Cole Sprouse tweets ill about the new poster of season 2 ‘Riverdale’-Know about his amazing and amusing relation with his twin brother Dylan Sprouse!

Cole Sprouse

Season 2 of ‘Riverdale’ will premiere on 12th October 2017 on Netflix. The new trailer and poster for this series have been recently released. It has a chilling look and looks like the new season will have characters with darker shades.

The team who launched the poster might have expected some good reactions from its fans and audience. But they definitely did not expect some negative remarks coming from its own cast members. Cole Sprouse who portrays the character of Jughead Jones in this series surprised the Riverdale team with his unappreciative tweet.

He was not happy or excited about the new look poster. After the poster was out, Cole Sprouse tweeted:

“I’m willing to help finance the necessary photoshop lessons for whoever keeps making these. hmu.”

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Cole Sprouse is a photographer himself who has also taken professional pictures of Kendall Jenner. This could be the possible reason for him having posted his opinion on his Twitter handle. Of course, such a candid remark did not go well with the ‘Riverdale’ team. They might have expressed their dislike of his post.

Hence the tweet was soon after deleted. Cole Sprouse had, however, not clarified on what he did not like in the poster. But having removed the tweet implies that he might have apologized and tried to pacify the angered teammates.

The Sprouse twin’s prank relation

American actor Cole Sprouse has been used to playing online pranks and passing comments since his childhood. He and his twin brother Dylan have been into this sort of an online activity for a very long time. The witty twin brothers used to play pranks, make jabs, and tease one another on the internet.

They quite often used to troll one another online. After the graduation, Dylan had taken some time off from acting and opened a business in Brooklyn leading a quiet and low-profile life there. He had stopped his online postings as well. His last Instagram post was in June 2016 when he had posted some online drawings.

Cole Sprouse(Source: Nerdist)

Cole has already come back with acting in season two of ‘Riverdale’ and it is learned that Dylan is also joining an indie film. Hence Dylan is back to the social media. He restarted this with the same-old trolling of his twin brother on the internet.

Dylan posted a picture of the twins on his Instagram on 22nd August 2017. This picture was a throwback photo of the twins when they were maybe 6-7 years old. In it, the twins are on the red carpet and Dylan can be seen appearing to choke Cole. Cole seems unaffected and has no expression of fear or anger on his face. Dylan captioned this lovely photo as:

“Shoulda finished the job.”

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Sprouse’s previous trolling tweets

In June 2016, the brothers were at it again. Cole had tweeted about a picture of the two:

“@dylansprouse, bro you look like a drunk older man on vacation trying to pick up young chicks at the bar.”

Dylan retorted:

“You look like the young chick at the bar,” 

The twin brothers do have a rather funny and close relation between them. We are happy for both of them and wish that they continue to live happily and harbor a healthy bonding between them.

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Recently, Cole was back at pranking and marking people laugh. He uploaded a picture of young Ellen with the caption “R.I.P. Kurt Cobain.”

Another Twitter user also cracked a joke in the expense of Dylan Sprouse: