Dot da Genius Wiki: Everything To Know About Jhene Aiko’s Husband

Get to know more about Dot da Genius, the ex-husband of Jhene Aiko, who is a record producer. Below are facts about him that you need to know, including his overall net worth.

Dot da Genius: Jhene Aiko’s ex-husband

We’ve seen Jhene Aiko with Big Sean for a while now and we think they make a pretty cute couple. We’re on their side and we hope that love lasts for them. That being said, those who knew Aiko after she started dating Big Sean know that this was the time she started enjoying massive airplay. What you probably don’t know is that she was once someone elses’ wife. Before all the fame, Aiko was struggling musically as the wife of Dot da Genius whose real name is Oladipo Omishore. There were some developments before Jhene Aiko left Dot da Genius and went to Big Sean’s arms. First, it was discovered that they got married secretly and then they got divorced after less than a year of marriage, 11 months to be exact. Aiko cited that Genius was abusive and Genius on the other side denied the allegations and demanded alimony from Aiko. Some of their fans argued that Aiko accused Genius just to get rid of him and move to Big Sean. But who is Dot da Genius? What is it about him that attracted Aiko in the first place? 31-year-old Dot da Genius was born in Brooklyn, New York City. He still lives there though he hails from the Yoruba Tribe which occupies part of Nigeria in Africa. Genius’s parents encouraged him after they noticed his interest in music and after Genius turned seven, his father sent him to study piano at the Brooklyn Music school where he perfected his talent and studied alongside Tom Coote. Dot da Genius preferred playing guitar, but he also learned how to play a keyboard instrument, not knowing that it would be very beneficial later in life when he started producing. Aiko’s ex-husband attended the Polytechnic Institute of New York University and studied electrical engineering. He graduated in 2009. Genius is known for producing ‘Day ‘n’ Nite’ with longtime collaborator and recording artist, the actor of the movie, ‘Maniac.’ Kid Cudi. Genius and Kid Cudi came to form a rock band named ‘WZRD.’ Dot da Genius is also in a publishing deal with Universal Music Group and he has his own label known as ‘HeadBanga Muzik Group’ and one of his employees is mix engineer, Jay Powell. Genius has also collaborated with several popular artists in the industry including King Chip and Jhene Aiko, his ex-wife. Before all the fame and success, Genius started his career in 2003 while at Polytechnic using to Image-Line’s FL Studio program. In 2004, Genius created a studio in his basement from the equipment his father bought for him and then naming his company ‘HeadBanga Muzik Studios.’ After he became famous as a producer, he moved his studio from home to the Brewery Recording Studio and partnered with the owner Andrew Krivonos. He met Kid Cudi in 2006 and they lived under the same roof for two years. ‘Day ‘n’ Nite’ became the became their biggest hit with Dot da Genius providing the beats while ‘Maniac’ movie actor Kid Cudi rapped and sang along.

Jhene Aiko’s latest album features production writing by Dot da Genius

Jhene Aiko’s marriage to her ex-husband Dot da Genius came to an end in the middle of 2016. It was rumored that they were married for 11 months, however, the music Aiko and her ex-husband Genius made together is still making its way to to listeners’ ears today. Genius is listed in the title as well as Apple Music credits as the producer or lyricist for five songs in Aiko’s album, ‘Trip’ which has 22 tracks. The songs include the album opener, ‘LSD,’ the song that she collaborated with Brandy, ‘Ascension’ and also ‘Bad Trip (Interlude).’ Interestingly, Genius is also listed as producer and the writer of ‘New Balance,’ which is a track Jhene Aiko released on SoundCloud in August 2016. ‘New Balance’ was released in the midst of the divorce and rumors stating that Jhene Aiko was cheating on her ex-husband, the record producer Genius, with Big Sean. It was an emotional ode to an unrevealed love interest. What even complicated the matter more was Detroit rapper, Big Sean, tweeted about the track and that indicated that he had already heard it before it was even released. Since the album came out last year on September, we are all in darkness on the current state of singer Jhene Aiko and her ex-husband Dot da Genius.

