Caleb McLaughlin: Net Worth & Facts About Lucas From ‘Stranger Things’

Caleb McLaughlin, former broadway star in Lion King, re-invents himself as Lucas Sinclair on Stranger Things, inflating personal net worth to A-list.

Humble Beginnings Of A Lion King Alumni

Caleb McLaughlin was born on October 13, 2001, and grew up in the New York suburb, Carmel. His parents, supporting and nurturing his talent, had Caleb study dance at the Happy Feet dance school in Carmel, at first. Then, Caleb McLaughlin moved with his parents to New York, to officially pursue a career in the entertainment business and he caught his broadway break, after studying singing and performing under Aubrey Lynch, at the Harlem School of the Arts. You could say, in the old-school east coast tradition – Caleb Reginald McLaughlin began his career on the stage, before becoming a TV star at the tender age of 16, playing Lucas Sinclair on “Stranger Things.” When it comes to acting and Caleb McLaughlin joins a long line of stage actors gracing the TV screen – from Sidney Poitier and Morgan Freeman, all the way to Marlon Brando; no-one can deny the talent that has come out of New York. In fact, Caleb McLaughlin’s singing talent was highlighted and enhanced by playing one of the most demanding roles on Broadway – the part of young Simba, in the “Lion King.” Caleb McLaughlin played Simba for two years, from 2012-2014. Before moving to Los Angeles full-time, to star as Lucas Sinclair on “Stranger Things,” Caleb McLaughlin scored guest starring roles on TV, playing Ricky Bell in the BET produced mini-series “The New Edition Story,” as well as smaller roles on “Law And Order: SVU,” “Blue Bloods” and “Shades Of Blue,” to name a few. At age 16, Caleb McLaughlin has amassed a solid start to his career and there’s no telling what the future holds for the triple-threat who can sing, dance and act with equal aplomb.


Finding His Inner Simba

Caleb McLaughlin’s singing talent was nurtured by Aubrey Lynch, a former producer of the Lion King and it was this contact that got the talented actor, dancer and singer his breakout role of Simba.

Stranger Things & Sadie Sink Meet Lucas Sinclair

SPOILERS TO FOLLOW: For those of us who are fans of “Stranger Things,” we know that Lucas Sinclair wasn’t the fan favorite, at first – he was afraid of Eleven’s abilities and was downright nasty to her. Understandably so – she did SNAP NECKS. The humor and the bonding of the cast is truly what makes “Stranger Things” a joy to behold. The strength of the show is when the characters are all fighting together and season two experimented with the storyline, by sending Eleven to New York, with a little less success. Caleb McLaughlin plays Lucas Sinclair with an earnest sincerity that is reminiscent of Corey Feldman’s character in “The Lost Boys,” especially when he dons his military gear to do battle and save his friend Will in the upside down. The Duffer brothers had all of the young cast study “The Goonies,” “ET” and the now iconic, “Stand By Me.” “Stranger Things” is a fully immersive experience for Caleb McLaughlin, as Lucas Sinclair rides a banana seat bike, plays “Dungeons And Dragons,” and communicates via a walkie talkie, instead of a cell phone. In a turnabout, Lucas Sinclair is a one-man welcome wagon to Sadie Sink and her character Max, in season two of “Stranger Things.” It’s nice to see the softer side of the military Rambo-style of Lucas when Caleb McLaughlin and Sadie Sink share a screen kiss at the end of season two of “Stranger Things.”

“In the beginning, everyone kind of hated me because I was mean to Eleven. But I’m not the one – I didn’t kill anyone. She broke people’s necks and stuff. But I understand why, because they were trying to kill her. I’m just trying to help my friends. I’m trying to, ‘Oh, let’s find Will,’ and stuff. Of course, the guy that’s logical gets the blame.”

Caleb McLaughlin on playing Lucas Sinclair, on Stranger Things.


Caleb McLaughlin Stranger Things D&D Bond

The retro style storytelling of “Stranger Things” is what makes it so endearing to audiences. To those of us old enough to remember growing up in the 80’s, the nostalgia is a wonderful touch-stone. For the rest; it’s a show and tell of a bygone era. “Dungeons And Dragons,” BMX bikes and walkie-talkies replace social media and cell phones.

Caleb McLaughlin On Lucus Sinclair

Sometimes it’s hard to forget that the actors on “Stranger Things” aren’t old enough to remember the 80’s. Caleb McLaughlin turns to his parents to fill in the blanks, since they grew up in that era and watching movies from the 80’s helps him to tap into a time that had kids living without the distraction of cellphones, ipads and instagram. Lucas Sinclair AKA Caleb McLaughlin hits all the right tonal nuances, whether he is crushing on Sadie Sink as Max, fighting with his baby sister, or saving his friends from the demogorgon and waxing philosophical about who should play what “Ghostbuster.”

“It was challenging, but it was pretty cool. My parents already told me some stuff about it, like what they grew up on – the music, the style. I had help from my parents. Also the directors, because they recommended us to watch certain movies, like E.T., Stand By Me… what else? Oh, Goonies. That definitely helped me. I just got into my character, read the description of Lucas. It was just, like, ‘Yeah. That’s him. That’s me’.”

Caleb McLaughlin on getting into the 80s retro vision of “Stranger Things.”

The Stranger Things Ripple Effect-Salary Rises Along With Net Worth

Caleb McLaughlin’s salary increased since season one of “Stranger Things.” McLaughlin now earns a healthy salary of $30,000 per episode. With season three of “Stranger Things” being announced; the future looks even bigger for Caleb McLaughlin’s piggy bank. According to celebrity net worth, Caleb McLaughlin’s current net worth is $700,000.


Stranger Things Cast Are Besties

The cast of “Stranger Things” have undeniable chemistry. With season three already on the books; here’s hoping they remain friends throughout their long careers.

Caleb McLaughlin Bright Lights, Big City Future

Caleb Mclaughlin is a poised young actor. He is close to his family and is grounded by his religious upbringing. It’s nice to see a solid role-model encouraging his fans through an “#EmbraceYourFace” campaign on social media, to empower themselves and be who they are. And to that end Caleb McLaughlin is leading the pack, front-running by example. Well done, Caleb. Let’s see what’s next for the young actor.

“Don’t let anyone tell you to not be yourself,” he advises us, full of sincerity. “Stay a kid as long as you can. You’re a grown up for most of your life, so embrace being young and have fun!”

Caleb McLaughlin on growing up too fast in the world.