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Where A-list stars go for facial treatments before award nights

Our skin is alive and is a very active organ. Natural processes in our body and skin lead various imperfections, as well as unpleasant skin conditions we want to treat. Therefore, regular facials, deep cleansing and anti-aging treatments are a necessity in today’s world of a hectic, polluted and stressful environment. We all wonder how celebrities have such a healthy and beautiful skin all the time. Famous actresses and actors as well seem to glow and their mesmerizing, radiant skin amazes the masses.
  The answer is: they are regularly visiting celebrity facialists. Lots of different treatments, both natural and chemical ones are at their disposition. Some of these skin salons offer user-tailored treatments designed after a thorough analysis of their skin condition. Who wouldn’t have flawless skin in that way?

Celebrity facialist in NYC where famous actors and actresses visit

1. Isabelle Bellis

Source: Intothegloss

This amazing lady has become famous for her 2-hour facial. Lots of famous actors and actresses visit her for skin-firming and pore-cleansing treatments. Skin nutrition and drain cupping are only some of the fields of her expertise. Isabelle Bellis treatments are based on holistic approach, created after years of studying of different techniques and skincare philosophies.

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2. Christine Chin

Source: Christinechin.com

Rachel Weisz and Drew Barrymore are only some of the famous actresses who rely on Christine Chin’s knowledge when it comes to their face skin pores. Her famous “Glow” facial is what supermodels and celebrities do before their big nights.

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3. Ildi Pekar

Source: yelp.fr/ Ildi Pekar Skin Care

Ildi Pekar Skin Care center earned fame after Irina Shayk and Miranda Kerr admitted that this was their favorite facialist. Her best-known face treatment which brought her fortune is the skin-plumping treatment.

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4. Georgia Louise

Source: Georgialouise

Do you want to know the secret of Jennifer Aniston’s youthful skin? It’s Louise’s skin-coddling treatments! Georgia Louise is famous for her nature-based products. She also benefits from all kinds of high-quality, cutting-edge gadgets.

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5. Ling Chan

Source: Lingskincare

Supermodels and actresses live a hectic lifestyle. However, each movie premiere or catwalk session reinforces their status of youthful, flawless miracles. How? Energizing facials are the key and Ling Chan is the favorite facialist of numerous models.

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6. Shani Darden

Source: Twitter/ @shanidarden

Shani Darden became famous for her Signature Facial. Lots of A-list stars claim that this is the only treatment that can reduce their wrinkles and make their face look radiant and young before each award night. Shani is definitely among the most popular and best facialists in Beverly Hills.

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7. Tracie Martyn

Source: www.traciemartyn.com

Tracie Martyn’s Skin Care Salon in New York became very popular among the A-list stars after she launched her Resculpting Facial. Tracie uses LED lights and combines them with electrical currents.

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Celebrity facialist in London where famous actors and actresses visit

1. Su-Man

Source: Su-man.com

Su-Man’s salon is definitely the most visited skincare address in London by celebrities. She believes in holistic skin care approach. She established a series of treatments based on Shiatsu. Her facials are always reinforced with extraordinary, unique massages. This tones the muscles and softens the skin, relaxing the whole body at the same time. One of Su-Man’s most loyal celebrity clients is Anne Hathaway.

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2. Nichola Joss

Source: Nicholajoss.com

Kate Moss is the most famous client in Nichola Joss’s skincare salon. She is best-known for her unique, sometimes even shocking (in a positive way) massage technique. She calls it the “inside-out approach”. Nichola is focused on muscle toning and skin lifting and her facials involve only the best skin products, oils, and vitamins.

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3. Abigail James

Source: Abigailjames.com

Abigail James uses extraordinary micro-needling technology to activate the muscles and revive the toning of your skin. Her salon is well-equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art devices, including radio-frequency-based ones. Collagen production stimulation is her secret to plumpness and glowing skin.

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Celebrity facialist in LA where famous actors and actresses visit

1. Chanel Jenae

Source: Instagram/ @chaneljenae

Chanel Jenae became famous after she launched her fruit-based facials. Lots of her treatments are based on herbs and natural ingredients. This is why many celebrities who don’t want aggressive, chemical-based treatments trust her. She offers more than ten different, specialized facials for different issues, such as tired skin, clogged pores, acne or wrinkles.

