Bryan Lanning and his path to success! Learn about his childhood, career, relationship, wife, and children!

Bryan Lanning

Bryan Lanning is a YouTuber who has achieved stardom against all odds. His life was not an easy one and his childhood was difficult with financial instability. He managed to come out of all this and become famous due to his YouTube videos. He is also a videographer and an entrepreneur. His videos and vlogging has been appreciated by many people worldwide and has led him to get many subscribers to his channel. Let us today look into his life before fame, his troubled childhood days, and his journey to success!

Bryan Lanning’s birth and hardships of childhood

Bryan Lanning was born on 20 January 1990 in California. He is presently 27 years of age. He has a sister who is named Bev Lanning who is older to him. He has never known his father and was raised by a single mother in San Diego, CA. Later, they moved in with their grandmother in Boise. She had a larger house and a lot of lands.

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Bryan encountered a number of hardships in his childhood. Firstly, there was the absence of his biological father. Later, his mom’s husband was quite abusive and Bryan had a tough time with his pre-teens and teens. His relationship with the person was quite rough. There was a scarcity of money in his childhood. He was also bullied a lot in his high school.

Bryan apparently ran away from home and moved in with a friend and later with his grandmother. He worked and did odd jobs to make ends meet. He started studying computer science at Boise State University but dropped out and started learning arts and photography.

Bryan Lanning’s career and the journey to his online stardom

Byran Lanning started off doing odd and menial jobs to earn some money. He also worked as a waiter. He also did videography for a living. The days were tough and he faced a lot of difficulties and in poverty. His support during these bad days was his high school sweetheart named Missy to whom he married later on.

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Bryan married Missy and later in 2012 and 2013 they created their YouTube channel. They named it Daily Bumps. This was at the time that the couple came to know that Missy was expecting. On this YouTube channel, Missy would vlog her daily activities and that of her family. Missy had also created another YouTube channel named Bumps Along the Way in which the couple posts funny pictures and videos of the family. Their channel soon gained a lot of popularity and more than 1 billion total views. The subscriber list also rose to more than 330000.

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Bryan is also a lover of music and started posting his singles and song covers. He launched his first two singles namely ‘Who Knew’ and ‘This is Home’ in the year 2015. In 2016, he released his debut EP called ‘Like A Lion’. His singles were extremely liked by his subscribers. He also started selling his merchandise online and his sales include mobile phone covers and T-shirts.

Bryan Lanning’s relationship and married life

Bryan Lanning married his high school sweetheart Missy. Their life in the initial days was quite difficult and fraught with financial problems. There were some days of separation as well. Bryan then moved in with Missy’s family who accepted him.

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The first two pregnancies ended in miscarriage for the couple. Later in 2012, Missy again conceived after two years of marriage and this was also the time that they launched their YouTube channel to document their life before and after the birth of their child, Oliver or Ollie James who was born in 2013. Their second child, Finley was born in 2015.

Source: The Famous People (Bryan Lanning on his video)