Consolata Boyle Wiki: Costume Designer, Net Worth, ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’ & Facts To Know

You are about to know about the costume designer, Consolata Boyle. Below are facts about her that you need to know including her net worth.

Who is Consolata Boyle?

“Victoria & Abdul” was one of the few most watched real-events based films last year. A British biographical comedy-drama movie directed by the incredible Stephen Frears, “Victoria & Abdul” stole the heart of Queen Elizabeth herself and many viewers worldwide. It took to much work to create the film and a lot of crew members sacrificed their time and pleasure and put the best skills in the film. One of the crew members was Consolata Boyle, the costume designer. Boyle is the one who created the Indian costumes Abdul wore and of course Queen Victoria’s dress. So who is Consolata Boyle? Boyle was born in Dublin, Ireland and attended Holy Child Killiney Secondary School. Boyle then joined the University College Dublin and studied archaeology and history before she graduated in the ‘70s. All the time in the university, Boyle was involved with Dramsoc, the university society. After graduating, she joined Abbey Theatre and started training on costume design and began her career as a costume designer in the early 1980s. Moreover, Consolata Boyle is a diploma in textiles holder from Dublin University for Creative Arts. The Irish costume designer is based on Dublin, and she has collaborated with English director Stephen Frears on numerous movies. Boyle has been nominated many times and won some awards. However, the most prestigious nominations she has had are Oscar nominations for films like “The Queen”, “Florence Foster Jenkins” and the 2017 film, “Victoria & Abdul” which she is nominated for an Oscar 2018. Oher films that Boyle has worked for are “Philomena”, “Endgame”, and “The Iron Lady” and built her net worth.

Victoria & Abdul making its way to Oscar 2018

The relationship between Queen Victoria who reigned for 63 years, and her handsome attendant Abdul Karim, an Indian by birth looked so controversial and scandalous by the queen’s family that after her death the family cleared all traits and records of Karim being part of the royal family. Edward, the son of Victoria, ordered that every letter of the two found in the palace to be burned. They even evicted Karim from the home the queen had given him and deported him back to India. Such a great story being brought to its listeners in the form of a movie was a good thing, and it wasn’t a surprise to see it being nominated for the Golden Globe last year and scooping an award and also being nominated for an Oscar 2018, which it might scoop an award from as well. Part of what made the story more beautiful was the costumes, thanks to Boyle, the talented costume designer from Ireland.

Boyle is never supervised doing her work

Consolata Boyle is known for her eccentric, quirky and bizarre creations and Stephen even said that she never bothered her because he was assured she was creating something dazzling. Boyle was tasked with bringing the Victoria-era England before the camera in a way that the viewers would feel like the Britons of that time. On a tight budget and ten weeks only to finish the project, Boyle started creating the intricate and historically inspired garments that would also pay tribute Queen Victoria’s legacy while also considering her overall craft on the basis of respectful duty and visionary progression. It wasn’t a walk in the park for her and to create such amazing costumes required all her best.

Interesting facts about costume designer, Boyle

Victoria, Abdul’s intimacy influenced Boyle’s designs

There were some images of Abdul in Queen Victoria’s bedroom according to Boyle, and she felt like they were absolutely extraordinary. Boyle said that all of that was part of what she weaved and created from imagination. Boyle also saw some of the letters the queen wrote to the servant and signed them as ‘my beloved son.’ It was a very deep friendship, and surprisingly, it played a big part in the texture Boyle was doing.

Boyle doesn’t know whether Victoria and Abdul were lovers

And not Boyle alone, but the rest of the world too! Victoria went with that secret to her grave and so did Abdul. Boyle described Victoria a very sensual person who deeply loved King Albert and after he died, she was left devastated. Boyle also stated that the only thing known about Victoria was that she was very loving and it was the only thing important about her. For that reason, Boyle believed that Victoria’s love for Abdul was questionable in her family’s eyes, but it was hard to tell about them towards the end of her life. Her children caused her so much pain and Abdul was always there to comfort her. Thus, their friendship was intimate.

She enjoyed working with Indian fabrics

Boyle stated that she enjoyed creating Abdul’s costumes, especially the pajama trousers that looked so Indian. One of the first areas Boyle studied in is historical fabric, and she had always been fascinated by the fabrics from subcontinents like India. Boyle said that the garments’ shapes were simple but beautiful and she loved them.

Boyle’s net worth

Consolata Boyle’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Boyle has made all her net worth from designing costumes for the characters in films like, “Florence Foster Jenkins”, “The Iron Lady”, “Philomena”, “Endgame”, and “Victoria and Abdul” among others.

Many fans of Consolata Boyle are looking forward to her winning, especially the Irish people who are proud that one of her own was nominated for an Oscar 2018. Hopefully, Boyle will take the award home.