loso as his date after the talk of a romance between him and Serena Williams. Maybe this was a revenge date? That’s something we’ll never know.

Drake’s ex girlfriends list, Part 2

That seem’s like a lot of women already doesn’t it? Oh don’t worry, we’ve barely scratched the surface on the mighty list that has Drake labeled as a ladies man. Let’s see just how many more we can dig up! Lets go!

Hailey Baldwin & Drake

Hailey Baldwin, like a couple other ex girlfriend/flings of Drakes, is a model and TV personality. In June of 2016, photo’s were taken of Baldwin and Drake at a Memorial Day pool party. Let’s just say neither of the two are strangers to personal displays of affection. But just like the rest, this duo didn’t last long at all.

Bernice Burgos & Drake

Bernice Burgos is a Puerto Rican model that Drake reportedly dated in March of 2015. However, no media could confirm the two were a thing, though later on Bernice herself admitted to the relationship after the two had split up. Bernice had nothing but good words to Drake when asked why the two were no longer together. She stated Drake was “the sweetest guy ever” and that “he was nothing but good to me”. It seems ladies man is definitely the right label for Drake.

India Love & Drake

India Love went from a social media star to a reality tv star with the BET show “The Westbrooks”. The juicy part of this story is that Drake not only dated India Love but he also dated her sister Crystal Westbrook. Once Crystal Westbrook found out about Drake and India she took to Twitter, as most stars do, ranting out her disgust of Drake “keeping it in the family”. I have to say myself, this definitely wasn’t a very gentlemanly move.

Jennifer Lopez & Drake

This brings us down to someone we all know. Jennifer Lopez! Yes, JLo and Drake are very good friends but from her perspective it seems their relationship is more of a brother sister bond. She even stated in a magazine interview that she had mad love for Drake but nothing in a romantic way. That’s to bad for him.

Some that we didn’t explore.

Amazing number of ladies right? Sadly, we didnt have time to cover every single one of them. There have also been reports of more ex girlfriends for Drake. Can I just say they are incredible to. Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Tyra Banks, and even famous actress Taraji Henderson. Each of these ladies are incredible in their own ways. Lets just hope one day our boy Drake will settle down. I can’t say he doesn’t have great taste because with this track record of successful ladies he’s defiantly on to something!