Christian Collins and his family of YouTubers! Learn about his career, crazy videos, music, and relationships!

Christian Collins

Christian Collins, the YouTube and Instagram star, was born on 18 April 1996 in Calgary, Canada. This 21-years-old internet personality gained fame when he started uploading videos on his Vine and his YouTube channel called weeklyChris in 2010. Christian has three siblings named Kirsten Collins, Karisma Collins and Crawford Collins and all of them are also YouTube and internet stars like Christian.

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The eldest sister is Kirsten Collins and she is additionally an amazing pop singer. His father is John Collins and his mother is called Stacey Collins.

His upbringing was done in Canada. Christian Collins was just 11 years old when he started filming with his video camera. There is no information about Christian Collins’ school of attendance and his college or university which he studied in.

Christian Collins’ career and its progress

Christian Collins registered for a YouTube channel and a Vine account in 2010. He then started posting short videos on Vine and also onto his YouTube channel which he named as weeklychris. His videos were the comedy, sketches, prank videos, challenge videos, and also song covers. His hot videos also went viral and his channel gained popularity. Christian Collins had spoken once about the first few videos that he had created and uploaded. He said:

“I’m kind of a social media baby; I literally grew up making social media videos starting at the age of nine-years-old. I remember starting out as a passion and not really expecting anyone to watch my stuff. I just did it because I enjoyed making videos. Then, I think it was one of my covers that took off more than anything and people started watching me. It was an unexpected surprise for sure. My passion is creating content, but it’s such an amazing thing when other people enjoy the content that you’re working on; it’s definitely fulfilling.”

Source: Clevver (Christian Collins)

He is also fond of music and like his eldest sister Kirsten does a number of songs as well. Christian has in collaboration with his sister Kirsten released singles ‘Don’t Let Go’ and ‘One’. He also posted a cover version of the famous song called ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ had more than 7 million views. He has an enormous fan following and his Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are also heavily subscribed. His former Vine account also had a huge fan following until the time that the app was closed.

In 2015, Christian braved and went all the way to Hawaii to do a 2-second shot of him flying in a helicopter over the volcano during a hurricane. This crazy thought and video speak of his guts. He had said:

“I flew to Hawaii and went on a helicopter and took the doors off of it. I was on it while there was a hurricane going on. I flew over a volcano with no doors during the hurricane warning to get a 2-second shot (laughs). It was a cool experience and I was trying to hold onto my phone and everything because the wind was blowing like crazy. It was a lot more intense than I expected. It was raining and everything, but we got the shot.”

Source: Clevver (Christian Collins)

Talking about his genre of music he creates, Christian Collins had said in 2015:

“I kind of go into the studio and freestyle melodies, and whatever naturally comes out, comes out. It’s kind of hard to say which genre or style. I think somewhere between R&B, pop and urban, so a mix of a few genres.”

At this interview published on Clevver, Christian Collins had also talked in detail about his video-making and editing process. He had admitted that he does take a longer time to get out his videos since he is a perfectionist and wants all his videos to have that perfect look. We quote him:

“Longer than it should, I think. I’m a crazy perfectionist and will re-edit a video about five times. I go through all the clips and everything and spend probably too long on it. I should work on getting that shorter.”

He had also posted his video of lip piercing and talking about that experience, Christian Collins had said:

“It wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be! It was kind of a last minute choice, and it’s interesting how everyone responded to it.”

Christian also disclosed that his lemon challenge, hot pepper challenge, and War Head challenge were more painful than the lip-piercing exercise. He had said:

“Yeah, me and Crawford (Collins) did the lemon one a while ago and our stomachs were just killing us after. I don’t recommend it at all.”

The famous American Idol Judge Randy Jackson in 2016 has confirmed that he is going to launch Christian Collins. A management deal has been signed and the results of this deal would be impressive.

Christian Collins’ love life

Christian Collins has not spoken on his love life. He prefers to keep it under wraps and has made no official announcements on it. He is not married and has no wife or children. But it is rumored that he is dating a girl called Courtney. There are no details revealed about this girlfriend and one is not aware of any of his past relationships. He prefers people to notice his videos more than peep into his personal life.

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