Dolly Parton Wiki: Singer, Net Worth, “Coat of Many Colors,” & Facts To Know

The author of “Jolene” and “I Will Always Love You,” country singer Dolly Parton is among the artists with the highest net worth.

Dolly Parton – private life

Rebecca Parton Dean maybe doesn’t ring a bell to you, but if we say, Dolly Parton, well that’s something. A famous country singer, known for her eccentric look and platinum blonde hair, has been an American rock star for decades. Parton was born and raised in Tennessee on a tobacco farm. She has eleven siblings and her childhood was not easy at all. In numerous interviews, Dolly Parton has explained how poor they were and that she just had to do something to save them. Her grandfather was a pastor in a local church, so she started performing in a church choir at the age of 7. Although she started her singing career as a child, Dolly Parton knew she could do more than local TV and radio stations. As a thirteen-year-old, she met Johnny Cash, who encouraged her to keep up, seeing her undeniable talent for music. That’s why Parton moved to Nashville, the capitol of country music shortly after finishing high school.

Parton’s love life

Parton met Carl Dean, her current partner when she was only 18 years old and released her first single “Dumb Blonde.” They have been married for 52 years, and have no children. There were rumors that Dolly Parton did not want to have kids because she wanted to focus on career, but the truth was different. Due to an allergic reaction to contraceptive pills, Parton couldn’t get pregnant. Nevertheless, she adopted her five younger siblings and raised them as her children. She is known as a great humanitarian, and she helped the education of many kids. Parton is the godmother of Miley Cyrus, and the two of them have special love for each other. Since Parton’s husband rarely appears in public, the love life of this extravagant blonde has always been the focus of media. It was said that during her career she had many lovers, like Silvester Stallone, Bert Reynolds, etc.

Dolly Parton – career and net worth

In more than 50 years of Parton’s career, she made numerous hits included among the best songs of all time. One of these is “Jolene,” which she wrote in 1973. The following year, Dolly Parton wrote a timeless hit song “I Will Always Love You,” which was brilliantly performed by Whitney Houston. This song supposed to be Parton’s duet with Elvis Presley, but it was just meant to be for Whitney. The singer’s popularity has been vigorously growing, as well as her net worth. Early in the eighties, Parton started her acting career. For the comedy “9 to 5,” she wrote the soundtrack of the same name which won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. In the following years, Parton recorded evergreen hits such as “Save The Last Dance For Me,” “Don’t Call It Love,” etc. She was acclaimed as a good actor, starring in “Steel Magnolias,” “Unlikely Angel,” in a TV musical called “A Smoky Mountain Christmas,” etc. With a minor help of a friend, Parton wrote a script for “A Smoky Mountain Christmas.” Along with country and jazz singers Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt, in 1987 Parton released the album “Trio,” which has been rewarded with Grammy Award. Confirmed as a successful collaboration, these three published “Trio II,” and “The Complete Trio Collection.” Parton, Harris, and Ronstadt are good friends in private life.

Together with Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton released the album “Once Upon A Christmas.” From that album, the song “Real Love” was singled out. Thirty years after “Once Upon A Christmas,” Parton and Rogers released another duet, “You Can’t Make Old Friends,” and their performance was nominated in two categories for Grammy Awards. Parton also appeared in numerous guest roles in “Hannah Montana,” among her god-child Miley Cyrus, “Babes,” “The Simpsons,” and numerous others. Last year, Parton published her first album for kids called “I Believe In You,” but critics were divided. Still, Parton’s charisma and her wonderful voice brought “I Believe In You” among top-selling kids albums till date. Her current net worth is estimated at $600 million.

Facts to know about this singer

– One of Parton’s first songs, “Coat of Many Colors,” speaks of her childhood and describes a hard life of her family. She wrote it when she was only 16 and has stated that this song is her favorite. – Parton is one of the richest people in the music world. She is the owner of the thematic park and waterpark Dollywood and the publishing house. Her huge net worth tells us that she’s not just another “dumb blonde.” – Dolly Parton earned the status of sex symbols in her eighth-decade thanks to numerous plastic surgeries. She doesn’t know the exact number of interventions, but she admitted that she got breasts implants several times. Parton even insured her breasts for a sum of $600,000.

“If I see something sagging, bagging or dragging, I’ll get it nipped, tucked or sucked.”

Dolly Parton about her surgeries.

Dolly Parton is a member of numerous Halls Of Fame. Also, she’s a winner of many awards and recognition for her work. Parton is definitely one of the persons who marked one period and the music scene of the 20th century with her songs, acting and appearance.