They divorced in 2017

TMZ reported that Jhene Aiko divorced her ex-husband Dot Da Genius, a record producer whom she was married to for 11 months were officially ex-husband and wife in October 2017 and that she was dating Big Sean. Back in April 2016, Sean and Aiko released a project together known as ‘TWENTY88.’ Two months later, they performed a duet at Power 106’s Powerhouse music festival that was going on in Anaheim, California where they shared a public kiss after the performance. That kiss set off rumors on Twitter that there was more than what met the eye and there was a possibility that Sean and Aiko were romantically linked while she was still the wife of Genius. The singer, Jhene Aiko filed for divorce from her record producer and WZRD member ex-husband Genius in August 2016. In a series of tweets which she deleted, Jhene Aiko accused Genius of depressing her, bringing drugs into their home as well as causing confrontations. Despite Genius demanding spousal support from Aiko, she left without doing so and luckily the couple had no children. The only thing she was left with was the album ‘Trip’ which discusses her relationships including her brother, Miyagi who died after a bout with cancer. Speaking at The Breakfast Club, Aiko said that the album was inspired by every part of her life trip mentally, physically, and psychedelic and she had reached a point where she put it all on music.

Dot da Genius hit back at Aiko’s accusations

Jhene Aiko had claimed in a series of Twitter posts that she left her ex-husband after he began bringing drugs into their relationship as well as depressing her. She was trying to defend herself by saying that she didn’t cheat on her ex-husband, Genius with Big Sean. The record producer and member of the WZRD band decided to respond to her accusations. Dot da Genius stated that she was trying to play the victim in their divorce settlement. On his Instagram, Genius said that his nature was peaceful and he had been silent out of respect to the subjects involved as well as to maintain his privacy. Genius, however, added that he believed that the truth was supposed to be heard which was the fact that he had never been abusive towards any woman since the day he was born and so he never hurt Jhene Aiko physically. This was said to also answer some of the speculations from Aiko’s fans who suggested that she was in an abusive marriage with her ex-husband Genius. Interestingly, Genius’s friend, Kid Cudi threw some shots indirectly at Big Sean and his girlfriend Aiko on Twitter where he posted that the funny thing was he and Genius were not sweating on “bum bi**hes” and “cornball a** n***s” because they were too busy creating some better music. Dot da Genius, however, didn’t walk from the marriage without money and he asked the court to order Aiko to pay him spousal support and bar her from asking any alimony from him. Aiko insisted that she split with Genius for good in 2015 and cited irreconcilable differences. Genius stated that he was working on knowing what property that he could lay claim to and also fix their joint debts. The record producer and WZRD band member demanded Aiko to pay his lawyer’s fee. Adding a caveat to his response, Genius asked the judge to explain every decision he or she made regarding who between the two got spousal support and for how much.

Facts to know about Jhene Aiko’s ex-husband

He got the name Genius from college

Dot da Genius real name is Oladipo Omishore and he hails from Brooklyn as mentioned above. In an interview with ‘Sound of Sound,’ he explained how he settled on the professional name. He chose the name ‘genius’ because that’s what they used to call him when he was still a student at the Polytechnic University in New York. He then combined that with ‘dot’ because he thought it was good to shorten his first name to O. for people to easily pronounce.

They were friends before they were married

Genius’s relationship with his ex-wife Jhene Aiko dates back several years before they tied the knot, but their marriage wasn’t confirmed until May 2016 when the record producer posted a birthday message to Aiko on Twitter calling her his gorgeous wife. Genius also took to Instagram to share a picture from their wedding day but at the moment the post is deleted, probably after they separated and Jhene Aiko began dating Big Sean.

Genius has a daughter

During an interview with a Complex magazine in 2012, Genius revealed that his daughter was a fan of Kid Cudi and her favorite jam from the star was ‘Trapped in My Mind.’ Genius said that he liked the record because it was his daughter’s favorite record from Cudi’s album. She didn’t love the song because Genius worked on it but because the melody and the vibe of it gravitated her. Genius also posts photos of her daughter on his Instagram page. She must be making him proud, she’ll probably grow up to be a hit maker just like her dad.

His net worth

According to ‘Celebrity Net Worth,’ Dot da Genius has a net worth of $3 million dollars. The record producer, member of the WZRD band and Aiko’s ex-husband has made his net worth through working with world renown artists like Kid Cudi. He has also worked on the movie, ‘Maniac.’

It hurts a man when he loses a woman he loved most, especially if she was his wife. But it takes a few to rise above that and move on. Genius is strong and he has a daughter to take care of now.