Christopher Guest Wiki: Everything To Know About Jamie Lee Curtis’s Husband

Christopher Guest is the husband of Jamie Lee Curtis. He is an actor-musician. Here are facts about him that you perhaps don’t know, including his net worth.

Who is Christopher Guest?

Christopher Guest is one of the most popular celebrities who have been in the industry for decades now. Guest holds both American and British nationalities. Guest is also known as Baron Haden-Guest, but he prefers his stage name, Christopher Guest. The star is a jack of all trades as far as the entertainment industry is concerned. Guest is an actor, comedian, musician, director, composer, and a screenwriter. He’s the husband of Jamie Lee Curtis. Curtis is an actress and an author. Guest is known for his appearances and other roles in movies like “Best in Show”, “Waiting for Guffman”, “This is Spinal Tap”, “A Mighty Wind”, “Mascots” and many others. The 69-year-old Christopher was born in New York, and he was fathered by Peter Haden-Guest. His mother is known as Jean Pauline Hindes. Guest’s father was a British UN diplomat while his mother was employed by CBS as vice president of casting. Guest’s comes from a mixture of Dutch and Jewish lineages. His parents were atheists, and so Guest has no religious upbringing. Christopher Guest spent parts of his childhood with his father in the UK before coming to New York City where he joined The High School of Music & Art. He then developed an interest in classical music and joined Stockbridge School in Massachusetts. Guest then got interested in country music, formed a band with Arlo Guthrie, and then later began performing with bluegrass bands. He also attended New York University where he studied acting.

Facts about Jamie Lee Curtis’ husband

He and Curtis don’t talk about their marriage

Neither Guest nor Curtis talks about their relationship when asked by the press. When Guest was asked by an interviewer about his relationship with his wife and adopted children, he cut her short and stated that he doesn’t talk about family. Guest further explained that in case he met a friend in Boston and he asked him how he felt waking up with Jamie Lee Curtis, he would tell him that well, they have been married for years now, have kids already and their life is not bizarre. They just go home, wear sweatpants and when the baby takes a dump, they change the diapers like anybody else.

His movie mascots didn’t have a script

Guest told US Today that the movie didn’t have a script. Mascots had an outline, and it took longer to work on it more than a standard screenplay. Guest explained that what was required is the history of the character and every actor had to master the history of the character they would depict. The back history of the character details everything about their lives from where they went to school, how they behaved and who they grew up to be or what they were up to. The outline also provided the details as well as what happened in each particular scene.

Guest is funny and kind

Guest doesn’t talk much, but he can still make you laugh by making some crazy expressions. There was an instance when he was in a function. At dinner time, he wanted to make the people around his table to laugh without saying a word. He started moaning. They tried to hold their laughter, but some could no longer hold their breath. Guest is also a very kind person, an exceptional one actually. If he cuts out an actor or actress from his movies, he sends him or her a letter as a way of being open. The letters are usually handwritten, and he sends them regardless of how tiny the part he cut was. Guest respects the process and so he does it so lovingly.

Guest watches TV shows sometimes

It doesn’t have to be comedy mostly, but Guests finds some time to watch the TV. He mostly watches things that aren’t so funny like documentaries and music whenever he is not doing a movie. Curtis and her husband, Guest watched the entire “The Night Of” TV show on HBO and Christopher Guest said that it wasn’t a comedy to him. Another TV show that they watched was “House of Cards.” Guest stated that according to what he watches, he is not usually drawn to the funny material and he hardly reads the funny material.

He has directed movies, starred in some, produced others

Curtis’s husband said that people expected him to be funny all the time. He only becomes funny when the camera is rolling and not even Jamie Lee Curtis finds him funny when he is off the camera. People think that Guest is hilarious from what he says but according to him, his jokes are not him in real life but what he does to make ends meet. Some of the movies that Curtis’s husband appears on are “A Mighty Wind”, “This is Spinal Tap”, “Best in Show” and “Waiting for Guffman”. Some of these movies he did more than acting by being part of the crew directing or producing.

His net worth

The actor has a net worth of $30 million which he has made from his entertainment career. His wife, Curtis, has a net worth of $35 million. Curtis has landed major roles in films and her books are selling quite well.

Guest has another responsibility after acting. He’s the fifth Baron Haden-Guest of Essex County and took over father his father passed on. Therefore, when you see him perform, know that you are being entertained by a hereditary peer.