Chandler Riggs Wiki: TV Show, Net Worth, ‘The Walking Dead’ & Facts To Know

He is young and talented. He is Chandler Riggs, the TV show actor, and Carl, in ‘The Walking Dead.’ Here is his net worth and facts to know about him.

Chandler Riggs, The TV Show Actor And His Net Worth

The millions of fans of the AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’, of which you might be one, would probably have been wondering who the Carl Grimes of that horror TV show is. Well, he is an Atlanta-born American youngster, whose off-screen name is Chandler Riggs. Chandler Riggs is the son of William Riggs (father) and Gina Ann (mother) who is the daughter of Carlton. He is the first boy out of two given birth to by his parents. The second son goes by the name Grayson. Chandler Riggs is only 19 years old having been given birth to on June 27, 1999, in Atlanta, Georgia. He began his acting career at the age of 6 and got his first lead role in a TV Show when he was only 10 years old. From 2006 to date, this American teenage actor has featured in 6 movies and 3 TV Shows. The films where Chandler Riggs has played one role or the other are Jesus H. Zombie (2006), Get Low (2009), The Wronged Man (2010), Terminus (2011). The rest includes Mercy (2014) and Keep Watching which was released in 2017. Keep Watching happens to be the most recent of the movies that Chandler Riggs featured in. He was the George Bruckner in Mercy, a 2014 American supernatural movie directed Peter Cornwell. The TV Shows where Chandler Riggs has acted include ‘The Walking Dead’ (this aired between 2010 and 2018), ‘Talking Dead’ (2015 to date), and Robot Chicken where he played the voice role of Carl Grimes. Of all the various movies and TV Shows, The Walking Dead aired by AMC is the work that brought this young actor into the limelight. Though by far the youngest among the cast for the series, his sterling performance cannot be brushed aside. Other works that remind people of this youngster include “Keep Watching” and “Jesus H. Zombie.” Many opinions holders have projected a bright future for this young but bright actor going by the way he played out the role assigned to him in The Walking Dead. His role in the said movie is mainly to battle zombies as a survivor. Riggs has a Facebook and Instagram account through which he relates to many of his fans. He is so much into social media that he has an official Facebook page for himself; a Facebook accounts for his fans and dad. The same goes for Instagram. You can search for him on Facebook and Instagram by entering his name. When a young boy like Chandler Riggs has gotten as much fame and wealth as he has; surely, there must be a lot of gist about him that is worth knowing. Just relax as we get through everything you may wish to know about Chandler Riggs, The Walking Dead’s Carl Grimes.

Awards For Chandler Riggs, The TV Show Actor

All for his sterling performances in The Walking Dead series, Chandler Riggs has been nominated by three award-giving bodies a record of 9 times from 2012 to date. The Facebook and Instagram pages of this actor contain pictures taken from some of these awards. Chandler Riggs was the recipient of the Satellite Award for the Best Cast in Television Series in 2012 and in 2013; he also received the Saturn Award for the Best Performance by a Younger Actor in a Television Series. His only Young Artist Award to date came in 2014 when he was awarded the Best Performance in a TV Series – Leading Young Actor category. From 2015 to 2018, Chandler Riggs was nominated consecutively for the Young Artist Award for the Best Performance by a Younger Actor in a Television Series. However, in those four years, Chandler Riggs was only able to win the award once and that was in 2016. It is possible he may clinch the 2018 edition as the winner is yet to be announced. There can be little or no doubt as to whether ‘The Mercy’ and ‘Get Low’ young actor deserves those awards because his performance speaks loudly for him especially in the hit TV show, The Walking Dead. One can only project a more award-filled career for this talented teenage actor if he continues to horn his skills and give his best.

