Brooklyn Decker: 10 Hottest Pics Of Instagram You Need To See

Brooklyn Decker is the hot blonde bombshell that is heating up Instagram with the many pics shared with fans. Let’s take a look.

Brooklyn Decker: Who is the Blonde Model?

For the many fans wondering whether Brooklyn Decker received her first name after her parents had a visit to the famous city in New York, the answer is no.

Early life of Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker hails from Kettering, Ohio and was born on April 12, 1987. Brooklyn Decker was raised with her parents and younger brother. As a child, Brooklyn Decker would shop at the local mall and this led to her career in modeling at the age of sixteen.

Brooklyn Decker: Beyond Her Beauty

Being a model came easy for Brooklyn Decker, whose modeling career happened by accident while shopping for her prom dress. Since 2003, Brooklyn Decker has gained a career in acting and modeling and is one of the youngest hottest celebrities in Hollywood.

Acting Career

Brooklyn Decker’s acting career began on USA Network’s TV show “Royal Pains” where she guest appeared in 2009. In 2010, Brooklyn Decker was being considered for the lead role in the movie “Transformers.” However, the lead female role of “Transformers” later went to another actress. However, in 2001, Brooklyn Decker worked on the movie “Battleship.” Brooklyn Decker worked as the daughter of the naval officer and as a physical therapist in the movie “Battleship,” building her resume as an actress. In that same year of 2011, Brooklyn Decker was a part of the comedy film “Just Go With It.” Brooklyn Decker got to work with famous actress Jennifer Aniston on “Just Go With It.” In 2014, Brooklyn Decker became a part of the TV show “Friends with Better Lives.” The TV show “Friends with Better Lives” lasted one season and was eventually canceled. Later in 2015, the “Grace and Frankie” TV show was released which Brooklyn Decker got to be a part of. “Grace and Frankie” was a Netflix original TV show and aired three seasons.

Modeling Career

Brooklyn Decker made the brave decision to move to New York City in 2005, and made her first Sports illustrate Swimsuit Edition cover in 2006. From then on, Brooklyn Decker experienced the most successful modeling career traveling to the Maldives islands, and even gaining an acting career in the process. Within the 10 year anniversary of her modeling career, Brooklyn Decker has been a guest host on Germany’s Next Topmodel. Brooklyn Decker won the Esquire magazine’s 2010 “Sexiest Woman Alive” challenge. And has made a host of appearances on TV shows like David Letterman.

Shutting Down Instagram with the Hottest Pics

Of all her career successes, none is more popular than the Instagram images displayed by fans all over the social media website. Brooklyn Decker is no doubt one of the most beautiful up and coming celebrities, and fans have no problem sharing their admiration of the young beauty.

Brooklyn Decker and More

The future of Brooklyn Decker’s career is only beginning and if the young starlet continues on this path, one can only assume her pics to get steamier and her career to shine brighter. As her fans continue to pour adoration all over Instagram with the display of amazing pics that Brooklyn Decker has taken over the years, most are only living in anticipation to know what’s next for the high profile celebrity.