Charlotte Flair’s Wiki: Everything To Know About This ‘WWE’ Wrestler

Charlotte Flair is one of the most popular female stars in WWE. Get to know her net worth and everything else about this WWE wrestler from below.

Charlotte Flair – the wrestler in a nutshell

Charlotte Flair is a famous American professional wrestler. She is currently signed to WWE where she performs on the ‘SmackDown’ brand under the ring name of Charlotte Flair. Flair is the one time winner of WWE Divas Champions. Charlotte Flair’s birth name was Ashley Elizabeth Flatiron. She was born in 1986 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Flair joined the Providence High School. She captained the volleyball championship team. Later on, Flair joined the Appalachian State University where she furthered her education and later took a transfer to North Carolina State University. Flair became a wrestler and a personal trainer and also completed her Bachelor of Science in public relations from the North Carolina State University. Flair was just 13 when she made her first appearance in professional wrestling in World Championship Wrestling with her father. WWE signed a development contract with her and she was assigned to NXT and their development territory. Charlotte Flair adapted a ring and her first televised match was in the year 2013. Charlotte Flair made their debut on the main roster along with Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch after a revolution was called by the Stephanie McMahon in the WWE Divas division. Flair began displaying her villainous traits after defeated Becky in spite of her leg injury. After the WrestleMania 33, Flair took part in a fatal four elimination match in which Charlotte Flair was eliminated by Bayley. Charlotte Flair was once arrested in 2008 near Chapel Hill for fighting with a police officer. The fight involved her then-boyfriend and her father. After an emotional appeal made by her, her sentence was lessened to 45 days in jail. She also had to pay a fine of $200. In 2010, Charlotte Flair married Riki Johnson and then re-married in the year 2013 to Thomas Latimer. Thomas Latimer, her second husband was better known by his ring name, Bram. But again, Flair and Bram divorced later on. Flair has multiple tattoos all over her body. She has a tattoo of two hearts above her waistline and a also a quote of the Bible on the left side of her torso. She has these tattoos as a remembrance of her brother Reid who died. Her nude photos were once leaked online as someone hacked her phone and put nude selfies on the internet. She came out on twitter to reveal that private photos of hers from her phone were hacked and leaked online. She has her own Instagram page as Charlottewwe where she uploads her latest pics. She has many followers and fans on her Instagram page.

Net worth

Charlotte Flair, the American professional wrestler gets a salary of $30,000 per episode and has a net worth of more than $1 million. The 31-year-old Flair is 5 feet 10 inches tall and has black colored eyes.

Some amazing facts about the wrestler

There are some amazing facts about the wrestler worth knowing: * Charlotte Flair used to be a gymnast while in school. Her gymnast training explains her perseverance and stamina in the ring. She also grew up with a famous wrestler dad who trained her right from a very young age. * Flair was the captain of her school volleyball team from 2004 to 2005. * The ‘SmackDown’ star was named Rookie of the year after spending only one year at the WWE Performance Center in 2014.
* She had the dream of being in the Wrestle Mania after growing up watching her dad wrestle most of her life. She has been in the Wrestle Mania thrice until now.
* Her dad, Ric Flair was earlier married in the year 1971. Charlotte Flair has a half-brother and a half-sister from his dad’s earlier marriage.
* Charlotte was first married to Riki Johnson in 2010 whom she divorced and then she later married Thomas Latimer in 2013 whom she divorced in 2015. * Before Charlotte was signed to the WWE, she was a personal trainer which helped her stay healthy and fit even as she transitioned to the WWE.
* Charlotte Flair has a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Relations degree from North Carolina State University which just shows just how educated she is. * When Flair joined the WWE, she has received no formal training but she proved her capabilities in the field and is now considered as the generation’s best female wrestlers.
* Her brother, Reid, passed away in 2011 due to an accidental overdose. Flair was very close to her brother and the incident has caused her a lot of grief. She does not speak much about her brother.
* Once for ‘Show and Tell’ in her school, Flair actually brought macho man – Randy Savage to her school.
* When she was being signed to the WWE, the federation changed her name from Ashley to Charlotte to pay homage to her hometown of Charlotte in North Carolina. Her father also hails from there.
* Charlotte once admitted in an interview that she seldom saw her father in her childhood as he was mostly out on the road with WWE.