Catt Sadler Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About ‘E! News’ Host

You probably loved catching up with Catt Sadler when she was in E! News. Here are some facts about the TV show host including her net worth.

Catt Sadler: A professional host

If you are a frequent viewer of “E! News” and watch “E! News Weekend”, then you must be knowing Catt Sadler. She has hosted other TV shows apart from the “E! News Weekend,” one of them being “The Daily 10.” Sadler is one of the top TV hosts according to Los Angeles Times. Sadler has not only put her foot in broadcasting but the entire entertainment industry. Sadler, who is 43 now, was born in Martinsville, Indiana. She grew up there with her three brothers and two sisters. Sadler first joined the entertainment world when she was 11 by appearing in the movie, “Hoosiers.” After she graduated from Martinsville High School, Sadler went ahead to join Indiana University where she earned her degree in journalism.

Intriguing facts about Catt Sadler

She was Chi Omega sorority’s member

Chi Omega sorority was founded back in 1895, and it’s one of the largest in the US and among the largest members in the National Panhellenic Conference. Women take sororities quite seriously since they are set up to help them out in case of anything. To be a member of a given sorority, you also have to be helping it in any way you are capable of. Now that Sadler was a member of a sorority, perhaps it will help the TV show host find a spot that will treat her fairly because E! failed to.

Working at E! News was her dream job

Before she landed her job on E!, Saddler had had a remarkable journey. She used to work as a reporter for KBWB/KNTV based in California back in the 1990s. She also co-anchored the WXIN Indianapolis’ morning news TV show. From there she landed another job as a TV host for the longest-running TV show with lottery game in the US, “Hoosier Millionaire.” Sadler joined E! News in 2010 alongside Ryan Seacrest. Giuliana Rancic. No one knows where she will go to after leaving E!, which helped her gather a decent net worth.

Sadler is also an actress

The TV host has also characterized herself in movies and TV shows. For instance, she has appeared in “Knocked Up,” “General Hospital,” and “Night Shift.” Moreover, the actress is not bound to a single type of acting like she was bound to be in E! She has a range of ideas to put on a show when she feels like they are needed. It’s for that reason that maybe she should be given some movie and TV shows possibly and earn more than she was getting in E! It will probably give her the freedom she wanted and grow her net worth further.

She and her ex-husband raise their sons

Sadler fell in love with Kyle Boyd when they were in college. The later got married in 2001, and after seven years of marriage, they got divorced in 2008. From the union, they have two children, Austin Boyd who is 16 and Arion Boyd, who is four years younger than Austin Boyd. Catt Sadler spoke to Singular Magazine and told them that her first job is to take care of her children Austin and Arion Boyd. She compared herself to Heidi Klum and Angelina Jolie who are celebrated for their motherhood. Sadler added that it was possible for a woman to work hard, remain sexy, and still raise some smart, kind, and aware kids.

Steph Curry, NBA star, and his wife copied her tattoo

The former host of “The Daily 10” is a tattoo person, with a total of six tattoos on her body. It’s one of her tattoos located on her wrist that caught the eyes of Steph Curry and his wife, Ayesha. The tattoo is for two inward-facing arrows signifying being in the present and focusing on what’s happening now. The tattoo also means that the past is dead and gone and the future is not promised. Sadler was explaining what the tattoo meant on TV, and Ayesha saw it. She went to her husband and asked him if both of them would get the same tattoo. He accepted.

Ex-TV show presenter’s payment dispute

Several actresses spoke out on Sunday defending Catt Sadler after she departed from E! News due to a pay dispute. The former host of “Hoosier Millionaire” has complained about her receiving less pay than Jason Kennedy and blamed it on gender bias. Following the exchange with her employer, Sadler decided to quit hosting. She was disappointed to learn that she was paid around half of what Jason Kennedy, her co-host was earning. According to People and Glamour magazines, Jason Kennedy is paid between $1 million and $1.5 million per year while Sadler was being paid $600,000. E! News came out defending itself that the different pays were because they had different amount of airtimes and focuses altogether. Sadler then told The Hollywood Reporter that comparing her and Kennedy was like comparing apples and apples. She stated that they used to do the same jobs and even came to the network at the same time.

Her net worth

Catt Sadler has a net worth of $3 million. Most of her net worth is from her broadcasting career and some is from her movie appearances. It will probably reduce since she is not working currently.

It comes to a point in life when you should run from your oppressor even though you don’t know where to go to. That’s precisely what Sadler did, and she needs all the support. Who knows? She might come to Fox News or CNN and get paid better than Kennedy.