Chandler Riggs’ TV Show And Net Worth

No doubts, one of the things you would want to know about this young man is his net worth. Being a young man that he is, and having performed so brilliantly by appearing in 8 episodes of this hit show, you aren’t prying too much if you wish to know what his paycheck looks like after each episode and his net worth in all. Chandler Riggs has been reported to have a net worth of $2 million. This is affirmed by popular bodies such as ScreenRant, Celebrity Net Worth, and even This net worth of Chandler Riggs stands a bit higher when compared to his other co-stars in The Walking Dead such as Michonne which is $500,000. According to, Chandler Riggs rakes in a sum of $30,000 per episode of The Walking Dead he features in. Having partaken in 7 episodes already and featuring in the 8th, it’s easy to understand why his net worth is pegged at $2 million. Although The Walking Dead actor also makes some cash from his other movie appearances such as ‘Get Low,’ ‘Keep Watching,’ ‘The Wronged Man,’ and the rest. The majority of his net worth comes from this AMC TV Show, ‘The Walking Dead.’ Chandler Riggs’ Character in The Walking Dead is dead and that means that his appearance on the show is over. However, judging by his enthusiasm, versatility, and age, one can conclude that the young American actor is just beginning to make money. His net worth would certainly be worth looking out for.

Chander Riggs: The Wronged Man

The Wronged Man is an LMN movie which is supposedly based on a true life story of a man who was wrongfully accused of rape and as such, imprisoned. As the story goes, a woman working as a paralegal or better put, secretary, got to know from her boss that the conviction was an injustice as the man didn’t commit the crime. There and then, that paralegal woman decided to fight the course of justice for the man with everything she has. It took a long time before the truth could be made known through the DNA technology and The Wronged Man, (Ali) was freed. The various travails that the woman who believes in justice underwent and the anguish of a man unjustly accused is the crux of the movie. Chandler Riggs was only 7 years old when he featured in ‘The Wronged Man’ as Ryan Gregory, the son of Julia Gregory who was the paralegal woman fighting for justice. Many people still find ‘The Wronged Man’ difficult to believe as a true life story. The fact that a person can be so stubborn in pursuing justice for so long a time is something many are still finding hard to believe. This movie was the last before The Walking Dead that Chandler Riggs starred in.

Know About The TV Show Actor, His Net Worth

Apart from his net worth, there are some details about Chandler Riggs’ life and career that would certainly interest you. Some of these are gotten from his personal website, social media (Facebook and Instagram) and interviews granted. These facts are here discussed.

1. Chandler Riggs, TV Show Actor, Loves Video Games

We hardly get too busy for a thing we have a great interest in. That’s very true for Chandler Riggs, the ‘Get Low’ actor. Typical of a teenager of his age, Chandler Riggs cannot miss his video games for anything. Not minding his extremely busy schedules occasioned by his acting career, he still manages to play video games. When he was much younger, he used to keep some friends with whom he plays the game. These ones had a YouTube channel where they upload a video of them playing the video games. In an interview with AMC, Chandler Riggs did not waste time in answering ‘Video games’ when he was asked what he would miss most supposing the zombie apocalypse was real and not just a TV Show. It’s easy to know what would be keeping Chandler Riggs’s company now that the character he portrays in The Walking Dead is dead. He has become so proficient in playing video games that some of his castmates who are older than him and even some of his friends may have to come for tutelage from him.

2. Chandler Riggs Can’t Attend A Death Dinner

Each time a cast member playing a character in the zombie TV Show dies, the rest of the cast members would often hold what is called a death dinner for him/her. Usually, the dinner is held at a bar. Chandler Riggs being a teenager isn’t authorized by the law of the land to attend bar parties; as such, he often had to keep off from many of the death dinners held to honor a cast member whose character has been killed in the show. This separation does not always go well with this ‘Mercy’ hero as aside from the drinking that takes place at such death dinners, other discussions that relate to the show normally takes place too which he can’t be a partaker of. Of course, you can expect Chandler Riggs to be jealous because of this. Now, that Chandler Riggs character in The Walking Dead is dead, his own death dinner had to be held at a coffee shop so he can partake of it. After all, you can’t celebrate a living person in his absence.

