Diane Clohesy Wiki: Everything To Know About Stephen K. Bannon’s Ex Wife

Diane Clohesy is the ex wife of Stephen K. Bannon. Here is everything you need to know about Diane, including her life and her net worth.

The controversial Diane Clohesy

Donald Trump’s government has faced a lot of criticism from the mainstream media. Trump will probably not enjoy his tenure as a president as he’s never appreciated even for his little efforts. Some of the reasons President Trump faces so much negativity is because of his decisions including his appointments. Stephen K. Bannon was working for Trump as his senior counselor and White House Chief Strategist. But Bannon has not been such a “good” person before the media, and his record is not excellent. Despite all that, Bannon and Trump are great friends and even take photos. Bannon’s third ex wife is known as Diane Clohesy. Bannon was the CEO of Breitbart News and when Bannon was appointed in the government, he made people scratch their heads, since Bannon had no government experience, apart from him being the campaign chief of President Trump in August. Bannon’s ex wife, Diane Clohesy has not been left out either. Clohesy has also been attracting the media’s attention. Bannon and Clohesy are controversial and they have made headlines in recent years.

Stephen K. Bannon’s ex wife was a model

Diane Clohesy, who was a model when she met Bannon, had a house in Florida. The Tea Party activist was caught in Iowa trying to vote twice for Trump and when she was asked by Iowa Public Radio why she did so, Clohesy simply said that the polls were already rigged. But when the authorities went to Bannon’s ex wife, Clohesy’s home, which had been rented by Bannon, they found that it had already been vacated. According to the Guardian, the house had been rented by Bannon for his ex wife, Clohesy from 2013 to 2015.

She assaulted a cabin crew

Diane Clohesy, who contested for the Rose of Tralee as a model, is prohibited from flying with Aer Lingus. It all happened in 2002 when Bannon’s ex wife, Clohesy was at the age of 32. Clohesy assaulted a cabin crew after she was ordered not to take alcohol on board in December 2002. Clohesy was fined $1,000 for assault, and $800 for damages. People think that Clohesy has that attitude because she rose to a high position of power. Being the wife and the ex wife of Bannon, Clohesy had her struggles since she came to America from Ireland in 1990. Clohesy was a student at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology before she rose to stardom and dated Bannon. Bannon’s ex wife still wears the same attitude while representing the Tea Party.

Clohesy’s ex husband was afraid because of her

Diana Clohesy was the third wife of Mr. Bannon and she made Bannon to be known as the most dangerous political operative in the history of America. Bannon remained with that status until he divorced Clohesy in 2009. Celia Homan described Ms. Clohesy as a striking young lady with outstanding personalities, but it looks like the status changed into a woman with so much controversy following her. Before Clohesy was married to Bannon, she was pretty and attractive, according to Celia, but Clohesy did not have the required height to become a successful model and after she moved to States, Celia didn’t hear of her again. Even though Clohesy is Bannon’s ex wife, they still possess an amicable relationship. Bannon has been very supportive. Clohesy has been working for as a social manager of Breitbart News.

Clohesy attempted to smuggle marijuana

Bannon’ connection to Florida is stranger than his voter’s registration issues. In 2013, Bannon’s ex wife, Clohesy was caught when she was about to smuggle marijuana and a phone to a suspected burglar who was behind bars in the Miami-Dade jail. At the time, it was Bannon who was paying Clohesy’s monthly rent. The case raised new questions about the relationship between Bannon and Clohesy, and the multiple men Bannon’s ex wife Clohesy was associated with after she got divorced from Bannon in 2009. At the time, Bannon was a rising figure, but his ex wife, Clohesy was on the wrong side of the law. Clohesy was arrested for being violent and using drugs while in a condo in Miami. However, Bannon didn’t live in any of the homes he rented for her. Stephen K. Bannon and Clohesy didn’t speak about the matter or even responded to emails sent to them. But it was revealed by Clohesy’s brother that she has mental illness. Declan, Clohesy’s brother, revealed that her ex husband Mr. Bannon had been very supportive in helping Clohesy battle her substance abuse as well as her mental illness. Declan added that Bannon has been providing emotional and financial support to his sister as she fights the terrible disease.

Loud noise coming from her house

On March last year, it was revealed that Miami police received 11 calls in one year from Coconut Grove neighborhood. It’s the place where Bannon had rented a home for his ex wife, Clohesy. Apparently, Clohesy was the reason why the calls were made. The neighbors were concerned about her and were calling to report loud argument in her home. The controversy affected Bannon also and her photos made rounds on the web. The police revealed that they found her gun had been stolen from her home and she was violent. A former housemate told Miami New Times that the police reports were accurate. Another neighbor described Clohesy as crazy. Clohesy also called the police at least twice. The first time, she reported a possible break-in and the second call she reported that her revolver was stolen.

Her net worth

Diana Clohesy net worth is not known, but Bannon has a net worth of $48 million. Bannon has built his net wealth from her political role and Breitbart News. Clohesy gets financial support from Bannon.

Clohesy has had issues in the past, but if 2018 is her year, she might be healed of her mental problems and addiction. Only prayers can help at this point. Bannon’s money can’t help Clohesy get sanity, but maybe self-realization can.