Deso Dogg Wiki: Rapper, Net Worth, Death & Facts To Know

Get to know the late Deso Dogg, who was killed by the Syrian Army. He was a rapper before he joined ISIS. His net worth is not known.

Who was Deso Dogg?

Rappers are known to have a ‘gangsta’ attitude, but no one thought a rapper could go as far as becoming a jihadist and join the ISIS. Deso Dogg did it! Dogg’s real names were Denis Mamadou Gerhard and he was born in 1975. His Islamic name was Abu Talha al-Almani and he was a rapper turned Islamic State member. Dogg woke one morning, felt rap wasn’t the right thing for him, converted to Islam, and then traveled to Egypt. It’s from Egypt that Dogg connected with the jihadists and went to Syria to fight the government. That’s where he got the name Abu Talha Al-Almani which meant Abu Talha the German. Dogg made an oath with ISIL in 2014. Dogg was born in Berlin. His father was a deported to Ghana before he was born and so his mother, Sigrid Cuspert is German. He was raised in Moabit where her mother got married to an African-American officer. The officer had some ongoing conflicts with the young Dogg and the former rapper had a troubled youth, spending much of it in a juvenile detention center. He started rapping in 1995, would get involved in street beef and eventually in crime. Some of his best songs are, “3 Leben 2 Stadfe,” “Gangsta Inferno,” and “Mein Block.”

Facts about the former rapper

He adapted the name Deso Dogg in 2002

He adapted the name Deso Dogg in 2002 and began recording with a gangster rapper based in Berlin called Charnell. At the time, he was under detention for minor offenses. Dogg also served time in Tegel Prison and was in the gang known as “36 Boys” which was made of Turkish and Arab immigrants. The gang used to get into violent fights with neo-Nazi gangs. Dogg told a reporter that he always fought for the 36, bled for them and got stabbed for them. His rapping career helped him gather a considerable net worth.

The German Intelligence had known him

The German Intelligence compiled a 25-page report on Cuspert, alias Deso Dogg radicalization. According to the report, he was radicalized in in 2010 in Berlin and quickly rose up the ranks to become a popular teacher and recruiter for the ISIL, which came to be ISIS, the world’s nightmare. The findings were announced before President Obama and Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor met at the White House where they vowed to unite together and defeat the Islamists. Immediately, it was announced in the US that the government would target Cuspert.

The US announced that they had killed the rapper

In 2015, the Pentagon revealed that they killed Dogg in an airstrike in Syria. Elissa Smith, the spokeswoman of the Defense Department, said in an email that she had confirmed that Cuspert’s death. She further added that Mr. Cuspert had threatened the president and encouraged other western Muslims through social media to carry out attacks against the government. In 2016, the Pentagon spokesman, Maj. Adrian Rankine-Galloway confirmed through an email that Cuspert had survived the airstrike, even though it was successful. He admitted that their assessment was incorrect but didn’t give more details including how they learned that he was alive. The German authorities had confirmed that indeed Cuspert was still alive after he posted a video on April 2016 with a German title that translates to “To You, Enemies of Allah.”

He appeared in an ISIS video holding someone’s head

The ISIS released video of the arrival of its recruits in 2013. Dogg was in the video. In 2015, the US thought that they had killed him in an airstrike, but before their celebrations started, videos of him emerged. One of the videos showed Curspert holding a severed head. Another video showed him swearing in ISIS’s Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. From that moment it was discovered that Deso Dogg was in the inner circle.

He was on UN’s terrorist blacklist

UN had already listed Cuspert on their blacklist, and so his assets were frozen. He was banned from traveling and to do business. The US blacklist is similar to the UN and thus, no American citizen was allowed to communicate or do any business with the terrorist.

His death

In January 2018, a pro-ISIS media foundation announced Dogg’s death following some clashes that happened between the group and Syrian Democratic Forces in Gharanij. The media also posted the images of Cuspert’s bloody corpse. The only good thing that the rapper will be remembered for is touring with DMX while performing his songs, “Mein Block,” “Gangsta Inferno,” and “3 Leben 2 Stadfe.” It was such waste for such a promising rapper to get involved in crime and dying a terrorist.

His net worth is not known

Deso Dogg’s net worth is not known, but he must have made a decent net worth when he was still a rapper. When he joined the Islamic State, the UN froze all his assets, and he probably died with no net worth.

They say a kid grows up according to how the parents dictate. Dogg’s parents allowed their kid to grow up with a hard heart. It’s right to say that by taking his father back to Ghana, Germany played a role in making Dogg a criminal. He would have been a different person in the society.