Don Gummer Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Meryl Streep’s Husband

Don Gummer is a sculptor as well as husband to the world famous actress, Meryl Streep. Here is all you need to know about him.

Don Gummer: Biography of Meryl Streep’s husband

Don Gummer is an American sculptor and the husband of actress Meryl Streep. Don Gummer was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on December 12, 1946. His age is 71 years old. Don grew up in Indiana and attended Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. Don Gummer’s mother was Dorothy Ann and his father was named William Adolph Gummer. Don was one of five siblings, all boys. His brothers are William, Jack, Richard, Steven, and Mark. Don Gummer earned his education in art at the Herron School of Art, which he attended from 1964 to 1966. After that, he continued studying art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts from 1966 to 1970. He finally finished his art education at the Yale School of Art, receiving both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters of Fine Arts degrees. He primarily studied with David von Schlegell, another prominent American artist and sculptor. Don Gummer is currently married to Meryl Streep. Prior to his marriage to Meryl, he was briefly married to Peggy Lucas in the early 1970s. They were divorced after only a few years of marriage. Meryl Streep lived with John Cazale before marrying Don Gummer. He passed away from lung cancer in 1978. Meryl has admitted that losing her first love to cancer is something she has never truly gotten over. Don Gummer and Meryl Streep have four children together. Their son Henry Wolfe is a musician, their daughter Louisa is a model, and their two other daughters, Mamie and Grace are actresses. Don Gummer and Meryl Streep are active philanthropists, donating some of their massive net worth to a variety of arts organizations and educational institutions, including Vassar College, Opus School in Harlem, and the Silver Mountain Arts Foundation.

Above can be seen Don Gummer and Meryl Streep at a younger age. Meryl looks lovely and ladylike in a beautifully embellished gold gown.

Don Gummer: Work as an artist

Don Gummer has had his art displayed in at least two dozen solo shows in museums and art galleries across the East Coast and Midwest. His first solo show was in 1973. He has also had many work exhibited in group shows. Don Gummer has been commissioned for several works, including Primary Compass in 2000, which is a site-specific outdoor permanent sculpture at the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio. He was also commissioned for a sculpture/fountain in Historic New Harmony, New Harmony, Indiana. The city of Indianapolis commissioned him to do one stainless steel and stained glass sculpture, entitled Southern Circle, which weighs about 20,000 pounds and stands 25 feet. Another piece for which he is famous is “Primary Separation”, a permanent installation at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, which was completed in 2006. Don Gummer his featured in books as well. The Lyrical Constructivist: Don Gummer Sculpture was published in 2001. Don Gummer is primarily interested in large outdoor works of art and public art.

Meryl Streep and husband Don Gummer, shown above, looking sophisticated and elegant in their evening attire. Don is a professional sculptor whose work is featured in a book called The Lyrical Constructivist: Don Gummer Sculpture.

Don Gummer: Meryl Streep and fun facts to Know

Don Gummer met Meryl Streep as a friend of her brother. After Meryl’s first love John Cazale died from cancer, she was kicked out of their Manhattan apartment. Her brother and Don showed up to help her move. It may not have been love at first sight, but it did not take long for Meryl to find new love with Don. The two have been happily married since. Don Gummer is one of Meryl Streep’s biggest supporters. She has a film coming out very soon on December 22, 2017 called The Post. You can bet he will be right be her side at the premier of The Post. Don Gummer is a Sagittarius. Don Gummer plays the role of Good Cop with the kids, leaving Meryl to handle the disciplining. Don usually accompanies Meryl Streep to the many awards ceremonies she has earned nominations for, including Golden Globe, Academy and Emmy Awards. Most recently, Meryl accepted a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globe ceremony in January 2017. Don Gummer’s net worth solo is about $10 million. His wife, Meryl Streep, has a net worth of about $90 million, making them billionaires combined.

Meryl Streep and husband Don Gummer share a moment of affection in the photograph shown above.

Don Gummer: In conclusion

Don Gummer is quite successful and an extremely talented artist in his own right. His large outdoor public works of art can be seen across the east coast and mid-west. He sure was a lucky man to have met Meryl Streep and he is a wonderful man to bring back love and happiness into her life.

Don Gummer can be credited with bringing joy back into Meryl Streep’s life after she lost her first love to lung cancer in 1978.