Carol Johnson Wiki: Everything To Know About Jerry Van Dyke’s Ex Wife

As the first wife of Jerry Van Dyke, ex wife Carol Johnson’s life has changed remarkably since his passing. Let’s get to know the mother of three.

Carol Johnson: Ex Wife and Mother

Carol Johnson met Jerry Van Dyke in 1956 and in January 1957, Johnson and Van Dyke were married. During their 18 year marriage, Carol Johnson and Jerry Van Dyke had three children. Johnson and Van Dyke divorced in 1974, with Johnson winning custody of their three children. Carol Johnson and Jerry Van Dyke’s three children are Jerri Lynn, Ronald, and Kelly Jean. Following the divorce, Jerry Van Dyke married actress/singer Shirley Ann Jones and remained married to her until his death.

The Children of Carol Johnson and Jerry Van Dyke

Jerry Van Dyke and ex wife Carol Johnson’s three children had remarkable parents who supported their children through their life journeys.

Kelly Jean Van Dyke

Kelly Jean Van Dyke was born on June 5, 1958 in Danville, Illinois and was the first of Carol Johnson and Jerry Van Dyke’s children. Kelly Jean made her first television premiere on her father’s show “My Mother the Car”. She later changed her stage name to Nancee Kelly when her career entered the adult film industry. Kelly Jean Van Dyke was married to Jack Nance and the pair had no children. Unfortunately, Kelly Jean committed suicide in November 1991.

Jerri Lynn Van Dyke

Jerri Lynn Van Dyke was born in Encino, California. Jerri Lynn grew up to become a businesswoman.

Ronald Van Dyke

Ronald Van Dyke is the only son of Jerry Van Dyke and Carol Johnson. There is no further public information on Ronald Van Dyke.

Jerry Van Dyke with his children.

Carol Johnson: Life & Career

Carol Johnson was an actress and played characters in the movies “Telethon”, “Two for the Road”, and “A Certain Smile”. Though Carol Johnson had a career in Hollywood, there is no public information regarding her net worth.


“Telethon” was released in 1977, wherein Carol Johnson played the role of Mrs. Atkins. The movie was about a comic who takes a leap of faith with his career when he decides to host a fundraiser on national television.

Two for the Road

Carol Johnson played “Michelle” in “Two for the Road” which premiered on April 27, 1967. The movie was about a couple in the south of France who face infidelity after a ten-year marriage. The movie achieved a net worth of $12M on January 31, 1968.

A Certain Smile

“A Certain Smile” premiered on September 19, 1958. In it, Carol Johnson played a South American woman in the movie. Filming for the movie took place in Paris, France. The movie was about a law student who was engaged to her fellow classmate and becomes attracted to his philandering uncle.

Hide & Seek with Carol Johnson

Carol Johnson is one of the few Hollywood stars to have very little pictures on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Though there are no pictures of Carol Johnson on Instagram, her daughter Jerri Lynn Van Dyke shares pictures of her parents on her Facebook page.

Life After Jerry

Since the passing of Jerry Van Dyke, ex wife Carol Johnson has made no public appearances. One can only assume that Carol Johnson is living her life in peace and happiness.