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2. Olga Lorencin

Source: Olgalorencinskincare

This extraordinary lady launched her Red Carpet facial and became an inevitable part of celebrities’ lives. Halle Berry is her most loyal client. Olga uses exclusively A-list ingredients in her products.

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3. Cristina Radu

Source: Cristinaradu

Cristina Radu is facialist of many supermodels and actresses, including Eva Mendes and Cindy Crawford. Her European Skincare salon offers unique facials for a soft and radiant skin. All of the products Cristina uses are produced in Europe.


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4. Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank

Source: Twitter/ @pfrankmd

Frank’s OxyLight treatment blew Hollywood the first year it came out. Dr. Jarrod Frank combines LED light and oxygen therapy, reinforced with microdermabrasion and ultrasound. The results are glowing, tightened and lifted facial structures. Find out more about Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank

Celebrity facialist in Beverly Hills where famous actors and actresses visit

1. Sonya Dakar

Source: Twitter/ @sonyadakar

Sonya Dakar’s famous Emerald treatment attracts hundreds of Hollywood actresses, actors, and famous models. The Emerald facial is based on algae Spirulina. Algae is well-known for toning and hydration abilities. This treatment nourishes the skin, providing different vitamins, including vitamin A, B complex, and vitamin E. It also feeds the skin with calcium and phosphorus. This is why skin looks radiant and youthful immediately after the Emerald facial. Find out more about Sonya Dakar

2. Francesca Paige

Source: Fpskin

Francesca Paige has her famous facial as well. It consists of three stages. She first lifts and tightens the muscles and the skin by microcurrent and galvanic treatment. Then, she uses oxygen facial combined with hyaluronic acid. Some celebrities opt for less aggressive serums instead of the acid. Francesca finishes the treatment by using LED light therapy. Hilary Duff and Mandy Moore enjoy these facials before their red-carpet nights.

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3. Dr. Suzanne Trott

Source: www.drtrott.com

Doctor Suzanne Trott also offers her services in Beverly Hills. Her most famous facial is the mind-blowing Lasergenesis. A-list stars say it actually remodels their face skin by stimulating the muscles. Dr. Trott combines this technique with exfoliation and deep hydration. This treatment rejuvenates the skin as well.

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Tips from celebrity facialists

Celebrity facialists offer top facial treatments, but these treatments often cost a fortune. We are bringing you a selection of the best tips from celebrity facialists. Some of them are so simple. You might think we are pulling your leg, but don’t forget, the key is sometimes hidden in the details. Let’s take a look at what Su-Man, Nichola Joss and Sarah Chapman suggest.

Su-Man emphasizes the importance of eating well and drinking lots of water. Furthermore, she says that letting your skin breathe is of crucial importance for a clean and youthful skin. We should have at least 10 days a month without makeup. She also points out that exfoliation is the basis of smooth skin. Nichola Joss warns of the dangers of Botox. She says that aggressive “preventive” treatments destroy your skin and make you look older. Instead, she suggests that women should clean their skin more than they do now, based on what she knows from her clients. Sarah Chapman, another celebrity facialist, says that we should stick to this routine each day: cleaning, applying serum and moisturizing our skin. We should definitely include Vitamin C to our daily skincare.



Celebrities must take care of their flawless appearance, especially on the red carpet. Clogged pores, tired skin, dull and wrinkled texture can be solved with proper facials. The crème de la crème celebrity skincare salons in Beverly Hills, LA, London and New York are run by Shani Darden, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, Dr. Suzanne Trott, Tracie Martyn, Isabelle Bellis, Christine Chin, Ildi Pekar, Georgia Louise, Ling Chan, Su-Man, Nichola Joss, Abigail James, Chanel Jenae, Olga Lorencin, Cristina Radu, Sonya Dakar, Francesca Paige and many other extraordinary facialists who developed their own products, techniques and facial treatments.However, not every woman can afford such expensive treatments. This is why celebrity facialists share some of their secrets and rules. Some of the most often ones include thorough and regular skin cleansing, using high-quality toners, eating well, drinking lots of fresh water and letting your skin breathe free of makeup at least 2 days a week. These are tips from the world’s most renowned celebrity’s facialists. They also contribute to various fashion magazines sharing their experience of how to attain natural beauty and live with celebrity styled skin tone