David Beckham Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Victoria Beckham’s Husband

The multi-talented David Beckham is not only an international footballer but he’s also a model. Read the following facts about Victoria Beckham’s husband and the overall net worth he shares with his Spice Girl wife.

A Brief about David Beckham

David Robert Joseph Beckham was born on May 2 1975, in Leytonstone, London, England. He is a former English professional footballer with a fan following in millions. Beckham played for Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, LA Galaxy, Paris Saint-Germain and the England national team before his retirement from the sport in 2013. Beckham is also the first English player to win league titles in four countries- Spain, England, the United States and France. Beckham announced his retirement in 2013 after a 20-year long career during which he won 19 trophies. Beckham is known for his unique style of passing, bending free-kicks and crossing ability as a right winger. He was the runner up in the Ballon d’Or, twice runner-up for FIFA World Player of the Year and in 2004 he was honored by name Pelé in the FIFA 100 list of the world’s greatest living players. David Beckham was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2008. He is regarded as a British cultural icon and is also the global ambassador for the sport. He began his debut with professional football by playing with Manchester United at just 17 years of age. While playing for Manchester United, Beckham won the Premier League title six times, the UEFA Champions League and also the FA Cup in 1992. After his success with Manchester United, he played for four seasons with Real Madrid, winning the Liga championship in his final season with the Madrid. In 2007, Beckham signed a five-year contract with the Major League Soccer Club La Galaxy. At the age of 21, he made his international football debut in 1996 for England. He captained The England National Team for 6 years and earned 58 caps during his tenure. Beckham has been consistently ranked among the highest earners in the sport of football. In 2013, Beckham was the highest-paid player in the world having earned more than $50 million in just one year. David Beckham began dating his wife Victoria in 1997 and two years later the power couple tied the knot. They have four children together, sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, and daughter Harper. Victoria Beckham is none other than ‘Posh Spice’ of the Spice Girls, one of the top pop groups of the world at that time. He is also the UNICEF UK ambassador since 2005. In 2015, David Beckham launched 7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund. Beckham’s three sons have all played football in the Arsenal Academy. Like their father, Brooklyn and Romeo have both done modeling work and both have been named among GQ’s best dressed British men. Beckham suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder – OCD, which he says makes him “have everything in a straight line or everything has to be in pairs.” Victoria Beckham claims, “If you open our fridge, it’s all coordinated down either side. We’ve got three fridges – food in one, salad in another and drinks in the third. In the refrigerator that holds drinks, everything is symmetrical. If there’s three cans, he’ll throw one away because it has to be an even number.”

David Beckham’s Net Worth

Not only is David Beckham handsome, he’s also filthy rich. The overall net worth of David Beckham is $450 million.

5 Facts About Victoria Beckham’s Husband

Apart from his biography, there here is some interesting information regarding the footballer that we would like to share with you: 1. David Beckham donates his Paris Saint-Germain football salary to charity. David Beckham has played with many teams including, Manchester United, Read Madrid, England National Team, Milan, L.A. Galaxy and Paris Saint-Germain. Interestingly, he donates his entire salary which he earns from Paris Saint-Germain to charity. 2. Bend it like Beckham In 2002, a film based on his famous football skills, ‘Bend it like Beckham’ was released. He was supposed to make an appearance in the film with his wife but could not as there were scheduling conflicts. 3. A career as a cartoonist David Beckham revealed that if he were not successful as a footballer, he would have chosen a career as a cartoonist because he loves drawing cartoons. 4. He has a winery in Napa, California David Beckham surprised his wife with her own winery in Napa. The devoted couple have a passion for wines and he was more than happy to pay a significant amount for the gift to his wife, Victoria. The winery is closed to the public and only open to close friends and family. My invitation was probably lost in the mail. 5. Beckham as a successful model David Beckham and his wife became style icons and were sought after by high end brands, clothing lines, health and fitness specialists, fashion magazines, and more. There is even a men’s cologne named after the football star, called David Beckham Instinct.

David Beckham has had a very successful career, successful love life and a huge fan following. He loves to live a lavish life and splurges on his wife and children. He has 20 tattoos on his body and is eager to get more. The style icon is also the role model of many football players, worldwide. The talented footballer is densely loyal to his team Manchester United. He is loved my many and he continues to make people happy with his talent, goodness and charitable work.