Brittany Venti Wiki: 6 Facts About This Girl Gamer

Who she is, her raise to fame, boyfriends, and relationships

The internet age has enabled people to earn money in ways that were unimaginable in the past. People like PewDiePie and Ninja have become millionaires simply by playing video games, which doesn’t even count as ‘work’ in most definitions of the word. However, whenever there’s a demand for entertainment in a specific area, the supplier will be rewarded accordingly. Such is the case in the online streaming community. It has managed to bring up celebrities who gain fame just by streaming their favorite video games online, earning a bunch of money while they’re at it.

One of these people is Brittany Venti, who not only streamed video games as her primary source of income but also managed to gain significant popularity from it.  Twitch and YouTube have been the primary platforms she has ever stuck to, which are both streaming giants with a humongous userbase that keeps growing. In this article, we’ll go into detail about who Brittany Venti is, what rose her up to fame, while also discussing some interesting facts about her. Keep reading!

Brittany Venti: Who and What She is Known For?

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Brittany Venti is American by origin, who has been known for the raids she gets on her stream. Her last name, which may sound unique to many, is actually derived out of her passion for the Starbucks coffee chain. ‘Venti’ is one of the drink sizes that Starbucks offers. Her fans know her to get easily enraged and triggered over racist or sexist remarks made in her chats. Trolling fans would commonly spew misogynistic comments through the regular chat or the donation option (which also displays the message on-screen). Her haters have even resorted to donating with pro-terrorist remarks to make controversial messages appear on the streamer’s display, which has always infuriated Brittany Venti, and understandably so.

Brittany is also known for describing herself as a ‘Kawaii girl’ or a ‘Weeb’, showing overflowing love for the Japanese Manga and Anime culture. If any thing has even mere hints of ‘weebism’, the streamer would show overexcited reaction towards it which marked has as a generic ‘kawaii girl’ in good humor.

6 Facts About Brittany Venti

1. Her Hate for Memes

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Her viewers know her for famously mispronouncing certain words; including ‘memes’. She incorrectly and intentionally calls them mee-mees, and passionately shows hate towards certain overused types of memes. A prime example would be the popular John Cena meme, with the catch-line “AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA…” interrupting a normal event in a video. Since Venti loves anime songs and videos so much, trolling raiders would find ways to humorously annoy her by adding this meme in the middle of an anime song.  Another one of Venti’s popularly disliked moments is when a raider ‘Elrusosupremo’ donates and gets to play an ear-rape version of Sonic theme that lasts 24 seconds, with a badly illustrated ‘Sanic’ displaying. The infamous Darude Sandstorm song is also a well-known meme in her stream, where the viewers type “DUDUDU” in the chatbox, which throws Venti into a fake anxiety attack, just for laughs. While many other memes could be discussed here, these were just a few honorable mentions.

2. Uses Poor Grammar Intentionally (aka, Speak like BrittanyVenti)

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Brittany Venti is also known for her many deliberate grammatical ‘errors’, which has just invented a new variant of jargon in her viewership community. She intentionally displays an inability to speak English properly at times, mostly coming up with incorrect versions of famous words. For example, she calls “League of Legends” in a uniquely incorrect way, i.e. ‘league of leggings.’

Her viewers know that she’s doing it on purpose for the fun of it. Here are some of the ways in which she slaughters the English language deliberately;

Anxiety Attack = Anxious Attack

Splatoon = Spittoon

Triangles = Triangulars

Triggered = Triggerded

Memes = Mee-Mees

Fucked = McFuckled

GTA V = Grand Theft Auto the Fifth

Any reference of penis = Donger


3. Her Internet History

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Brittany publicly set foot on the internet back in June 2014. She hasn’t gone by the same name ever since, as her starting alias was actually ‘Lollipop Ninja’. It was actually a precursor to her more famous username; BrittanyVenti. With this new username, she started off as a streamer on Twitch around the end of 2014. She started gaining attention from 4chan and Raidforums for her typical white-girl-gamer like image, displaying unnecessary outbursts occasionally while playing. Some people would regard these as overreactions, while others enjoyed this personality.