3. The TV Show Actor Has A Good Net Worth

Most actors rarely have the opportunity to play the zombie creatures on the screen twice in their acting career; however, Chandler Riggs’ case appears to be different. Prior to getting a role in ‘The Walking Dead,’ Chandler Riggs in 2006 had featured in a horror movie titled ‘Jesus H. Zombie.’ This was the first film where he had the privilege of playing an undead creature on the screen. So, experience and age don’t always determine everything in life. Chandler Riggs is relatively new in acting and just 19 but he’s done what many experienced and aged actors are still hoping and longing to do. As it is now, if, for whatever reason, Chandler Riggs decides to put a stop to acting, he can as well begin a school where he’d teach upcoming actors like himself how to play those strange creators on screen. And don’t be surprised at the number of people that would turn up for the training.

4. Chandler Riggs Is Productive & Has Good Net Worth

The character that Chandler Riggs played in The Walking Dead, Carl Grimes, is well able to fend for himself in the real world and has developed a number of survival mechanisms owing to his dramatic lifestyle. This is essentially Chandler Riggs’ way of life too. He can do a lot of things with his hand including building a shelter. It thus means that if in real life there’s a zombie apocalypse, this young and successful American actor can build himself a zombie-proof shelter. It’s good to know that Chandler Riggs isn’t a self-centered person anyway. He has been involved in a number of missions with his church to help build houses for the homeless and repair ceilings and roof where such may be needed. Isn’t this a great thing to love this teenage actor for? Not very many grown-ups can replace just a faulty bulb in their home let alone building a shelter and replacing a roof. This skill set that ‘The Wronged Man’ actor has is something that would be helpful as he moves on in life.

5. Chandler Riggs Went To A Public High School

Everyone knows just how demanding acting can be especially when you have become a star before completing your basic education. That was the case for Chandler Riggs. The young actor had on a number of occasions conflicts between his schedules for school and for films. To get past this hurdle, most young stars in the shoes of Chandler Riggs often opt for a distance learning course or get a home tutor. In the case of the ‘Get Low’ and ‘Mercy’ youngster, he was schooled at home when he first began his TV Show career. However, beginning from February 2013, Chandler Riggs began attending a regular public school and finished from the Etowah High School located in Woodstock, Georgia. Somehow, he managed to work out his plans so one did not affect the other. It’s normal to think that because he is a successful actor in a hit TV series, his colleagues would worship him; but this wasn’t the case. In fact, Chandler Riggs said that his friends were always there to treat him like a trash obviously to keep him humble. Details about his college choice and course are still sketchy but we can deduce based on the enthusiasm the young man has for education that he would get the best that he can in a college of his choice.

6. Actor with Good Net Worth Close To His Screen Dad

In the zombie apocalypse show, Chandler Riggs had a TV dad who goes by the name Andrew Lincoln. And as the fictitious story goes, the duo of Carl Grimes and his dad were always seen together planning and talking. Usually, it isn’t always easy determining who is close to whom in a show where cast members aren’t many. That’s because they would all be seen together most times. However, with cast members numbering up to 30 or more, it would take a discerning fan to identify bosom friends. In the case of Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs, the numerous times they both have spent together filming scenes have no doubt, deepen their ties. Andrew Lincoln is naturally a fun guy who has a great potential to make a teenager wants to stick with him all day long.

7. Michionne Is Chandler Riggs’ Favorite Character

Being the Carl Grimes of The Walking Dead, Chandler Riggs did play the role so perfectly that sometimes, it becomes hard to separate the character from the actor. It appears he loves the role so much going by the effort he puts in. Notwithstanding, Chandler Riggs isn’t going to choose his character as his most favorite; obviously, he’s known everything there is to know about him. The ‘Get Low’ and ‘Mercy’ actor would rather choose a character that fascinates him and at the same time, appears mysterious in his eyes. This character is no other but Michionne. Maybe it’s good to understand why Carl Grimes has an obsession with this character. She is always carrying around a Katana with which she slaughters zombies. The character was played by Danai Gurira. Danai Gurira has always been featuring in the series and maybe it’s not only Carl Grimes that loves her character but many fans too. However, it is good to also mention that Danai Gurira is the next cast member after Andrew Lincoln that Chandler Riggs is very close to off-screen.

