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Doreen Lioy

We have all heard about Richard Ramirez. He was one of the well-known serial killers who was convicted different crimes including eleven sexual assaults and thirteen murders. Doreen Lioy is his wife. People say that love is blind, and we can see the example of Lioy. She was deeply in love and married one of the most wanted stalkers and murderer of the 1980s era. Scroll down to know about her husband, children, bio and wiki.

Doreen Lioy
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(Doreen and Richard)

Doreen Lioy Husband and her children

Lioy was married to the murderer, Richard Ramirez. There is no any information about how they meet. But it seems that they met each other after Ramirez was sent to prison. Doreen used to write several love letters to him when he was in jail.

In 11 years, Richard was in jail and Doreen had sent him a total of 75 love letters. And finally, in 1996, the couple get married. The marriage ceremony was held in the San Francisco Prison. Doreen was blindly in love with him and talking about her husband, Lioy stated in 1997 that he was innocent. She said:

“He’s kind, he’s funny, he’s charming… I think he’s really a great person. He’s my best friend; he’s my buddy.”

Even Lioy’s family weren’t supporting her to marry him. But she disobeys them and got married to him. OnceThe Los Angeles Times published a report which wrote by their staff writer Christopher Goffard. Likely he described Lioy “as a journalist who first saw Ramirez on TV and claimed she could see his vulnerability”.


Doreen Lioy
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(Doreen with her husband)

The report also says that Lioy used to visit her husband four or more times a week. She was always the first people in the visiting line. Doreen never cares about what anyone said upon her decision but always listen to her heart. In the case, if anyone commented or talk bad about n her marriage, she would roll her eyes and reply to them

“hometown girl makes bad.”

In the year 2010, it was reported that Richard again had a direct link to the murder and rape of a nine years’ old girl. After that,  no one used to come to visit the murderer and the couple also gets separated.

In 2013, Ramirez died of natural causes in California. At his death, there was nobody to showed and claim his body. And he had to be cremated. Lioy also had already broken up with him and there was no one of his sides. After it, Lioy has also disappeared from the limelight.  Moreover, there is no any information about her.

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Doreen Lioy Short Bio

Doreen Lioy
(Doreen with her husband, Richard)

Doreen was born in Burbank, California, US. She earned fame after her marital relationship with Richard Ramirez. And there is no any information about early life including her birthplace, parents, or educational background.

Professionally, Lioy works as a magazine editor. She has also involved in a TV documentary called THS Investigates: Love Behind Bars. Moreover, she introduces herself as an author when she wrote a biography called Richard Ramirez: The Night Stalker. There is no other information related to Lioy is available.

Doreen Lioy Net worth

Doreen Lioy professionally uses to work as a magazine editor. And she has good earning.   As per some online sources, the average salary of American magazine editor is $53,500 a year. Her net worth is unknown.

Doreen Lioy
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(Doreen Lioy)

Now, there is no any information about DoreenLioy and where she stays. She may be living a secretive life. Her CNN interview about her marriage to Ramirez indicated that she wasn’t close to any family members or friends due to their disapproval of the relationship. So she has been successful in being far social media and there is no information whereas she exists or not also.

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