Around April or May 2015 was when she really started blowing up, following up from a 4chan raid in one of her streams, which also got recorded for laughs. Its video was posted on YouTube and hit 200k hits in no time, which was unusually high for any of Brittany’s videos. This wave of attention increased consistent viewership on her streams, leading to more tantrums and breakdowns being displayed by her. Soon after, another video was posted by Brittany where she got an overwhelming amount of swarming donation texts. This video topped 400k views, doubling the original 4chan raid video.

4. Admitted to Have Sent Nudes

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The 4chan raid that kick-started it all features Brittany wearing an over-exposed top as she played Grand Theft Auto V. Numerous tantrums and spam donations followed up after this viewer boost. Annoyed with this, she admits to having posted nudes on her snapchat story so that her followers could stop raiding her. As one may expect, the opposite occurred, and the number of raiders just multiplied.

5. Multiple Bans

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Unfortunately, in June 2015, her twitch channel got banned permanently for displaying pornographic, racist and suggestive content. Following up on this, Brittany made the move of transferring to Hitbox and streamed there until 2017. During this time, she stayed active on her YouTube channel with periodic uploads in 2017. In late July, her Twitch account was unbanned, only to get perma-banned again after her stream about the YouTube HQ shooter which was aired on April 3, 2018, on her channel. 

6. Brittany Venti Arrest

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At a very young age, this streamer even had to go through a police arrest, as brief as it turned out to be. During 2017, on Labor Day, an unfortunate event took place with the 21-year old (then 19) American streamer. She was arrested in New York, at Union Square by the police. Antifa, a left-wing radical movement was running action at that time, and Venti participated in an Antifa-directed counter action occurring in the same place. Antifa representatives had taken up aggressive positions and were attacking their opponents.

The streamer also suffered through this, but the police intervened and took the lady to the police station. Later on, after clarifying the situation, she was safely let go soon after. The news spread like wildfire among the twitch-streaming community, and her fans were shocked to hear it, worried about Venti. Later on, things calmed down and the left radical movement Antifa became a common target for jokes and memes.

Her Relationships: Boyfriend and Family

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Brittany Venti, around the same timespan mentioned above, also met Mason Saga. He became her boyfriend later on and was often called ‘Ginger’. He’s joked around in the community as being the streamer’s personal slave to serve her drinks and food etc.

Be started appearing in streams quite regularly, and used the alias ‘4chad’ but it didn’t really catch on. Fans apparently didn’t enjoy seeing a dude sitting beside their internet star crush.  The ratings also seemed to fall, which also owes to the fact that her videos weren’t turning out quite as funny as the solo days. Venti realized this and eventually subtracted ‘Ginger’ away from her broadcasts and YouTube videos. Mason Saga also started out shooting his own videos, but couldn’t quite find a decent amount of people to watch him. They both lived together for about 10 months, after which they broke up.

Up until now, the internet celebrity hasn’t shown or hinted towards another boyfriend at all to the public eye. She presumably understood that having or showing a boyfriend is the last thing she needs to gain internet success.

What is she currently up to?

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She doesn’t stream at Twitch anymore due to her second permanent ban from the website. Her stay at Hitbox was also pretty short-lived, ending in 2017 before she decided to become a full-time YouTuber.

Her YouTube channel, which is currently super active, has gathered a total of approximately 17 million views.  Venti might have given up Twitch, but not streaming. She regularly does that on YouTube and remains active on her social handles, mainly Twitter and Instagram. She has over 53.6k followers on Twitter and over 30k followers on Instagram. 


@brittanywears on Instagram

She was lucky enough to turn her gaming hobby into a lucrative source of income, and quite quickly too. Even today, she doesn’t let her fans feel her absence! With about 20 tweets thrown out every day, her fans always know what she’s up to.  Though she has faced bans that would deeply disappoint any streamer, she has maintained her positive image in the gaming community and the habitués of popular social networks.