8. Chandler Riggs Initial Skepticism

Well, it’s not new to exhibit some doubts at the start of an unpopular adventure. You aren’t sure if the end result would be worthwhile or not. Sometimes, as a kid, when such doubts arise in one’s mind, the next point of assurance you want to look up to is your parent. But that appears not to go the way of the ‘Get Low’ and ‘Mercy’ actor. Papa Riggs too wasn’t sure it was going to be a wise decision for his son to partake in a show basically about zombies. To him, the series may likely go the way of many other unsuccessful TV shows. Regardless, Papa did not prevent his son from partaking in the auditioning and as luck would have it, Chandler Riggs got a place as one of the cast members. Now, that the show has come out to be as successful as it is, how disastrous would it have been for Papa Riggs to have prevented his son from giving it a trial! It’s sure that today, the father is proud of his son big time. Chandler Riggs himself is surely in love with the person he has grown up to become, thanks to the risk that he took a few years ago. Maybe we may all learn to trust our guts sometimes.

9. Chandler Riggs Now Has A Gun On Set

Perhaps you’ve followed each of the seasons of The Walking Dead series and you are wondering while Carl Grimes wouldn’t just get himself a firearm to aid his survival in a world full of zombie. That wasn’t without a reason anyway. Chandler Riggs started acting in The Walking Dead when he was 10 years old. And in Georgia where the series is shot, it’s illegal for a child of less than fourteen years old to carry any firearm on set. But now that Chandler Riggs has passed that age barrier, more complicated roles that require the usage of a firearm to aid his successful navigation in a zombie-filled world. With the gun, Carl Grimes is better prepared to handle any zombie that may want to prove difficult.

10. Riggs Favorite Movie Is The Mist

Having acted in a horror drama himself, it shouldn’t be difficult to understand why Chandler Riggs would pick a horror film as his best. And more so, The Mist has a number of things in common with The Walking Dead. The Mist was released in 2007 and it is based on a novella by the renowned author Stephen King. Just in case you haven’t seen the film, here’s a bit of its context. It’s all about a small community whose members are making effort to stock up their food supplies after a catastrophic thunderstorm had taken place. Unfortunately, in the process, they found themselves facing a mist which is housing a somewhat vicious monster. So, in getting their supplies, the community had to battle the mist. Although the mist is not essentially the same as the zombie, the concept of the series Chandler Riggs acted in and this film has a lot in common. It involves a group of people battling for survival and that seems to catch the fancy of the ‘Get Low’ and ‘Mercy’ actor. It’s not impossible that if another text by Stephen King is to be adapted for a horror drama or film, Chandler Riggs might be invited as one of the cast members going by the experiences he has been able to garner from The Walking Dead.

Final Word

Chandler Riggs may be young but his achievements speak loudly of his talent and a possibly brighter future. His way to stardom came very early and he seems to be able to manage his successes. His roles in horror movies, such as Keep Watching and The Walking Dead, have portrayed him as a youngster worthy of being called upon for a feature in an upcoming horror drama. It’s heartwarming to know that this young star is actually level-headed too; no wonder many of his fans truly love to keep watching him just like the title of one of the films he has featured in. It’s on record that Chandler Riggs holds a yearly get-together with his fans. Chandler Riggs seems to enjoy using the social media too especially Instagram and Facebook. He equally has a personal website. His Instagram page is filled with lots of pictures of this youngster and his exploit in The Walking Dead. It’s actually not surprising that Riggs has gotten so many Instagram and Facebook friends because apart from being a cast in a hit show, the teenager seems to have a loving personality. His decision about college and course of study may determine the frequency of his appearance in series and movies for the next few years as it may not be easy combining acting in a major hit show with the academic demands of a college. But, just like he found a way around his high school education, one can hope that the Keep Watching boy would also find a way around his college studies too. He’s gotten a lot of fans owing to his performance in The Walking Dead and these fans want to Keep Watching him on screen.