Celebrity Mom: Which Kylie Cosmetic range are hot right now

The hype on celebrity mom and the trending Kylie Cosmetics

Who is Kylie Jenner, social instagram and net worth

Kylie Jenner source:@kyliejenner/Instagram

Let’s get personal

Kylie Jenner is the world-famous reality tv star of the E! hit series keeping up with the Kardashians. She stars alongside her mom Kris Jenner, 3 Kardashian half-sisters who we all love, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian and supermodel sister Kendal Jenner. Talk about good genes!

Kylie became one of the female icons of the current generation when she transformed into a vivacious young teen after years of complaining on the KUWTK that she would do whatever it took to change certain aspects of her body.

Kylie Jenner on Instagram

Kylie’s Instagram: @kyliejenner/Instagram

After growing out of her body and into a fine young woman, there was no stopping Kylie. She started her career as an Instagram model and was paid by companies to be an ambassador to their products on IG and who wouldn’t, I mean, she is one of the most followed people on IG garnering a following of around 120 mil followers

Kylie Cosmetics and net worth

Kylie Lipkit, source:@kyliejenner/Instagram

The youngest sibling of the overall Kardashian-Jenner family began her own lip kit line, Kylie cosmetics which has expanded to almost all beauty products seeing the teenager turn into a very successful businesswoman and her net worth multiplied immensely to around $900 million as reported by Forbes self-made billionaire women list, surpassing her sister Kim Kardashian who stands at $350 million. 

Mom Kylie

Kylie, Scott and baby Stormi, source:@kyliejenner/Instagram

A crazy, crazy fact is the fact that Kylie had already moved into her own place, which she bought using her own money and even hosted a-now-ex-boyfriend once by the time she was 18. Right now Kylie is the proud mom of a very beautiful daughter Stormi with rapper Travis Scott and the celeb mom is gushing all over IG over her road-dog.

So, while people hate on her because of course when you are so freaking famous and successful all under the age of 25 there’s a hoard of haters- Kylie is flexing on the Gram and earning millions while she does so.
It is also worth noting that this youngster has paved the way for other young people to get paid via IG by being brand ambassadors and also just posting great pics and having millions like them.

Hail the cosmetic queen, source:@kyliejenner/Instagram

Kylie Cosmetics brushes review

Silver Series Makeup Brush Collection

Kylie Cosmetics is a cosmetics company that was started by Kylie Jenner and its first product was the Kylie Lip Kit which gained fame in the beauty world. Ever since then, Kylie Cosmetics has gone on to launch other products in the beauty and make-up industry and lately have produced the Kylie cosmetics’ Silver Series brushes.

The Silver Series Makeup Brush Collection features 16 executive brushes with white fluffy hairs and actual-silver handles. The set also comes with a silver brush roll for easy, stylish and convenient storage.

Silver Series makeup brushes, source:@kyliecosmetics/Instagram

Qualities of the famed silver brush

The silver brush boasts of some of the best qualities of makeup brushes.
Kylie herself while responding to fans.  in a tweet, Jenner said that she had developed the most amazing luxury brushes ever.
The hairs are made of real hair and not synthetic which takes the performance to a whole new level. For animal lovers, don’t worry, they are cruelty free-just in case you wanted to get a brush for yourself.

The handle is made of real silver, which packs in style, luxury and comfort when holding it and let’s not forget the really stylish roll pack for easy carry of the brushes. 
The reality TV superstar assured her fans that she worked to make sure that she made fans happy

The downside

Kylie through her twitter account @kyliejenner

The Silver Series brushes would obviously be a great investment because they are high-quality brushes and are 16 of them, far more than most companies carry but Kylie still found herself in the middle of an internet outrage over the price of the brushes.

Here’s why…
To get a full set of the 16 luxury brushes, you will have to cough up a good $360  or an average of $22.5 per brush in the bundle. Kylie fans have always liked her products because on top of being of very good quality, they could always afford them.
This line feels just a little too expensive for most common folk and that’s what most of her fans are; common folk.

Kylie herself speaks out

Kylie replying to fans on her Twitter account/ @kyliejenner twitter

Her outraged fans caused such a stir on the internet that Kylie herself had to come to the rescue and talk her fans down. She tried to explain why the brushes cost as much as they did but also said that she was down to create much cheaper brushes that were of less quality in the future.
If you feel that you would like to check out the brushes, they are only retailing at the Kylie cosmetics official website.

Kylie Cosmetic lip kit reviews

The Kylie lipkit, source:@kyliecosmetics/Instagram

The Kylie lip kit is what started all this and it turned the beauty world upside down. Kylie invented a combination of liquid lipstick and a lip line of the same color that is easy to put on in one swipe and dries down to a powdery-soft matte finish to get the perfect pouty lip that is famous with Kylie.

Candy K Lip Kit

Candy K lip kit, source: Kylie Cosmetics website

This lip kit is one of the original launches by kylie Cosmetics and also one of the most famous. The lip line and matte are highly pigmented, like all Kylie products but the true selling point of this kit is that it dries down and stays on, all day. 
Fans find it really easy to put on. It stays on for long and doesn’t crack or wear, just you and your perfectly colored lips having a perfect day.

Velvet lip kit

The velvet lip kit is one of the latest products from Kylie cosmetics. compared to its forerunner, Candy K, the Velvet line is much easier and comfortable to wear and feels really good on your lips and has a creamy moist finish. It doesn’t last long though for those that prefer that so beware when buying but if  you want a lip kit that will give you that velvety feel to your lips all day, then this is the kit to try

Trending beauty products under Kylie Cosmetic

1. Kylie Concealer

Kylie Concealer/Kyliecosmetics website

Kyllie concealer comes in so many shades, it caters to the skin tone you’re rocking. It is super light and has a skin-like finish so whatever blemishes or imperfections you want to cover up, this concealer has got your back.
Try it for those who really care about their appearance and want a concealer that will give you that professionally beautiful, gorgeous skin.

2. Mary Jo lip kit

Mary Jo lip Kit/Kylie cosmetics website

The Mary Jo lip kit will just call attention to your perfectly done lips with its fiery red shade. It is the highest selling lip shade in America

3. Burgundy palette

Burgundy palette:Source//@kyliecosmetics/Instagram

This is yet another best-selling product from Kylie Cosmetics. The burgundy eyeshadow palette consists of 9 warm-toned pressed powder eyeshadows to help you create any look that you want. The Burgundy palette, like all of Kylie Cosmetics products, is highly pigmented meaning a little goes a long way.
Another advantage to getting this palette is that warm tones are perfect for any skin tone so you bet that you will put it to good use.

4. Charm velvet lip kit

The Charm Velvet is a lip kit from the Velvet lip kit collection. This lip kit is highly sought after because of its wonderfully creamy texture that is with all the velvet lip kits. It’s not a dry-down and has a nice shade that leaves you with that perfectly pouty, perfectly shaded, moistened lip that you are looking for.

Charm Velvet from @kyliecosmetics/Instagram

To get any or all of the products mentioned here, visit the Kylie Cosmetics website for more and amazing deals.


Kylie Jenner is just a 21-years-old that turned her passion into a business with nothing but an idea.  Okay, maybe a little bit of money too.  But, the company she so casually started just a few years ago to cater for beauty enthusiasts that could not afford the really expensive brands but still wanted quality has turned her into the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. And all this because of an idea. I’ll just let you think about that before
You decide what you want to do with yours.