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Cynthia Frelund

NFL’s gem! Cynthia Frelund! Learn about this highly educated, hard working analytical expert, her career, relationship history, and childhood!

Cynthia Frelund has a reputation on the NFL Network of an analytical expert who gives the viewers an insight of the game and her opinion on the complete game. With the start of the NFL season in September 2017, many viewers and fans of Cynthia Frelund would like to know about her. This would be […]

Kacey Montoya

The gorgeous KTLA reporter Kacey Montaya! Factual information on her childhood, education, career, and relationship!

Kacey Montoya’s birth and childhood KTLA reporter Kacey Montoya is bold and beautiful! This green-eyed beauty was born on 24 June 1981 in Orange County and was raised in Dallas. Her current age is 36 years. KTLA graduated from California State University, Northridge and has obtained a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Kacey Montoya’s career Kacey […]

Allison Williams (ESPN Reporter)

ESPN sideline reporter Allison Williams! Know this sports reporter with a liking for acting! And how she is confused with actress Allison Williams!

Repeatedly confused for actress Allison Williams Allison Williams is ESPN sideline reporter. Her father is named Dale and he is a former police officer in Ann Arbor, Michigan from 1967 to 1996. She is often confused with actress Allison Williams who is suspended NBC news anchor Brian Williams’ daughter. Reporter Allison Williams had mentioned that […]

Ruth Connell

The darling of ‘Supernatural’ cast! Meet Scottish actress Ruth Connell-the all-in-one personality with a flair for dancing, choreography, acting, and producing!

Ruth Connell is the multi-talented Scottish actress who portrays the role of Rowena in CW TV series ‘Supernatural’. She has been on this show since 2014 and has given the series some of the most memorable moments. Besides her acting talent, Ruth has superb dancing skills and is also a great human being; as can […]

Phil Mattingly

Know about the award winning CNN correspondent Phil Mattingly’s personal and professional life story! His career, childhood, wife, and new born son!

Phil Mattingly is CNN’s most important person in the US political reporting arena. He has been procuring, tracking, and delivering news in the political scenario that is vital from the national and international point of view. This great personality has much more goings-on in his life than what meets the eye. Let us try to […]

Julia Taylor Ross

Interesting aspects of the life of Julia Taylor Ross: her career, childhood days, parents, high education, and relationship with her husband!

Julia Taylor Ross is a highly talented English actress who plays Dr. Maggie Lin in the Canadian medical drama ‘Saving Hope’. She rose to stardom with this show. Her family life is as fascinating as her professional life. Let us dig into and see what interesting facts are unveiled! Julia Taylor Ross’ birthday, age, childhood, […]

Chaz Dean

Does Chaz Dean have a life partner? Is he gay or bisexual? Learn about this Hollywood’s celebrity stylist’s family life, dual career, philanthropy, childhood, and education!

Chaz Dean is a photographer and celebrity stylist whose list of clients appears like a Who’s Who in Hollywood. He is a humble-hearted soul who has made it big in the world of entertainment but behind the curtains. Chaz Dean is the one who styles our beloved stars into what they are today and into […]

Doug Marcaida

Meet US Air Force Veteran and Knife designer, Doug Marcaida! Learn about the intense Filipino Martial Art ‘Kali’ and world’s deadliest weapons expert!

Doug Marcaida is a Filippino martial art specialist who has been in this line for the past 25 years and more. He is the Judge on the show ‘Forged in Fire’ and he is the one who takes the lead in testing the weapons which are made in the competition on this reality show. A […]

Sara Murray

UK Entrepreneur Sara Murray OBE-Know the brain behind the creation of ‘Buddi’ GPS wearable tracking device! And her married life and daughter!

Buddi is a GPS tracking device developed by a businesswoman from the UK. It was initially started to track missing people and children but now is been used increasingly by UK police and local councils. It is also marketed in the US. Let us know more about how this all started and about the woman […]

Carl Azuz

CNN presenter and anchor Carl Azuz! His highly communicative career, childhood, and relationship history!

Carl Azuz is a CNN presenter who especially focuses on programs for students. He also contributes towards other news broadcasts and is an important TV personality who speaks at events. But when it comes to his personal life, he is very secretive about it. Carl Azuz’s family and married life Carl Azuz is a workaholic. […]