Christine Taylor Wiki: Actress, Net Worth, ‘Zoolander’ & Facts To Know

You are about to know more about Christine Taylor a movie actress.Below are some of the facts you should know and her net worth.

Christine Taylor: Television show and movie actress

There are many movie actors and actress in Hollywood, America. But each one of them has a different story since they have come from different paths, but all of them end up being great people and setting up new records every time they cast in television shows and movies. Christine Taylor is one of the best American movie actresses whose story is fascinating. Taylor is one of the actresses that started their career on TV shows and later acted movies which are so hilarious you can`t help watching them with a stone face. Taylor is so amazing since she acts all kind of movies from comic to horror movies. All men wish that they would date such a woman, while the ladies desire to be like her. The 46-year-old Christine Joan Taylor is an actress who was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She was raised up in Wescosville. Taylor is a movie actress well known for “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story,” “The Brady Bunch,” “Zoolander”,”Zoolander 2″, and “The Wedding Singer” which are the movies that greatly raised her net worth. Taylor started her career in 1989 on Nickelodeon children`s television series “Hey Dude” as well as Melody Hanson. In 1996 Taylor played the racist school bully Laura Lizzie in the horror film “The Craft” and also played as Drew Barrymore`s cousin, Holly Sullivan in the comedy, “The Wedding Singer.” Taylor later starred in “Zoolander” together with her husband. The couple like to update their pics often on Instagram.

Taylor separated from her husband after 17 years

Christine Taylor separated with her husband Ben Stiller who is also an actor in Hollywood. They have often starred alongside one another for 18 years since they got married in May 2000 in Hawaii. They had two children, Ella and Quinlin who are 15 and 11 years old respectively who both made cameo appearances in “Megamind,” an animated film. This couple is so unique and has a tremendous love for each other since they openly decided to separate for good after coupling for 18 years. They have agreed to remain as devoted parents but close friends because they will still raise their children together.

Taylor reunites with Ben Stiller for a charity match

We might term this as a grudge match since the two separated couples who were once lovebirds are now coming together again without either one intention of it. They were forced to come face to face with a promo video recently released. Ben reprises his role as the obnoxious white Goodman and Taylor play as Kate, a girlfriend of his rival, Vince Vaughn`s Pete LaFleur. Initially, Kate`s lawyer is assigned to help Goodman`s acquisition of Pete`s failing gym but his repulsive tries to seduce her and see her switch sides to the ragtag average joe`s.

Facts to know about Christine Taylor

It`s been 18 years since Taylor was married

It`s so abnormal for such an issue since how can you stay with a person for that long and then just publicize that you want to separate with her yet during marriage you all sworn that only death will separate you. This couple has starred together since they film together in the television show, “Heat Vision And Jack” in the late 90s. They wedded in 2001 in an oceanfront ceremony in Kauai, Hawaii. This couple got along so fast in about 7-8 months I guess it was due to their careers which brought them together so easily. Their love grew up so quickly they just felt that this love thing is getting sweet and now they decided to take it to another level.

Taylor`s career began as early as in the 80s

Taylor started her career in 1989 with a role Nickelodeon`s “Hey Dude.” She later played a role of lifeguard Melody Hanson. Taylor also took part in Blossom and Saved By the Bell in the next couple of years. In the 90s Taylor made some guest appearances in shows.

The couple went vegan some years back

Some years back Taylor and her husband decided to go vegan by embracing a healthy lifestyle. However, it took a bit of convincing when the couple tried to get their kids involved in clean eating. Taylor end Ben switched to a plant-based diet they sacrificed a lot to ensure that they obtain a healthy lifestyle overall. Taylor seemed happy with the progress but on the other side their kids had a hard time, and it was a tricky experience. Taylor says that it has greatly changed her energy level and sometimes she doesn`t realize until someone tells her that her skin looks fantastic. Taylor later became the face of Nourish which is an organic beauty line. Taylor also states that when she had her kids, she started to be keener on the type of food they eat. Taylor insisted on eating organic food and lotions which had no chemical

Christine Taylor`s net worth

Taylor`s net worth is $10 million while Ben`s net worth is $800 million. They have made their net worth from their movies, “Dodgeball,” “Tropic Thunder,” “The Brady Bunch,” “Zoolander” and “Zoolander 2”.

Christine Taylor has won her place in the entertainment industry, and her fans can’t get enough of her. The actress takes to Instagram almost every day to post a pics of herself and amuse her followers.