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Shayna Taylor

Who is Shayna Terese Taylor? Learn about this Instagram model’s childhood, family, career, and boyfriend!

TV and radio personality, Ryan Seacrest has rekindled his romance with beauty Shayna Taylor since the past few months. The two are very much in love again and are spotted at various outings and trips together. Would you not want to know a little more about Shayna Taylor and her profession? Shayna Taylor’s birth and […]

Savannah Chrisley

Splitsville! Savannah Chrisley and Luke Kennard’s short-lived relationship! What was the reason of their breakup?

The newly hooked couple splits American reality TV star and beauty pageant winner, Savannah Chrisley was dating basketball champion Luke Kennard since the last 4 months. However, on 18th August 2017, it has been revealed that the couple has separated. The ending was a sad but amicable one! Savannah Chrisley issued a statement to EOnline […]

Alisha Marie

Vlogger Alisha Marie: her childhood, soaring career, her beauty and home décor tips, lifestyle, and personal life!

Alisha Marie’s childhood and early life American YouTuber and Vlogger, Alisha Marie was born on 5th April 1993 at Riverside, California. Parents are Jeffery McDonal and Christine McDonal. Her She is the younger of three siblings. Her elder sister, Ashley Nicole McDonal is also a YouTuber. She also has a brother named Matthew R. McDonal. […]

Bria Myles

Bria Myles finds mention in her ex-boyfriend Drake’s songs, their toned body, and rumors about their cosmetic surgeries!

Bria Myles and Drake’s songs Model and TV actress Bria Myles was known to be dating Canadian rapper Drake before he gained fame. This ex-girlfriend has found mention in some of his songs. Her name came up in his 2009 song ‘Bria’s Interlude’ which was part of the album ‘So Far Gone’. In 2013, Drake […]

Sarah and Brendon Urie

Sarah (Orzechowski) Urie is married to her long-time boyfriend, Brendon Urie, Know the fans’ reaction also!

Sarah Urie whose birth Sarah Orzechowski is a famous Instagram Star. She recently got married to her long time boyfriend, Brendon Urie. He is the lead singer of the band, Panic! At The Disco. They both met while Urie was touring along with his bandmates for Pretty. On meeting Sarah, he wrote, “I met Sarah while touring for Pretty. […]


Who is Mexican YouTuber Yuya dating? Get to know her childhood, family, online career, boyfriend, and relationship details!

Internet and YouTube have given a platform for people to launch their career and display their talent. Mexican Yuya is one such name who has conquered the YouTube with her beauty and talent. Yuya’s early life and childhood Yuya was born as Mariand Castrejon Castaneda on 13th March 1993. She is a Mexican beauty Vlogger […]

Megan Batoon

Megan Batoon-the 3-in-1 modern-day Renaissance woman! Know about her career, relationships and boyfriend!

The multi-talented celebrity Megan Batoon is a dancer, actress, and social media star. Megan Batoon was born in Jacksonville, Florida, the USA on 29th March 1991. Her birth name is Megan Alicia Batoon. Megan Batoon loved dancing and would dance every year on the 4th July with her cousins. Though she liked dancing, she was […]

Rosa Acosta

The allegedly bisexual Rosa Acosta: her career, childhood, talents, and relationships unveiled here!

The multi-talented Rosa Acosta is a woman of talent, beauty, and smartness. She is a ballet dancer, model, actress, reality star, fitness guide, and a prospective chef. Born and brought up in the Dominican Republic, this model turned actress migrated to the USA to try her luck in Hollywood. Her rise to fame was rapid […]

What is the secret of Brock O’Hum’s hot body? Is he straight, gay or bisexual? Find out here!

The Fitness trainer and mostly known as ‘King of the man bun’ Brock O’Hum is the new Youtube sensation and model. He came to the spotlight with his videos on youtube and later became the Instagram model with millions of Fan following. Many people are curious about his perfect figure and his sudden success. But […]

Sophia Miacova

The life portrayal of the Instagram fit model Sophia Miacova! –her prosperous career, vegan lifestyle and relationships!

Sophia Miacova is an American model from Texas with a gorgeous face and a fit and hot body. The beginning of her career Sophia Miacova is of Mexican origin with a French descent. She started on Instagram, YouTube, and Vine. Her ex-boyfriend Rory Westfield used to be her partner on the Vine phenomenon. Besides, Sophia […]