Carter Burwell’s Wife Wiki: Everything To Know About Christine Sciulli

Carter Burwell’s wife is a famous installation artist. Find out everything you need to know about Christine Sciulli, including her net worth.

Who is Christine Sciulli?

Christine Sciulli is a renowned video installation/intervention artist. She is based in New York. Her work has been seen on the streets of New York, in art galleries and even institutions. Recently, her exhibitions were displayed at The Arts Center in St. Petersburg, Florida and at the Islip Art Museum in New York. Her artwork at the Islip Art Museum of Intercepting Planes B was described by Janet Goleas as ‘a quiet riot of controlled chaos’. In 2008, the installation artist had exhibited a solo installation along with Frederieke Taylor Gallery. She had her second solo show with Chi Contemporary Fine Art and exhibited her outdoor video artwork named, “Everything’s Rosie” as part of Plugged-In. She was a recipient of a Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Grant in order to produce a roving outdoor video installation, Intercepting Planes X, in Duane Park in New York. Sciulli’s collaborations with composers have been shown widely at European and American festivals. A recent collaboration with another artist, featured her video and light work for the Mabou Mines waterfront piece, “Song for New York: What Women Do While Men Sit Knitting” by Ruth Maleczech. She developed this during her Sundance Institute Theatre Lab Residency at White Oak, Florida. She has been married to musician Carter Burwell since 1999.

A brief about Carter Burwell

Carter Benedict Burwell was born in 1954. He is an American composer of film scores. Burwell has frequently worked with the Coen Brothers and has given soundtracks for 15 of their films. Burwell has also composed soundtracks for three of Todd Haynes’ films. He received an Academy Award nomination for the Best Original Score for the film, ‘Carol’ in 2015. Burwell has scored all the films directed by Martin McDonagh including, ‘In Bruges’, ‘Seven Psychopaths’ and ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’. Burwell received a nomination for the Best Original Music Score at Oscar 2018 for the film, ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’. Oscar 2018 will be held on March 4, 2018. His other brilliant films scores include ‘Being John Malkovich’ in 1999, ‘Adaptation’ in 2002 and ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ in 2009, ‘Three Kings’ in 1999, ‘Olive Kitteridge’ in 2014 and ‘Anomalisa’ in 2015. Burwell married Christine Sciulli in 1999.

What is the net worth of Carter Burwell’s wife?

The net worth of Christine Sciulli is $16 million.

Her working style

Generally all artists use some form of light in their visual art work but Christine Sciulli has managed to use light in a completely different form in her new artwork, ‘Languid’. ‘Languid’ is at display at the Governor’s Island Art Fair. She has used light as the graphic kinetic tool with which she has activated and shaped space. Artist Sciulli has been using video and light projections since some time now in order to awaken space. She often projects light onto organic material as she had done in ‘Expansive Field: The Environmental Art of Christine Sciulli’ which was in display at the South Fork Natural History Museum in Bridgehampton, New York in May of 2013. In this month-long installation, beams of light were focused on piles of branches which were shaped like Haystacks. It was a tribute to Monet’s famous series of paintings on the perception of light. In Sciulli’s recent show, light darted and danced like a swarm of fireflies and then at one point, appeared to flip the entire field on end like a giant illuminated pancake. “I have always been interested in light,” Sciulli says. She further explains how she was always intrigued by light as a child. She used to flash her knife sitting at the dining table to watch how the light would hit the shiny metal and then bounce off again. “Depending on what light attaches to, or reflects off of, that will define and transform the space. First though, you have to capture the light, otherwise it will just keep moving.” She explains. Sciulli further explains that to capture light, you require matter in a material form. For her artwork, ‘Languid’, she distilled the elaborate experience of Expansive Field and focused her entire vision in a tiny attic room in the building 404A on Governor’s Island. Inside the cloistered space of the attic with its sloping ceiling she has sewn netting and tulle together in order to create a crinoline spherical form that is reminiscent of a giant petticoat. The result is a series of concentric circles that spin, flip, spiral, flourish and curl across the crinoline structure. Radial lines of light swing out from the center like a radar sweep. At different times, the piece evokes geometry, but in Sciulli’s world, as she puts it, that ‘math dances like a ballerina in a jeweled box’. And yet, while the shapes and forms twist and turn, the light, the energy, remains solid. Sciulli is an artist and an illumination engineer who has studied architecture as well as drawing and photography. Her work revolves around the point of intersection between light, shape and line. She draws with light in order to make the math of space visible. In Sciull’s work one gets to witness the duality of light. Light is both particle and wave and she manages to collapse it into unified shapes. Languid was baroque and elegant, organic and man-made, and an enthralling piece that magically displays the geometry of light in space.

Christine Sciulli is active on Instagram @x_i_n_e. There are some personal photos and the photos of her artwork on her Instagram page.