Chuck Schumer Wiki: Everything To Know About The Senator Of New York

Get to know more about New York’s senator, Chuck Schumer. Below are some interesting facts about the Senate Minority Leader, including his net worth.

Chuck Schumer: New York Senator

Chuck Schumer is one of the most popular politicians in the US coming from the Democratic Party, which is the opposition party. Schumer has been a senior United States Senator since 1998 and was voted again in 2017. Currently, Schumer is the Senate Minority Leader. Before joining the Senate race, he was a member of the House of Representatives from 1981 to 1999. Schumer has his own achievements as a senator and the Minority Leader. Chuck Schumer has locked horns with president Trump on numerous occasions especially after the shutdown. Chuck Schumer, who is aged 59, was born in Brooklyn and his father was known as Abraham Schumer while his mother is called Selma Schumer. Schumer’s father had an exterminator business while his mother was a homemaker. The Schumers were all Jewish and Schumer has a cousin, actress Amy Schumer. His forefathers originated from Chortkiv, Galicia. Chuck Schumer was raised in Brooklyn and studied in the public schools located in the area. He graduated from James Madison High School. Schumer then joined Harvard College where he became interested in politics and campaigned for Eugene McCarthy in 1968. Shortly after completing his undergraduate degree, he went to Harvard Law School where he earned his Juris Doctor with honors. However, he chose to concentrate on politics rather than become a lawyer.

Intriguing facts about Senator Chuck Schumer

He named Bernie Sanders for leadership team in late 2016

Schumer stated that it was essential to change the rigged system and one of his first steps as the Minority Leader of the Democratic Party was to promote independent Sen. Bernie Sanders to join what he described as the leadership team that would address things like income equality, the Wall Street, and other special interests. In a press briefing, Schumer said that they had heard the American people loud and clear after he was elected to office again. The people had felt that the government wasn’t working to help them and felt that the economy was rigged against them in many occasions and that the government had interests in big money and also had special interests.

He is not as wealthy as most senators

Schumer has been in politics for a very long time. Chuck was first elected to office in 1974 and he has been elected several times until today. In short, he has never been in the political cold since he became a politician. However, some senators came after him but have a net worth of over $1 million. One particular senator who got to the office after Schumer is John McCain. McCain has a net worth of over $17 million. Schumer had $700,000 in his bank account by 2014. Maybe it has increased, and it still surprises people, but there are many millionaires roaming the Capitol Hill’s halls.

He has authored his own book

Chuck Schumer has his own book titled, “Positively American: Winning back the Middle-Class Majority One family at a Time.” The book was published in 2007. One of the lines in the book stated that the senate-house talked about the middle class but never listened to them. Worse of it all, they imagined and concluded that the middle class liked what they had to say. To their surprise in 2004 elections, the middle class became a runaway bride as the Democrats were left stranded at the altar. The book is one of the income generators making his net worth.

Schumer was a victim of false harassment accusations

The politician told Capitol Police that he was a victim of fake news hit and as proof, he provided the forged documents with the details of his sexual harassment complaints that were allegedly made against him by his former staffer. However, the former staffer denied that she had sued the senator and stated that she had parted with Schumer’s office on good terms. She said that the claims in the document were completely false, her signature was forged and even the basic facts about her were all wrong. She also said that she contacted the police to find out who was responsible. The document had some obvious errors including a fake date. There were two dates that the document stated that Schumer was in Washington when the actual truth was he was in France at the time. Major news outlets also noted that the document had a couple of red flags.

His cousin, Amy Schumer came to his defense

Chuck Schumer and President Trump, aged 71, don’t share opinions, especially when it came to the government shutdown. Trump called Amy’s cousin “Fake Tears Chuck Schumer” on Twitter, and she screenshot the tweet then posted it on Instagram with a caption comment questioning the focus of Trump. Amy also shared her opinion concerning the immigration ban and urged her followers to fight together and call the Congress and the Senate to help the country overcome the situation Trump has put it in.

Schumer net worth

By 2017, Schumer had a net worth of $800,000. By now he probably has a net worth of around $900,000.

Chuck Schumer is not the only senator who doesn’t like Donald Trump. Most people have been rubbed the wrong way by the president and Trump might make history as one of the most disliked presidents. Nevertheless, Schumer has the mandate of representing his people and the whole country.